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Network Marketing

View Sample Sales Letter!

View Sample Sales Letter!

Also known as Multi-Level Marketing or MLM, network marketing is the process of building a business by selling goods or services through your own sales force, as well as creating opportunities for them to do the same.  As an example, Tupperware is sold through multi-level marketing organizations.

In network marketing people join your organization and are placed under you by being in your downline. You are their boss.  I’ll call them your Team Players.  When products are sold through their efforts and actions, they receive payment, and a percentage of each of their sales is sent to you.

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Some people join your network marketing downline as a business opportunity, while others simply join to get a discount on the products.  Both reasons are OK.

As your Team Players add people in THEIR downline, they are placed in your downline also – although further down.  You receive a smaller percentage from each of their product sales as well.

Anyone who signs up under any of your Team Players is considered in your downline, also.  It’s possible to have thousands of people in your downline – with you getting a small percentage of all their sales.  Sounds easy! It can be, but in reality it’s hard to establish a long list of people in your downline, and harder to manage as people continually join-in and fall out.  Here’s why…

The main problem with most Network Marketing Companies…

Most network marketing companies are short on… well… marketing.  Frankly their marketing sucks.  Their literature is terrible and their directions wouldn’t get you to a gas station on a turnpike.

That’s why I’ve written a series of highly responsive letters to help you generate phone calls from people who may be interested in your money-making opportunities or your products.

I’m sure you’ve said “If interested people would only call me I’d be able to show them enough benefits and profits so they’ll join my downline team and sell my products!”

It’s my personal belief that when done correctly, network marketing rocks – it works and works well. And can make you rich in the process.  I believe it works best with consumable products that need frequent replenishment – like vitamins and supplements.  Vitamins and supplements present the perfect network marketing opportunity.  I do believe if you run a well researched and well marketed team, distributing vitamins and supplements can make you rich.

The part that sucks? It’s tough to find people interested in joining your team – BEFORE you burn out making hundreds of phone calls to people who aren’t interested – or calling all your family and all of your friends.  Here’s where we come in with our series of letters for network marketing professionals:

We feel every sale, every person in your downline starts with one word: “Hello!”  
All of our marketing letters are written to make that introduction.

At Danielle Adams Publishing, we offer an awesome series of the world’s best network marketing letters.

Our letters offer you a complete marketing campaign in an instant download… for just $95. You can create your entire network marketing campaign in a single evening!  Mail these Network Marketing Letter templates and

· Prospects, customers and referrals will call you! Enjoy Instant Success!

· Why struggle with writing or – using the poorly drafted letters from your MLM firm – their letters are written to sell their own products.  Our letters are written to make people call you!  See the difference?

· You can have instant direct mail success with our MLM Sales Letter Templates.
      —  Our letters are field tested and proven to work.  
· Have people call you – speak only with people who are interested in your offer!

 So you can see for yourself, check out our most Famous, most Powerful and most Motivational Letters: View FREE Sample Letter.

— You’ll see exactly why these Awesome Network Marketing Sales Letter Templates will increase your phone calls!  And phone calls means easier prospecting, and you get more business!

· Kick up your response and get more business – instantly!  Our letters work with ALL types of products!

Here’s the difference between our Network Marketing Sales Letters and everyone else’s sales letters:

Our direct mail letters don’t sell products.  

That’s right – we have a different objective.  Our sales letters make your phone ring!

Every sales letter we write has ONE GOALto make YOUR phone ring.

We design and write every letter, every paragraph, every line to increase YOUR phone calls.  So YOU have the opportunity to sell your products.
Since our sales letters don’t sell products, they work with ALL companies and ALL product lines.

Our letters work with virtually any and every network marketing or multi-level-marketing opportunity offer or product, because the objective of each letter is not to sell the products or program, it’s simply to generate a phone call.  Then YOU have the opportunity to sell your products, create a customer, increase your downline, arrange a meeting — whatever your phone call goal is.  It all starts when your phone rings!  We arrange for that introduction.

Our direct mail letters eliminate cold calling and speaking with people who have no interest in your offer or opportunity.

Imagine how easy it would be, to be successful if you only spoke with people interested in your offer!

Samples of our network marketing sales letters can be seen here:  Network Marketing — Sales Letters, and we encourage you to visit this page.

Get the Right Mailing Lists:  FREE Articles.

The network marketing industry responds best when opportunities are sold through direct mail letters.

As in all mailings, the creative approach you take, and the offer you make in the letters has a lot to do with increasing – or decreasing -response.  The hardest part of ensuring a successful mailing is the correct selection of a great mailing list.

The correct selection of a mailing list is the most crucial part of mailing to any industry. In the MLM or network marketing industry it is a big determinate of the success or failure of your mailings.

To help colleagues, I’ve written many articles on the selection of the best mailing lists.  

Network Marketing Letter

Sample Network Marketing Letter

On this site I also offer a one-hour audio on “How to Buy a Great Mailing List.” This is a full one hour audio program created in studio with direct mail marketing legend Markus Allen. Click here for information or to purchase:  “How to Buy a Great Mailing List!”  

Thank you for reading all this.  Whether you order our network marketing sales letters or not, read the many direct marketing articles on this site to help you create your own successful sales letters, and buy the right mailing list.  Find marketing articles on selecting mailing lists here:  Network Marketing — Articles, along with other direct marketing articles on how to create successful direct mail campaigns.

Conclusion:  Network Marketing can be awesome – IF… you don’t burn yourself out by 

1. Calling all your friends and making them an offer you didn’t think they could refuse,

2. Calling everyone in your family with the same offer, and

3. Trying to speak with hundreds of people who have no interest in your opportunity or products.

Learn how to mail letters and have people CALL YOU.  

In our view, a successful campaign means your phone is ringing.  Simple as that.


Learn how: Direct Mail Tips – 7 tips for increasing response from your direct mail program is an article that will lead you in the right direction for higher response and more effective marketing.  Or better yet, become successful: buy and mail our proven and tested Network Marketing Sales Letters. So that you can see the difference in our letters and everyone else’s letters,  see a FREE SAMPLE Network Marketing Letter!  on this site.  Thank you.

As always, we welcome your questions or comments.  Well, the good ones, anyhow: 610-642-1000 rings on Jeff Dobkin’s desk.  Or the very best way to reach him – email him at jeff at dobkin dot com.

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