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Insurance Sales Letters – FREE Sample Letter

The FREE Sample Sales Letter on this page is one of the actual 26 Sales Letters we now include in our series of Insurance Sales Letter Templates.  We’ve included this sample letter so you can see the quality of the writing and design we put into all of our sales letters.

We believe every customer, every sale, starts with a single word: “Hello!”
Our Sales Letters are specifically written to make that introduction! 

Our sales letters don’t sell insurance.  People sell insurance.  Our sales letters make people call you.

All our insurance letters to clients are written specifically to bring you more phone calls than anything you have ever mailed. That’s their only goal.

This is just one of over 25 sales letters you receive in our Insurance Sales Letter Template series.   Please bookmark this page as we change this letter every few months!

Insurance Sales Letter

Insurance Sales Letter


We’ve written “CALL”  Ten Times in this letter!  People read the letter… and call.
Additionally, the Phone Number appears three times!
We’ve written “Save Money” and “Your Rates Can Come Down” Six Times in this letter!
     · People who want to lower their premiums and save money will call!  

Use our Insurance Sales Letters to Prospects to:
· Get more response, phone calls & customers!
    · Write more business than you ever thought possible!
· These letters are a complete marketing campaign… in an instant download!

·  Mail these letters to have customers, referrals and prospects call you!
·  Use On-Line: post on your website, use in an email. 

·  Get the highest response ever!  Mail by itself or as a cover letter with your brochure.
·  Buy With Confidence — Our letters are tested and proven to work.
·  Mail these letters and have people call you – speak only with people who are interested in talking with you!
·  Enjoy Instant Success!  Order today, personalize (if you like), mail & start speaking with interested customers.  Start writing more business!!!
Yes, our letters are highly responsive and work FAST – within a few days – to bring you phone calls, new clients and the additional revenue you’ve been missing from other mailings!

Order now and receive over 25 of our most Powerful and most Motivational Sales Letters.
— Sales letter templates are sent in Microsoft Word, just print on your letterhead, personalize if you like – and mail!

· Many agencies have become highly successful solely by mailing letters. — That’s ALL the marketing they needed to do!
· Let these letters immediately kick-up your phone calls – so you can do what you do best – speak with people who are interested!
· And write more business!
· Since our sales letters don’t actually sell insurance – they generate phone calls – they work with ALL types of insurance, all kinds of agencies and all kinds of insurance products!

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The sample insurance letter to prospects you see on this page is just one of over 25 letters you receive in Jeffrey Dobkin’s Awesome Insurance Sales Letter Series. Over two dozen insurance sales letters written with one single goal: to make people call you.  All letters are professionally written and handsomely designed — ready to mail!

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Go Ahead — Write More Business!
 · Get More Customers!  &  Get more customers to Call You!
  ·  Generate more Phone Calls –
    ·   Every sales letter we write has ONE SINGLE GOAL:
—  To make your phone ring — So you can make the sale!

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Questions about our sales and marketing letters? We always enjoy speaking with people about our products and services!

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Elegant and Highly Responsive Insurance Sales Letters written by Jeffrey Dobkin

*This free sample letter is provided so you can see an actual example of the high quality and style of letters you receive in our simply amazing Insurance Sales Letter Series.   When you purchase this sales letter series you receive a license to use this letter and all the other copyrighted sales letters in this series. GET INSTANT ACCESS TO ALL 26 AWESOME MARKETING LETTERS:   So easy to order with a credit card or Paypal. Thanks.


Unsolicited Testimonial:  

Hey Jeff!

Just wanted to touch base with you. The letter is working well for us. We got about 8 calls on the original 100 that we sent. We would have gotten more, except our competitor immediately played damage control and contacted customers to bad mouth us. However, we sent 400 pieces to Pennsylvania last week and have gotten 7 calls so far. We are going to be sending another 700 or so this week. So, just to let you know, it is working well for us so far.

Also, I was going to ask you if you have ever written anything for the mortgage industry? It is another industry that we specialize in and we’d like to be able to target mortgage professionals in the near future. Thanks!!

George S.
Tempe, AZ 85282

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