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Insurance Sales Letters – How to Write Highly Responsive Letters

Insurance Sales Letters – Selling insurance through direct mail letters is easy! 

     Death, disease and dismemberment – you insurance guys crack me up!
This is the first of five marketing articles on increasing response of your Insurance Sales Letters.  Article reading time: 12 minutes.

· Article Summary:  Question: What is the ONLY GOAL of any successful prospecting sales letter?
Answer: The letter needs to make people call you.  That’s the only goal.  To generate a phone call.  Not to sell insurance.
So first – before writing anything, a little housekeeping – Here’s what you need to know:

Insurance Sales Letters

Insurance Sales Letters written by Jeffrey Dobkin

1. Our Belief:  Every client – and every sale – starts with a single word:  “Hello!”

If someone doesn’t call you or speak with you, you didn’t create a client.

You certainly didn’t create a sale.

Because a letter doesn’t sell insurance.   YOU sell insurance.

A well written prospecting letter introduces you to potential customers.

Your letter “objective” is not to sell insurance.

Your letter objective is to make people call you.  Any arguments?

Your lead generation letter strategy should be strictly focused
on this one goal:  To get the reader to call you.

2. The fastest, most targeted way to generate phone calls is by sending direct mail.

3. The MOST effective piece of direct mail you can send is a letter.

So… find your “most-likely prospect” mailing list and send potential customers your highest-quality letter, written to our ONE SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE: to get the reader to CALL.

But wait… is it really a letter?


A letter is something you send to your aunt Bertha at Thanksgiving so you get a present at Christmas.

When you send your “letter” to 10, 10,000 or 10 million people it’s really an ad.  It’s a highly stylized ad designed to look like a letter.  Right?

Your letter doesn’t sell insurance because it can’t.  People don’t receive your letter and write you a check.  There are no approval forms, payment amounts, or costs in your letter.  If your letter works perfectly: they call you.  Bingo!  Yatzee!  King me!  Oh yea…!

That’s the housekeeping Lesson:  The objective of your sales letter is NOT to sell insurance, it’s to get people to call you.
With this in mind, you can now start writing your letter…

Top 14 Letter Writing Tips to make people call you…

• First:  Make it look like a letter
The most well-read letters are actually designed … to look like a letter.
People LOOK AT your brochure, but they’ll READ your letter – if it’s well written and well designed.

• Start with a letterhead – business name, address and phone.  It’s ok to use a single selling line in here.

• Use a salutation.  If it’s personalized, even better! Much better!

• Make your first paragraph short and highly compelling to read:  

One line.  Two at most. Like this!

• Use short paragraphs throughout.  No paragraph more than 5 lines.  It’s ok to use short bursts – like this.

• Use lots of white space to make it look easy to read, even if it isn’t.

• In the center of your letter create a  strong bullet-point list.

It catches the reader’s eye and encourages scanning. Like the bullet list you are reading now.  Works, doesn’t it?

• The bullet list should be filled with the BENEFITS of working with you, your firm, or your offer.

• Offer a FREE BOOKLET to get people to call —
–– It’s the TITLE of the FREE booklet that makes people pick up the phone and call you – to get the booklet!
—— Offer a FREE BOOKLET with an amazingly GREAT TITLE that no one can resist calling to get!
—— To create a great booklet title, use the Jeff Dobkin 100-to-1 Rule: Write 100 titles, go back and pick out your best one.  Yea, it’s that important.
––– Use capital letters when writing the word ‘free.’  Would you rather have a free booklet or a FREE Booklet?

• Ask readers several times throughout the letter to CALL you!  “Call now for your FREE…”  “Call and get…” “Call for…”.  Call is the sole objective of the entire package – don’t be afraid to ask.  If no one calls, the letter failed.

• Place your phone number several times throughout the letter.  This will encourage people to call.

• Take your time to write, edit and tightly design your letter – it’s worth it: your sales letter can be your most effective prospecting sales tool.

• Edit your letter severely.  Make it crisp, get rid of fluffy words – and anything that doesn’t point your reader to the phone.

——A well-crafted letter takes me 10 to 15 hours to research, write, edit and design. Even when I’m sober!  Just kidding.  I’m never sober…

• Sign the letter.
——Even though your signature is a cute squiggle, include a signature they can read.  It’s a visual hook.

