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Public Relations

Public Relations is an artful blend of where relationships, writing and smart marketing meet: and you get FREE media coverage – FREE editorial write ups in magazines and newspapers – for you, your products and your company.  Publishers love PR because they can offer high interest reading about relevant new products and services to their readers.

The basic form in public relations: the press release.

A press release is a one page document, double spaced, that is written in a terse newspaper style of writing describing your product or event.  When printed in a newspaper or magazine it appears as editorial content. Creating interesting angles and spin, and pitching your press releases to publishers and editors of magazines, newsletters and news papers for their consideration in publishing is the mix of art, great writing, intrigue and smart marketing.

Higher levels of PR involve courting the members of press to encourage favorable articles to appear in their journals about your products, events or company.  There are many levels of Public Relations – it’s a tool that can be cleverly used by the smallest of companies to the largest of organizations to gain media attention and ink coverage.  For example, many times throughout the year Apple Computers stages “media events” to get press coverage for their latest products.  Even the white house uses the media “spin” to get media ink their favor.  Each year, every car manufacturer invites the automotive magazines editors to events launching their new cars in hopes of favorable reviews.

In my writings I talk about how entrepreneurs, small and medium size firms can write and submit effective press releases for magazines and newspapers.  How to write an effective press release, how to create a great press release title, how to structure the release in the form and format editors want, and how to increase your chances of having your press release published – often from 5% to 80% with just a few simple tricks I’ve learned or developed in my 25 year marketing career.

How To Market A Product for Under $500! Cult Classic Book by Jeffrey Dobkin

Almost 100 pages on Creating Effective PR

It’s my belief that a press release is dollar for dollar the most valuable sheet of paper in all of marketing.  I’ve posted on this site just a few articles of the 30 or so I’ve written on Press Releases and getting favorable media ink.  

If you’re really looking for lean “How to write a press release; how to get it published with the absolute greatest chance of success!” press information, please see the 85-page chapter on creating and using press releases in my book, How To Market a Product for Under $500!  This title also includes chapters on creating successful direct mail, buying mailing lists, finding and evaluating markets, creating and placing successful advertising, and the $500 campaign.  You’ll learn more practical, useful information about how to market anything than you would in four years of college.  You can buy this title by Clicking Here.  Or call us and order a real ink-on-paper copy.  Best 30 bucks you’ll ever spend on marketing – I promise.

Press Releases: How To Double the Chance Your Release will be Published.
In just a few minutes learn how to double… well, you get it.  Read this short 700 word How-To article, and enjoy the funny closing in the bio, too.

Anyone’s PR Plan – A 16 Point Outline!
The whole she-bang of a press release campaign plan of attack – from where to find the markets (what directories are available, how to use them easily), what to send (creating the press release and cover letter), creating a press kit, launching the campaign and analyzing the results.  This is a brief overview of an entire press campaign in print.  Exactly what to do, how to do it, and exactly what to expect.

Creating an Effective Press Release
17 tips to creating a better press release.  Whether professional or a novice, this article will tune-up your press release into a more effective vehicle.  The article focus is directly on writing press releases.

The Top Tips for Creating Effective Press Releases
A slight variation of the above article, presented a little differently, still very helpful!

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