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Article Links:   Improving Post Card “Glance” Readership

Direct Marketing Ad

Direct Marketing Ad · Jeffrey Dobkin

The 23 Best Lines in Marketing

The Jeff Dobkin 100 to 1 Rule

When To Fire A Customer

Using Surveys as Marketing Tools

Finding Markets through Magazine Directories

Part II of Finding Markets through Magazine Directories – Your PR Campaign made easy!

The Lost Art of a Direct Mail Letter.
How to DESIGN a highly effective, visually stunning letter.

Learn how to get more referrals – Click Here!

Here’s our number one sales tip on Relationship Selling
A short, fun article on selling

Links to a few more of our many Direct Marketing Articles:

Determining Market Size.
A technical marketing article for, you know, geeky marketing people, like us!

Oh, I Forgot to Mention…

This technique will make your follow up sales call the easiest phone call you’ll ever have to make.

Tips for Increasing Response in Direct Mail

Over the years I’ve gone into hundreds of businesses and asked “What works?” and “What doesn’t?” I’ve written hundreds of direct mail letters and direct mail packages — and have studied thousands more… seeing first hand what works and what doesn’t.  Here are some of my best tips for increasing direct your mail response.

Creating Customer Surveys… to Promote your business

Is it really a survey when you don’t care what your customers think?  Use this survey format to cleverly seduce your reader to learn about your new products and to call you.  Sure, it’s a survey…  more or less.  Read this fun but accurate article to learn out how to create “Hidden-Objective Surveys” and “Key Question Surveys.”

The 15 Page Direct Marketing Plan

Uncommon Marketing Methods

33 Direct Marketing Articles by Jeffrey Dobkin

This isn’t 15 pages of what you should do, and blah blah blah.  These are the actual 15 pages you need to write.  This is everything you’ll need.  Really…   So you can see this isn’t some kind of bullshit we made up in a juice and smoke session last night, here are the pieces you’ll need to write: a press release, cover letter, and a short series (2 or 3) of direct marketing sales letters to people who respond to the press release write-ups you’ll receive in magazines and newspapers. In addition, you’ll need an introductory letter to better accounts, plus a longer series of letters to send to your most-likely-prospects in your house mailing list.  15 pages in total – it’s all you need to market most any small business or product successfully.  A unique, most powerful technical marketing article we wrote in a juice and smoke session a few days ago.

 9 Ways to Easily Track Advertising and PR

Direct marketing made simple:  Clean and simple, to be exact! Learn these advertising tracking techniques in the next 3 minutes.

11 Places to Buy a Direct Mail Mailing List – Part I

The best of our direct marketing articles.  Mailing lists represent the unknown factor in the success of each mailing. They are responsible for about 40% of the success of the mailing.  If your list is not correct – your mailing will fail to draw any response.  The better the list, the better your response.  In this, the first of this two-part article set, you’ll learn from our discussion of the types of mailing lists, and our choice of the top two places to buy lists.

11 Places to Buy a Direct Mail Mailing List – Part II

In this second part of this article you’ll learn the other 9 places to buy a mailing list.

Here’s how Jeffrey describes his writing:
“Some of the articles I’ve written are fun and funny; some, so technical and academic… I don’t even like them. All my articles are written to entertain you, with very serious objectives: How To increase your business & make your phone ring.”

Forget Marketing on the Internet

Really!  I know, I know… you’re thinking wtf?  But what’s the Internet good for?  Obviously sales… if you’re LL Bean, or Amazon.

But if you’re a small business and you’re trying to sell goods on a home made site you cooked up for $200 on Godaddy – forget it: sales aren’t happening and people aren’t showing up there, either.  So…  how do you make the web good for your business?  Start out by clicking here:  Click Here to Read Article

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