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Insurance Sales Letters – FREE Sample Letter

The FREE Sample Insurance Sales Letter on this page…

Is one of the actual 26 Sales Letters we include in our series of High Performance Insurance Sales Letter Templates.  (This particular letter is our most generic – and least favorite.)

We’ve included this sample letter so you can see the quality of the concepts, writing and design we put into each and every one of our sales letters. 

We believe every customer, every sale, starts with a single word: “Hello!”
Our Sales Letters are specifically written to make that introduction! 

Our sales letters don’t sell insurance.  People sell insurance.  Our sales letters make people call you.

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All of our insurance marketing letters to clients are written specifically to bring you more phone calls than anything you have ever mailed. That’s their only goal: generate phone calls to you.  If you want to make your phone ring, here’s your chance!

Here’s a good look at one of our SAMPLE INSURANCE SALES LETTERS TO PROSPECTS.*  And then read the analysis of how we wrote it.
This is just one of over 25 sales letters you receive in our Insurance Sales Letter Template series. Please bookmark this page as we change this letter every so often… during the rainy season.  If it’s nice out, not much gets done around here, Jeff takes out his motorcycle and rides!  Life’s too short. Work hard. Play hard. Ride often.

Insurance Sales Letter

Insurance Sales Letter


  · We’ve written “CALL”  Ten Times in this letter!  Did you catch it?  People read the letter… and call.
· Additionally, the Phone Number appears three times!
· We’ve written “Save Money” and “Your Rates Can Come Down” Six Times in this letter!
     · This makes people who want to lower their premiums and save money call you!  

Use our Insurance Prospecting Letters to:
· Get more response, phone calls… & customers!
    · Write more business than you ever thought possible!
· These letters are a complete marketing campaign… in an instant download!

Imagine – no more cold calling to get customers…

·  Mail these letters to have customers, referrals and prospects call you!
·  Use On-Line: post on your website, use in an email. 

·  Get the highest response ever!  Mail any letter by itself or as a cover letter with your booklet or brochure.
·  Buy With Confidence — Our letters are tested and proven to work.
·  Mail these letters and have people call you – speak only with people who are interested in speaking with you!
·  Enjoy Instant Success!  Order today, mail today, & start speaking with interested customers in just a few days!  Start writing more business – why wait???!!!
Letters are sent to you in Microsoft Word and easily modified with your company name, address, phone, & logo.

Yes, our letters are highly responsive and work FAST – within a few days – to bring you phone calls, new clients and the additional revenue you’ve been missing from other mailings!

Order now and receive over 25 of our most Powerful and most Motivational Sales Letters.  Thanks.  We appreciate your trust.  Questions?  Please call.
— Sales letter templates are sent in Microsoft Word:  just print on your letterhead, personalize if you like – and mail!  Works with mail merge!

· Many insurance agencies have become highly successful solely by mailing letters. — That’s ALL the marketing they need to do!

Since so many people use the Internet, traditional mail boxes are empty: your insurance marketing letters and direct mail campaigns stand out!

Physical mailings bring in extra response in today’s marketing environment – and your mailpiece stands out because there simply is less direct mail clutter.

Letters – real ink on paper, old fashioned direct mail letters have become a more valued resource.

Unlike Internet marketing where the client sees how fast he can get your message off his computer screen, real letters – well written letters – have a tendency to stay on a person’s desk for quite a while.

Think of it this way:  you receive an unsolicited email and think “Spam!”   How fast can I delete this!

But a real letter – traditional ink on paper, put together so it’s designed and written well?  Hey, it sticks around!  It makes clients think more highly of the sender.  And if it’s written really well – showing the great benefits prospects receive when they call you, yes— a real letter makes readers want to call. We’ve written our marketing letters with this mind.  We’ve written each letter, each paragraph, each line to specially generate that response – to get readers to call you.

  · Plus – while emails get deleted instantly, these letters – real ink on paper letters – can stick around on your potential client’s desk – for weeks!

· Direct mail letters immediately kick-up your phone calls – so you can do what you do best:  speak with people on the phone who are interested in your company and your products!
· Why burn yourself out making outbound telephone calls? You can write more business on the spot with people who have shown interest in your products and services by calling you!
· Since our sales letters don’t actually sell insurance – they generate phone calls – they work with ALL types of insurance, all kinds of agencies and all kinds of insurance products!

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  • Agent Transition Letter (10 point)
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Please note – the letter on this page is one of our least favorite letters: it’s very broad based and non-specific to any market.  Our other letters are much more market-specific which increases response.  The sample sales letter you see on this page is just one of over 25 insurance marketing letters you receive in Jeffrey Dobkin’s Awesome Insurance Sales Letter Series. Over two dozen insurance sales letters, each written with one single goal: to make people call you.  All letters are professionally written and handsomely designed — in Microsoft Word, ready to print out from your own computer and mail!  Or – mail merge with any Microsoft compatible mailing list program.  Or simply give to your print shop and let them handle it all!  Don’t have a print shop?  We can recommend one, and no we don’t make a commission: we just know a print and mail shop that’s really really good.

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  ·  Generate more Phone Calls –
    ·   Every sales letter we write has ONE SINGLE GOAL:
—  To make your phone ring — So you can make the sale!

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Here’s why our letters are so different:

Other insurance industry sales letters are written to sell you their insurance!  

They seem to forget: Readers CAN’T buy insurance directly from a letter — even if they wanted to!