• Include a P.S.
The P.S. is unusual because it’s such a highly read part of the letter. So make it a great close: recap your best benefit, best offer, and your phone number.  And ask people to call you yet again.

•  Do all this well and ask readers to call you – several times – and… surprise: they’ll call you.

Insurance is a personal contact sport.
That’s where the sales are – from personal contact.

A great marketing / prospecting letter sets up the call.  And it’s pass or fail for your letter.  If the reader calls you, pass!  Complete success.  Your letter has done all it can – 100% – of what you asked it to do!

If the reader doesn’t call, well… you’ve wasted your money, haven’t you?  You got… experience.  Experience is what you get when you don’t get any response.  I say this from the experience I have.

When customers and prospects call you then it’s up to you to get them to sit still long enough to listen to your personal sales pitch, then buy insurance from you.  Because…

If you only learn one thing from this website: People buy insurance from a person, not a sales letter.

Your introduction starts with your marketing letter — which generates the phone call.  Then?  Then you smile, you make them smile, talk about your kids, talk about their kids, their car, boat or house. You chat, you kibitz, you talk about their insurance needs, you begin a relationship and develop trust. Then?  Then offer a compelling quote. Then they buy insurance from YOU.  It’s a short sales funnel: Letter, call, kibitz, relationship, trust, quote, sale.  Any questions?

It’s easy to see this is a great insurance marketing strategy when it’s laid out and presented to you like this, yet some people never figure it out.

Even most of your insurance providers haven’t figured this out: they send you their prewritten sales letter templates that try to sell their insurance from the page.  And no one calls (or minimal calls.)  That’s why their sales letters suck.  They don’t generate phone calls — they wrote their sales letters to sell their insurance.

AD:  This is a short 5-line advertisement for the series of highly responsive, high performance marketing insurance sales letters we sell.

All our letters are written to generate phone calls.  Don’t like to brag, but they’re pretty good!  And…

Did I mention I write custom sales letters for firms that specialize in select areas of insurance.

And… I write sales letters, technical letters, or difficult letters for any firm, any industry…  Letters are my specialty, and my favorite marketing pieces to write.

Call me on it: 610-642-1000 rings on my desk.  Questions welcome.  Commercial message over.  Now back to our story…

Direct Mail Statistics you need to know.  Key Performance Indicators (KPI)—

When you mail sales and prospecting letters, like it or not: you’re in the business of direct marketing.

Direct marketing through direct mail is a game of numbers:

· How many letters did you mail?

· How many responses did you receive from your mailing?

·  How many phone calls did you receive? (Response)

·  How many new clients did you sign up? (Conversion)

·  What was the revenue per client?

·  How much revenue did you receive from each mailing? (ROI)

·  How responsive was each mailing list you tested?

·  How responsive was each prospecting letter?

·  What offer worked best?

High quality direct marketing letters are all about:
1. generating the maximum number of phone calls per number of names mailed
2. from higher quality prospects who
3. convert to clients.  Because clients convert to revenue.
4. Tracking the response so you can re-create successful mailings.
— What mailing list worked best?  What letter worked best?  What offer created the most response?

How To:    You can track each of these response variables.  Leave a small pad of paper next to each phone.  When the phone rings  just ask, “And how did you hear of our company?”  Write it down on a slip of paper.  If the answer is “A letter” ask which letter?  What did the letter offer?  You can secretly code your letters so a single key question will let you know what mailing list, what letter and what offer they received.

Put all the response-log slips in a select drawer.  In 6 months you’ll know where EVERY lead came from.  You’ll know where every client came from.  Which marketing letter generated the highest response?  What offer worked best? Which booklet title made the most people call?  Tally the responses and now you’ll know where to double down on your marketing spend:  Use the same successful prospecting letter and offer — marketing to the same direct mail mailing list and continue to tune your marketing to generate the best possible response, and maximum phone calls.  That, my friend, is the essence of a great direct marketing campaign. It’s success is sustainable and repeatable.

The Number 1 question I’m asked: what’s a good response from a mailing.

Response rates from your direct mail are determined by these variables:
1. the quality of your mailing list,
2. the offer,
3. the creative: writing, graphics and format (the letter) and the envelope,
4. the market: who, what, where, how and when.

