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Direct Mail Letter Samples

SAMPLE LETTERS — Please scroll down to see samples of direct mail sales letters we’ve written for a few of our clients.  

See for yourself! Get a feel of our letter writing: style, pace, our clear call-to-action, and design.

All our letters are written to achieve one goal: to make your phone ring.  We believe every client, every sale begins with ONE WORD: HELLO.

Over the years we’ve seen how effective our letters are for our clients.  Now we put our money where our mouth is — and we’ll let you decide.  Check out the many sample letters throughout our website.

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If you need custom – or specialty – letters written to make your phone ring, here’s our phone number: 610-642-1000.

FREE REVIEW… of Your Letters:  

Financial Performance Sales Letter Photo

Financial Advisor Sales Letter Series

If you have a letter you’ve written that you’d like us to look over, please ask for our FREE letter review!

We’ll look it over and evaluate it.  No Charge.  How about that!

Then I’ll personally rate your letter’s effectiveness. If you need a little help, I’ll let you know of any corrections or changes to make it better – FREE.  We’re not lawyers here and we don’t have to make money on every thing we touch.  We’ll make relevant suggestions on how to make your sales letter more responsive. FREE.

Yes, it’s really FREE.

We review quite a lot of letters (and ads) for clients and friends.
After 25 years in the direct marketing industry, it’s easy and fun for us and our analysis is uncannily accurate!

Frankly, it’s wonderful to see other writer’s work — some of you folks out there are amazingly great.  Some are more creative than our own letters (but then you have much more experience in your own industry).   If we think your letter will work well as written we’ll give your the blessing of the Pope (Pope Dobkin!).  If not…

Unfortunately, as you can imagine…

A lot of letters we review couldn’t sell bait to a fisherman. That’s OK.  We have a big red pen and we like using it.  We edit severely (just as we do on our own letters).  We show writers where they’ve gone astray, what they’ve done right, and make recommendations of what to do next. We make minor corrections and adjustments for FREE.  Glad to help.

If the letter we review is awful:  If there are too, too many “not-interesting parts” and paragraphs that “don’t point the reader to respond” in a letter, we just tell clients it sucks and to start again with something fresh and new.  In a nicer way, of course.

The mistake we see most often?

A weak call to action.  We believe you should tell readers what you want them to do several times throughout the letter.

We also feel generating a phone call should be your letter ‘objective.’  We feel no call = no sale.

Each page of your letter should be written and designed to generate a phone call.  In our humble opinion we feel the letter fails if the reader doesn’t call.

By now we’ve heard every excuse why clients failed to ask for a phone call more than once: “They’ll never buy from us if we’re too pushy!” “Asking the reader to call more than once in the letter is too repetitive.” “I just drank half a bottle of bourbon and feel like I’m gonna pass out!” OK, maybe that last quote was from my secretary just now, but you get the idea – most people feel asking the reader to call in their letter too many times can be cumbersome.

I get it.  But… asking the reader to call several times can also increase the response — a lot!  So… it can be worth it!

16 Call Direct Mail Letter

16-Call Direct Mail Printer’s Letter



If you think asking the reader ‘to call’ two or three times in your letter is too clunky, see how we did it:  Check out our 16-call printer’s letter!

I wrote and designed this sales letter with the word “Call” 16 times in the letter. Yes, really!  Take a look!  Additionally I gave the phone number 6 times.  If I can write “Call” in a letter sixteen times this smoothly, and give the phone number six times, you can write it in your letter twice — or maybe three times… or more. Go ahead – check out the The Jeff Dobkin 16-Call Printer’s Letter.  We’ll wait…



Sample Sales and Prospecting Letters we’ve created for clients — 

We created this very successful direct mail letter series for a client who owns a printing and mailing house.

The following letter is the first in a series of sales letters we created for a client. Yes!  It was so successful he asked us to write a few more letters for him.  The second letter in the set, Letter 2, was a more involved two-page direct mail letter highlighting his capabilities and services. The first two letters were so effective, he asked us to write an additional marketing letter.

This last letter in the series brought in additional calls and increased response – way off the charts from any mailing he had ever sent.  Each sales letter in the series was tremendously effective in generating a response for our client.  Since the letter series was written in such a friendly, conversational copy platform, readers felt ultra-comfortable calling him, and additionally buying their printing and mailing services from him.  These letters are information-intense and yet were written in the wonderful style of my client’s own personality I discovered after several hours of interviewing him on the phone.

Direct Marketing Sample Letter 1.5

Direct Marketing Sample Letter 1.5


View Letter Two of this Series.            View Letter Three of this Series.

The client who assigned me to write and design these cover letters was the President of a mid-sized printing and mailing house in Chicago.  Although we never met in person, he was awesome to work with by phone and email.  I was thrilled this series was so very successful for him and his firm.

For additional samples of letters, brochures and direct mail packages written and designed by Jeffrey Dobkin please see a few on this page, or click around the left-hand navigation bar to view other letter samples.  Thanks.


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Our goal for these letters: to double, triple the response and phone calls from your direct mail.  Some letters pull 5 times, 10 times more response than prospecting letters our clients were mailing!  Yes, really!  Check out our free sample letters – we’ll wait right here.  Thanks.

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