There are no prices in insurance letters: There’s no coverage outlined, no forms to fill out, and readers aren’t “approved.”
Even if they wanted to, readers can’t buy insurance from a sales letter.  There’s no “buy” link in a letter.

The next action step – if a sales letter works perfectly – is: the reader calls.
We write and design every letter, every line, every space, every paragraph
to fulfill this one simple goal: make the reader call you.

Our letters don’t sell insurance, they drive phone calls to you.

They perform this one goal really, really well!  We feel if our letters don’t make your phone ring, the letters failed.  So we use every trick we’ve learned in writing sales letters for the past 25 years to make that one extra reader in 100 pick up the phone and call you now.

Why make cold calls?
Mail these letters and have warm prospects call you!

Whether you mail 100 a week, 250, or 2,500 – you’ll get the highest response you’ve ever seen with our insurance marketing letters.  Get more leads, and more interested prospects to call you so you can write more business…  Get this Awesome set of 26 insurance sales letters for immediate download – be in the mail within minutes! Go ahead: make your phone ring – order now!  Yes, get your phone to ring within the next couple of days!  You get all 26 sales letters!

Why do we show you a sample of what you are buying?

So that you can see the look, feel, writing, design and the top-shelf quality of our insurance sales letters.  After writing direct mail sales letters for over 30 years, we’re sure our letters are effective… so we’ve included this FREE SAMPLE insurance sales letter for you to see!  You’ll receive licensing rights to use this letter – and all our letters – when you purchase our direct mail marketing letter series.  Please compare this letter to other sales letters you can easily find on the Internet. You’ll see a huge difference!  Go ahead – I’ll wait…

Why doesn’t this letter look spacey and filled with hot graphics?  

Our letters are designed to look like, well… a real letter.  A traditional-style letter is the most effective format in direct mail.

Our letters are written and designed to look like they personally came from YOU.  They are designed so you can add your own letterhead, or actually print on your own letterhead at the top – right from your own computer. Then personalize the letters with the prospects name and address.  Because – they are designed to look like a personal letter.

Kindly remember: a letter is the MOST effective part of any direct mail package.  People look at the brochure, but they read the letter!

These sales and marketing letters cover their entire cost in the first phone call you receive!  If you were to have Dobkin write custom sales letters specifically for your firm, the cost would be $850 to $1250 for each page.  (And… they’re worth it.  Dobkin writes a lot of custom sales letters.). What’s the cost for the 25 sales letters in this package? Please check out our pricing page for our new low prices – where you can purchase the entire set of over 25 letters in the master Insurance Sales Letter Template Package!

Our letters say it in so many different ways, to different market segments, but they all still have only one goal:  to get people to call you.  To get you to “Hello!”

We know our sales letters are a little more expensive than most; we visited one website where you can buy 100 sales letters for $29.  We don’t like to knock our competition – so we’ll just ask you to read their sample letters and see if the letters actually have a goal.  Then see if you can figure out what exactly what their sales letter goal actually is!  Ask yourself this one key question: If you received one of their sales letters in the mail… would you want to call them?

Sales letters are only expensive if they don’t work.

When you purchase our sales letter series, you make of all your money back with the very first sale from the first phone call our letters bring in for you. Then continue with more business and more profit from all the other calls.  Continue to mail all the letters that work for you, forever.  There is no time limit to our sales letters – once you purchase them, they are yours. The only restriction is if you have a large firm (more than 10 people), you need an additional license for everyone to mail them.

Thanks!  Thank you so much for visiting our site, reading our articles (and ads) and way down to here, and your consideration to purchase our products.

We appreciate your time and your trust. We realize there’s a lot of hoopla – and scary firms – on the Internet.  We’re definitely not one of them — we strive to provide exceptional products backed by excellence in customer service.  That’s why we give out our phone number so freely – so if you have questions or concerns, just call us:  610-642-1000.  This number rings right on Jeffrey’s desk – go ahead, call him at lunchtime — see if his mouth is full!

Seriously — We hope we’ve made this a fantastic value for you!  Please check out our pricing page for the newest low prices.

Letters may be restricted from use in certain areas if other agencies in your neighboring communities are using them – first to order, first licensed. If you order our sales letters, we would protect your location as well.

If you have any questions or comments – please call us: 610-642-1000 – Or Email Jeffrey Here.  He checks his email every day! Thanks.

Thanks.  Thank you very much.

Questions about our sales and marketing letters?
We always enjoy speaking with people about our products and services!

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Insurance Sales Letters Photo

Elegant and Highly Responsive Insurance Sales Letters written by Jeffrey Dobkin

*This free sample letter is provided to you so you can see an actual example of the high quality and style of letters you receive in our simply amazing high performance Insurance Sales Letter Series.

When you purchase this sales letter series you receive a license to use this letter and all the other copyrighted sales letters in this series. GET INSTANT ACCESS TO ALL 26 AWESOME INSURANCE MARKETING LETTERS:   So easy to order with a credit card or Paypal. Thanks.

Unsolicited Testimonial:  

Hey Jeff!

Just wanted to touch base with you. The letter is working well for us. We got about 8 calls on the original 100 that we sent. We would have gotten more, except our competitor immediately played damage control and contacted customers to bad mouth us. However, we sent 400 pieces to Pennsylvania last week and have gotten 7 calls so far. We are going to be sending another 700 or so this week. So, just to let you know, it is working well for us so far.

Also, I was going to ask you if you have ever written anything for the mortgage industry? It is another industry that we specialize in and we’d like to be able to target mortgage professionals in the near future. Thanks!!

George S.
Tempe, AZ 85282

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