The definitive answer is: a good response to a mailing is any response that has covered the cost of the mailing.
If you are selling 747 
airplanes and mail 10,000 letters and one person responds and buys a plane, that was a successful mailing.
If you are selling 747 airplane insurance policies and one person buys a policy, that was a successful mailing as well.
If you are selling magazine subscriptions, you need a hell of a lot more response to succeed.

Elements of Direct Mail:
Every Direct Mail Campaign starts here:  The Envelope —

Success starts with getting your mailing piece / sales letter opened.
The outer envelope‘s job #1 – to get the reader to open it and look inside.

The goal of the envelope is to safely transport the contents to the reader, then get the reader to open it.

“Teaser copy” – the term for the few words splashed across the face of the envelope – is written to entice the reader to open it.

This isn’t the place to get cute – or risky – because at this point readers have no investment of time in reading your mailing package. Right now it’s just another piece of junk mail and they’ll toss your letter in the trash faster than the Trump offered federal pardons.

Over the past 25 years of my career in direct marketing I’ve developed a set of my own favorite effective envelope teaser copy lines.  They’ve tested successfully over time to get my client’s envelopes opened.  I’m happy to share a couple of my best lines with you — just send me $25 each time you use them.  Just kidding.  You can send me the money later…

My top two envelope teaser lines you might consider using on your envelope:

“Free Offer Inside! Open immediately!”  Yes, this teaser line has been around for a while, but it still works really, really well.   

I’ve also had great success with
 this direct marketing formula: 

“New: Free Booklet […Title]!  Look Inside…”

This is actually my second favorite envelope teaser line of all time.  In this instance it’s the TITLE of the booklet that drives people to open the envelope.  The booklet title you offer also drives the response: the number of people calling you.  

Here’s the exact formula:
— Poor booklet title = poor open rate + poor 
— Great title = great open rate + great response.
— G-R-E-A-T title = G-R-E-A-T open rate and greater response.

To write the best possible booklet title, use the Jeff Dobkin 100 to 1 Rule.  Write 100 booklet titles, go back and pick out your best one!   I didn’t say you’d like it, I just said it works really well!  Anyhow, that’s what I do when a client asks for a great specialty booklet title for his direct mail piece when he mails to a specific market segment.

What’s my own very favorite envelope teaser copy?  After 25 years in the business it’s simply this:

“Gift Certificate Enclosed!”

Everyone loves a FREE GIFT!  And everyone wants to see what the gift certificate is for!  Yes, everyone!  It can be for anything…

These are just a few of my favorite teaser copy lines for envelopes. You can find these lines and more – with discussion – in my article posted on this website: “The 23 Best Lines in Marketing.”  Go ahead look it up,  I’ll wait.  Actually, the other 20 best lines are also all found in my book, Direct Marketing Strategies – which you probably should buy, as… I need the money.  Just kidding – you don’t have to buy my books.  Just send the money.

Direct Marketing Ad

Direct Marketing Services

The Letter…

The MOST VALUABLE single sheet of paper inside your direct marketing package is the letter.

In fact, the most valuable single sheet of paper in all of direct marketing is a letter.

Yes, that’s right: a letter is the most valuable single sheet of paper in all of direct marketing.  I said it before and I’ll say it again:

People look at your brochure, but they read the letter.

The objective of your letter is to make someone call you.  When written and designed correctly, people call!

Has this ever happened to you: one of your providers has sold you some of their four-color booklets and said “Here… mail these out!”  And a lousy letter that looked like someone in their mail room wrote it. It was actually designed by the lawyers in their compliance department – and the letter sang the praises of how great their insurance products are, and how the reader should buy them, then they tried to drive your readers to their website.  And you paid them for the letters, and paid for the postage, and you mailed them out – and you didn’t get any calls. What idiot wrote that marketing plan?

You were young then…  Sigh…

Yea, you put this direct mail package in the mail at just under $2.50 each.  And now… and now you know what doesn’t work, don’t you?  You got experience.  You remember… experience is what you get when you don’t get any response.

What happened?

Nothing.  No one responded.  Or not enough people to make the mailing profitable.  And what a lot of work.

So what really happened?

First, few people opened the envelope.  It was plain # 10 cheap-paper white, with the bulk mail indicia printed right on the face of it and the mailing label stuck on a bit crooked. In the return address corner it said the insurance company provider name, with your name typed in over it.  It was cheap to print… and it looked it.

