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About Jeffrey Dobkin – Marketing and Writing Services

Jeffrey Dobkin

Jeffrey Dobkin

President and Senior Writer
The Danielle Adams Publishing Company
Post Office Box 100
Merion Station, PA 19066

Phone: 610-642-1000
Toll Free: 800-234-IDEA

Our Mission:

To provide the highest quality communication material delivered with the finest possible customer experience.
· Acknowledge the value and importance of every customer, every day.
· Serve our customers by demonstrating unwavering levels of honesty, integrity and trust.
     These are our core values. There are no exceptions.

Our Goal:
All our commercial writing — letters, ads and direct mail materials are tightly focused to maximize our client’s phone calls.

Our business centers around our writing, our unique business conceptual work and our direct marketing insights.
We offer a full range of creative services —

Custom Written Client Letters:
· Highly responsive direct mail.  Professionally written and designed to generate the highest possible response.
· We also write difficult letters, letters of high confidentiality, strategic memos, internal and external corporate business communication strategies.

SEO Writing:
for blogs, posts, and web content. Campaign oversight for content marketing. Online marketing collateral.

Our Marketing Articles:
Are written to entertain. Our Goal: to bring the highest calibre of tested and proven marketing insights, tactics and techniques to our friends, entrepreneurs and direct marketing colleagues.  OK, some articles are just plain funny – we’re pretty good natured, too.

We assist in all phases of business development: marketing strategy, campaign design and implementation, response analysis.

Our Sales Letters Templates
Personally written and designed by master marketer Jeffrey Dobkin to generate the highest response and maximum number of calls. Each letter serves a slightly different market segment, the overall goal remains the same: to generate the most telephone calls possible.

Ads, Booklets and Direct Mail
Sure, we do that as well.  We wrote the book on direct marketing.  Several, in fact.  Call us for a copy of one of Jeffrey Dobkin’s marketing books, sent to you with our compliments.

Thank you…
for visiting our website. We appreciate the time you spend here – we know there are millions of other sites to explore, and we’ll try not to waste your time.

Please consider us your own private resource to plan, develop, enhance and/or create your marketing communications.
Our pleasure to also work with larger firms to assist their business development team. We provide a fresh outside objective view.

When you have a few questions, or need a marketing strategist — here’s our phone number 610-642-1000.  We are always happy to talk.  To ask a quick question you are also welcome to  email Jeffrey.

~ Yea, we’re real people. Call us on it: 610-642-1000 ~

Jeffrey Dobkin on Motorcycle
Jeffrey lives occasionally with his three children (when they’re home from attending college) in a 125-year-old house on the outskirts of Philadelphia in the town of Bala-Cynwyd, PA. He is an avid motorcyclist, plays racquetball 4 times a week, and enjoys family, art, music, TV and cars. His oldest daughter Danielle is a sound-art doctoral student at Columbia University in NYC, his youngest daughter Nicole just graduated Pace University in NYC; and his son Adam has graduated Berklee College of Music and is a pretty great musician, living in the music town of Nashville TN.


Client Services from The Danielle Adams Publishing Company

Our strength is in writing; and we are exceptionally strong and heavily experienced in marketing.
We’re also pretty good in graphic design of the printed page.  Website design, not as much – but take a look: we have chosen a traditional style for our site, not quite as flashy.  Our site is over 250 pages.
We deliver all kinds of commercial writing — direct mail, catalog copy, advertising copy, letters, marketing reports, annual reports, corporate communications, ghost writing. Difficult to write letters. Catalog copy that improves consistency by matching your current copy platform. We can also slowly elevate your communication strategy to a new style.  Here’s a more comprehensive list of client services.

Outline of Marketing Services:
·  Strategy & Plans
·  Campaign Creation, Execution
·  Campaign Analysis
·  Audits

·  Creative Print Ads
·     Media Strategy
·     Booklets, Brochures
·     Data Sheets
·     Magazine Ads
·    ——  Direct Selling Ads
·    ——  Media Research
·    ——  Campaigns & Analysis
·    Direct Selling Newspaper Ads
·    ——  Media Buys
·    ——  Campaigns & Analysis
·  Media Buys
·  Corporate Literature
·  Traditional and Corporate Ads
·  Corporate Communication
·    ——  Analysis
·    ——  Strategy and Design

Business Writing & Graphics
·  White Papers
·  Special Reports
·  Web Content
·  Special Reports

Direct Response
·  Complete Packages
·  Website
·    ——  Design
·    ——  Analysis

Direct Mail
·  Sales Letters
·  Post Cards
·  Difficult Letters
·  > Complete mailing packages
·  Mailing lists
·    ——  Research
·    ——  Procurement
·  Response analysis
·  Catalogs
·   ––  Matching Copy
·   ––  Design
·   ––  Square Inch Analysis

Press & Media
·  Press releases
·  Cover letters
·  Media Research and recommendations
·  Complete Media Campaigns

·  Product marketing
·  Advice and consulting

Books —
Jeffrey Dobkin has written 6 books
Four Books on Marketing and Two Books on Humor
How To Market a Product for Under $500!
Uncommon Marketing Techniques
Successful Low Cost Marketing Methods

Direct Marketing Strategies
Life’s Too Short
Vital Signs

Videos & Audios
Please see our Bookstore Page for a complete listing of our audio and video products

 Jeffrey Dobkin —
 · Past President, Philadelphia Inventors Alliance
· President, American Society of Inventors,
· Past Board of Directors, American Society of Inventors, 14 years
· Board of Directors, National Mail Order Association
· Judge: By Kids for Kids (Invention)
· Judge: Carver Invention Fair (Temple University)
· Man of the Year, Suburban Life Magazine
· Founder, The Brain Injury Foundation
· Fox Business School (Temple University), Graduate-Student Mentor
· Judge, Temple University Business Plan Competition


Jeffrey Dobkin with sunglasses

Jeffrey Dobkin

Jeffrey Dobkin

Jeffrey Dobkin at work

Jeffrey Dobkin at work?

Jeffrey at Baseball Game

Dobkin at the game.