Of the people who actually opened it, no one read the brochure.  Sure, they all looked at the pictures of the perfect family, attractive people with cute kids on a swing set – then… they threw the whole thing out.  And the lousy pre-printed letter they included?  It was poorly written and poorly designed and yea, they glanced at that, too — right before tossing it in the trash.  Along with the money you spent on it.  No one even went to their website.  And if they did, you never heard about it.  It’s tough to track web traffic.  Plus – after the website visit it became their sale — not your sale.

Let’s take another look: What happens if you send a real letter?

Lesson #3:  Include a real letter in every piece of mail you send, no matter what… and no exceptions.

This an incredibly important lesson: include a letter in every envelope you put in the mail.  Every one!
Even if it’s just a hand written note — even just a few lines.  Because it’s PERSONAL.  Readers will look at the brochure, but they’ll read the letter.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Stay with me, please… while I go out for a smoke.  Let’s see, where did I put those rolling papers.  Just kidding.  Or, really… where are they?  It’s a good thing I live in Colorado where weed is legal.  Oh, wait…

Include a real letter in every piece of mail you send.  Especially in the insurance industry – every quote goes out with a letter.  Every brochure goes out with a letter.  Even if you are mailing 10,000 pieces – you need to include something that looks like a letter.  At about 2 cents for the sheet of paper, it’s the lowest cost part of the mailing package – and the most effective.

If it really looks like a letter people will perceive it as a letter… and read it.  Because a letter is personal.  It’s a message from me to you.

Brochures, yea you printed a million of them.  But something that looks like letter – is still perceived as a personal communication.  No one thinks ‘Oh, you printed a million of these, too!’  Even though you did.

A sales letter can double your response.  

A great sales letter can triple your response at times.

Don’t believe me?  Test it out.  Mail 2,000 brochures.  Include a great sales letter in half of them and watch the response explode for the ones with a letter included.  Yes, a great letter will definitely increase response. Guaranteed.

Be sure to read all the great articles I’ve written on creating great letters on this website.  I wrote them for you, valued readers and students of direct mail.  If you are the person who wants to double, triple his phone calls from your mailings.  And since you’re already read down to here, I suspect you are…

Generating a Phone Call — The OFFER!  Correction: The FREE Offer!

For maximum response, I like to offer something for FREE so readers have something concrete to ask for when they call.

Many people have what I term “Call reluctance.”

Some people get scared to call you—they feel a pushy salesman will try to sell them something.

Some just don’t know what to say on the phone.  Call reluctance is more common than you’d think…

But they absolutely will call if you give them something comfortable to say – like asking for your FREE booklet! Especially since it’s FREE.  Like a FREE Booklet of valuable information.

My Recommendation:  Offer a FREE booklet with a GREAT booklet title.  The better the title, the more people that will call to get it!  

Use the Jeff Dobkin 100 to 1 Rule for creating a G-R-E-A-T booklet title:  Write 100 titles, go back and pick out your best one.  Hey, I didn’t say you’d like it, I just said it’s the best way to come up with a G-R-E-A-T FREE BOOKLET TITLE.  Create a FREE booklet title that will make the maximum number of people call.

Don’t forget when you offer a FREE Booklet, always use all capital letters for the word FREE.  It attracts attention to the word FREE, it also makes the offer seem better.  Would you rather call for a valuable free booklet or a valuable FREE Booklet?  Yea, see what I mean.

Offering a FREE Booklet with a GREAT title is probably the single best way to make more people call.

Need help with figuring out GREAT booklet titles?  Please call or email me and I’ll send you our FREE list of booklet titles – which is sent FREE with our Insurances Sales Letter package.  Reason:  Our goal for the sales letters we sell is the same as your goal: to have the maximum number of people call you from each of your mailings.  Our goal is actually your success.  Even if you don’t buy our wonderful, terrific, hard hitting, highly responsive direct mail prospecting letters.  I’m ok with that.  Not everyone wants to buy our letters – they’re expensive.  And that’s ok. I still genuinely want you to succeed.  And maybe next time you’ll buy something – or recommend our sales letter templates to a colleague.

And we believe – as we’ve said – the best way to generate a response is to offer something for FREE, and the FREE booklet we offer of FREE BOOKLET TITLES is our ‘FREE offer’ offer we make to you to get you to call or email us…. Well…! Don’t just sit there, email me…

Mailing Lists

Every discussion of direct mail should address finding the best mailing list.  Get it?  “Address!” “The Best Mailing List!”  Oh… never mind.

Your mailing list can determine the success or failure of your direct mail campaign.  Yes, it’s that crucial.

A mediocre letter will draw a response from a great mailing list.  A great letter won’t draw flies from a lousy mailing list.

Crucial to your success, your mailing list determines your response rate:  

Good mailing list = good response.

Great mailing list = great response.  

G-R-E-A-T mailing list = G-R-E-A-T response.  Get it?

The insurance ex-date letter mailing list:

When you entered the insurance industry one of the first things you learned when someone mentioned mailing lists was about sending sales letters to policy holders right before the expiration date of their policy.

This is a mailing list based on when a client’s current insurance policy coverage ends.

Mailing to an ex-date mailing list is pretty common in the insurance industry, and it’s actually pretty ok.  Not great, but still….

You can buy lots of  lists of policy holder’s ex-dates from multiple sources.  Some better than others.

OR – if you know what month (any year) someone purchased their house, you can be pretty sure they bought insurance at that same time – most always a requirement of the mortgage holder.

Mail your sales letters – or better yet, a sales letter series – about a month before your reader’s policy expires.

Convince readers they can get
—  1. better coverage
—  2. at a lower cost from you,
—  3 without any lapse in coverage and
—  4. no headaches transferring insurance coverage to your agency (you’ll handle everything!).  And… bingo – they’ll consider placing their insurance with you.  Offer a great FREE Booklet of valuable information here and increase response even further.

Convince readers to CALL YOU, and your chances of getting them as a client go up about 1259%.
OK, I might have just made that number up, but you get the idea.  I know one thing: if they don’t call you, you didn’t get their business…  remember paragraph “A” subsection 4 above.  A phone call is the only goal of your letter. Then YOU sell them insurance.  Or better yet – you start a ‘Relationship’ with them in the phone call – so eventually they place ALL their insurance with you!  A phone call is the start of every sale… I mean it!  Don’t you agree?

Our own sales letter (one of our Insurance Sales Letter Templates)
for ex-date mailings starts out something like this:

“I know, I know… it’s so easy to just check the ‘Renew Now’ box on your policy,
but is that really
the best decision for immediately saving money?”

Mailing List Considerations:

There are lots of places to buy a high quality mailing list.

Unfortunately, there are lots MORE places to buy a really shitty mailing list.  And no one really says to you, while they’re trying to sell you their mediocre mailing list, “Hey, this mailing list is pretty shitty and no one has ever gotten a great response from it, but you’re welcome to try…”

You might want to listen to this one hour audio on how to buy a great mailing list.  Or read some of the FREE direct mail articles found on this website on selecting a great mailing list.

How To Market A Product for Under $500! Cult Classic Book by Jeffrey Dobkin

Best Offline Marketing Book Ever…


Better yet, there are about 100 pages dedicated to creating successful direct mail in my book, How To Market a Product for Under $500!  It includes an excellent reference section on mailing lists (about 20 pages or so). You should read it.  No, seriously – you should read it.  If you buy this book and read it, I promise it will be the best $30 bucks you’ve ever spent in marketing and in direct mail.  I personally guarantee it…  

Lesson # 4.  The selection of a great mailing list is one of the most influential factors in determining the success of your mailing. 

Mailing list research is unglamorous.  


It’s hard work and fraught with lousy mailing lists and owners who give great reviews to their medicare lists.  

Do your mailing list homework and dig deep to really find the best lists.  They’re out there.  After you read the specific instructions on how to buy a great mailing list in my book “How To Market a Product for Under $500!”  there are additionally whole chapters dedicated to how to create successful letters campaigns and highly responsive direct mail packages.  My book is like this website, only better!  Just kidding!  It’s just longer – but a bit more in depth!  with less typos… hopefully!  Hope you are enjoying this website, and my stale jokes but who cares, they’re still pretty funny.  Well, some of them….

For your convenience, there are many additional articles on this site to help you create winning direct mail!  Just look around, clear information is at hand.  Hope you are enjoying it.  Your comments are most welcome — the good ones anyhow.

Traditional direct mail campaigns and well written sales and prospecting letters for years have been working well for insurance agents for years! Go ahead, give it a shot.  Great list, great letter, great offer, right market = great response.  This is the end of Lesson 4.  Hope you learned a few things and don’t hate me for saying some of the more important stuff twice.

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Include a brochure in your mailing.
Not absolutely necessary, but a welcome addition to most any mailing package!  

A brochure – and especially a color brochure  – is an important element to increase response when sent with your sales letter NOT because the clever copywriting entices people to buy, or it says great things about you or your company, because face it: ain’t nobody gonna read it.  Or few, anyhow – unless it’s done really well (and after seeing thousands of them, I’m thinking that isn’t the way to bet… most are pretty awful – or worse: boring.)

Recipients just look at the pictures.  And that’s a good thing.

Like Playboy magazines in your youth.  Sure – you told people you read the articles, but really…

A great brochure is actually important because
—  1. it keeps people in your direct mail package longer, and
—  2. it increases your credibility.
—  3.  And credibility increases trust — one of the key elements in your sales chain.

A four color brochure makes you look credible.  “Wow!” readers think.  “You went to all the expense to include a color brochure – you must be a good, solid firm!”  Credibility – you just can’t buy that.  Or, maybe you can.

Direct Mail: Your mailing package needs to Develop Credibility, Trust, and Create a Relationship.

Credibility is the first of the top three essentials in your lead generation strategy that ultimately closes sales.

The second basis for sales is trust.  As with most any marketing and certainly insurance marketing, trust is the basis of a relationship.

And starting or enhancing a relationship is the third element in the sales equation.

In establishing and retaining an insurance client, credibility and trust are the beginnings of a relationship.  That relationship can last years. I’ve been with my insurance agent for over 25 years.  Trust is definitely a strong part of the picture.

Those three elements – credibility, trust and a relationship – are the driving forces of every great insurance sales campaign.  

Fortunately, the essence of these three elements can be distilled, and built into a single well-designed and well-written letter… with the correct strategy: that makes people call you.

Hope this article has shown you easy ways to create sales letters specifically to make readers call you.

Study the FREE SAMPLE SALES LETTER on our website to visualize how to use these sales ideas and lead generation techniques should look when you create your own direct response letters.

Or better yet, buy our letters, they work!  New sales letter pricing!

Get a FREE Review of your own sales letters!

What to do it yourself?  Go ahead – take your best shot:  Write a few drafts of your own highly responsive sales letters.  Then send the final draft to me and I’ll review them.  Free.  And… you’re welcome! (Note: don’t send me your early drafts that took you 20 minutes to write – with typos, poor grammar and spelling errors.  I’m not your secretary, I’m a direct mail analyst willing to offer you my help if you put in real effort.)

The faster route is always available to you:   View Letter Descriptions of the awesome high performance insurance sales letter templates we sell.

Thanks —

Thank you for coming to our website – and especially reading way down to here..  Hope you enjoy my conversational style of writing, occasional typos we may have left in to see if you’d notice! And that you find the technical aspects of writing and marketing we demonstrate of great value to increase the response of your own marketing efforts.

Call with questions or if we can help in any way: 610-642-1000 rings on my desk.  I’m out of office a lot but I return calls fairly promptly if it’s raining or snowing.  On nice days, not as fast.

Jeffrey Dobkin

Jeffrey Dobkin

Hope this article on sales letters was especially helpful.  This is the end of your lessons for today.  Except… except maybe you should think about buying our insurance sales letters.  Or have me – yes – Jeffrey Dobkin write a custom sales letter for you – highlighting what makes your own insurance agency so special, or what special services and products you provide to your own insurance speciality market.

Continue reading the next few articles and learn how to create an insurance sales letter campaign built on the foundation principles of credibility, trust and the relationship you build.  Our own strategy and goal is always the same:  creating a repeatable, scalable highly response campaign that makes people call you.

Article conclusion: Your entire marketing campaign starts with this one word:  “Hello!” This is the goal of your direct mail sale letter, compelling the reader to pick up the phone and call you.

The goal of every letter you send (well, according to us, anyhow) – whether you write letters yourself following our guidelines or you use our business sales letter templates – is the same: to make the maximum number of readers call you so you don’t have to waste your time cold-calling people who aren’t interested (ugh!).

Now a word about us in this self-promotional message:  If you want your phone to consistently ring, please consider ordering our series of insurance sales letters.  Our sales letters pay for themselves with your first sale, and they continue to drive phone calls to you for as long as you mail them.  And… oh forget it.  If you haven’t figured that out by now, you’re probably not going to buy them.  That’s ok too.  Thanks anyhow.

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About our sales letters:  We practice what we preach and sell an amazing set of highly responsive Insurance Sales Letters that focus on making people call you. 

The difference between our Insurance Sales Letters and everyone else’s insurance sales letters: Our letters don’t sell insurance.  Every letter we write has ONE GOALto make people call you.  We design and write every letter in-house.  Every line, every paragraph is written to increase your phone calls.

We definitely write and design our letters to look like personal letters.  Sure I have hundreds of fonts on my computer, and photos that I could place in them, but I want our letters to look like letters.  Letters you just typed and mailed from your your office.  From your own computer.  Not some fancy promotional piece from your provider.

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The marketing assistance we offer you with our Business Sales Letter Series is simple, we offer you the single word,  “Hello!”  

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Do they work?  Hell, yea…  We use every trick we’ve learned in our 25 years in direct mail copywriting – to make that one extra reader pick up the phone and call you now.  

See for yourself…

So that you can see the look, feel and quality of our insurance  sales letters – and get an idea of why our sales letters are so effective and highly responsive – we’ve included a free business letter sample: a FREE SAMPLE insurance sales letter for you to see and study!  

This sample business letter is just one of over two dozen insurance sales letters you receive when you order our awesome insurance sales letter templates. (You get full use of this sample letter when you purchase our set of high performance insurance sales letters.)  The best is yet to come: please follow this link to order our Awesome Insurance Sales Letters!  Thank you.

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Insurance Sales Letters

Awesome Insurance Sales Letters

Custom Letter Service:
Need something more personal?  Business sales letters that are warm and fuzzy? Need something harder selling?  We write personal sales letters to our clients specifications, and have been writing custom letters for the past 25 years.  We’re very good at it and we make the process easy – just call: 610-642-1000 and inquire.

If you don’t have time to write sales letters yourself we understand. Each of our sales letters takes Jeffrey Dobkin – our senior writer – 10 to 12 hours to research, write, edit and design!  Our letters are written and designed specifically to look like you just typed them yourself!  Tightly written to your own specifications.  You’d be surprised at how many people rely on Dobkin to write their custom sales letters — along with picturesque copywriting for most all corporate communications   Our team writes for any products, projects, services and any industry!  Catalogs, Booklets, annual reports, special reports, news, and articles and white papers — Just call and inquire. 610-642-1000.  Thanks.


Ordering Information:
When you order our Insurance Sales Letters you will be taken to a secure, Google-recommended vendor’s transaction page and directly to PayPal – for secure payment with the direct-PayPal secure link.
You can pay by PayPal or use your credit card there as well!  Your letter download is immediate!  

License: Our letters are licensed for a single user (person) to mail as many times as he or she wishes, or a small agency of up to 10 people.  Larger firm?  Please call for our licensing opportunity for larger firms.  610-642-1000.  Thank you.

Other letter series available: Our series of Awesome Network Marketing Sales Letters, and Awesome Financial Advisor Sales Letters are also available on this website.  Yea, these sales letters are written with the same single goal: to make people call you.  All letters are highly responsive and written to increase your business by generating phone calls.  That’s why we wrote them!  Please order now.  Thanks.  And thanks for visiting our site, we appreciate your consideration to do business with us.  Please don’t hesitate to call us with comments, questions: 610-642-1000.  Thank you.

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Jeffrey Dobkin has written 5 books on effective direct marketing methods. He also writes incredibly persuasive personal sales letters, catalog copy, web content, highly responsive ads, specialty direct-selling ads, special reports, white papers, magazine articles and must-have booklets.  Heck, he writes and designs all those top-shelf marketing material for clients, without all the misspellings and typos you’ve found on these web pages.   On a deeper note, Dobkin also writes marketing plans, offers media analysis and negotiation, tunes-up his client’s marketing strategies to increase response, and performs marketing audits (what’s wrong with your marketing?).  Just call and ask him about his services – 610-642-1000 rings on his desk.

This particular insurance sales letter series was written specifically for insurance agents and financial advisors who sell insurance products.  We welcome your comments – both good and bad.  OK, maybe not the bad comments as much…

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