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Sample Network Marketing Letters

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We believe every sale, and every customer starts out with one word: “Hello!”
All our Letters are written to make this introduction.

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Free Network Marketing Sample Letter —

Here’s just one of our highly-responsive cover letters. Professionally written and designed by master direct response copywriter, Jeffrey Dobkin
Bookmark this page as we change-out this letter with other cover letters from our series.

Network Marketing Sales Letter

Network Marketing Sales Letter

Here’s one of our favorite cover letters!

Our MLM Sales Letter, “Call for FREE CD!” is one of our original 15-letter series of our Network Marketing Sales Letters.  Order this letter template series, then print this letter out on your letterhead and mail, or take to any printer: get more people to call you than ever before!

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Our cover letters work so well because our writing philosophy is so different from other writers:  

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It all starts with “HELLO.” Because for every single sale you make, for every single person you put in your downline you need to speak with someone first.  Our Awesome Network Marketing Sales Letters are written to make people to CALL YOU and start that connection! They give YOU the opportunity to speak with people who have stood up from the crowd and said “Hell Yea, I’M INTERESTED!” by calling you.

Since these letters don’t sell anything, they work with ALL PROGRAMS AND OFFERS!   You’ll get a great response by using our custom written sales letters to get people to call you — because that’s the ONLY goal of our letters: generate phone calls.  These sales letters make your phone ring.   We’ve helped thousands of marketers with our marketing articles, books, and videos.

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Our letters are so different…

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See for yourself.   We’ve included online samples of what you get in this powerful sales letter series so you can see for yourself our letter format, goals, objectives; and our compelling writing style.

See exactly why these sales letters make people call!

Dobkin’s strategy on “the effectiveness of writing sales letters” is simple: make the reader call — and nothing else matters.

If the reader doesn’t call, the letter failed.  If the reader calls, success!   The cover letter’s part: just to make your phone ring.

Your part: answer the phone, the person calling is interested!

Then sell your program, sign-up people, sell products, increase your downline, get more business, meet for lunch, and make more money.   It all starts with “HELLO!” It all starts with getting a phone call, which all starts with mailing these network marketing sales letter templates.

Get Instant success: the network marketing letter templates in this series are ready for immediate download, printing and mailing.   Whether you mail 25 a week, 250 a week, or 25,000 – letters are ready to bring you business. Watch response to your mailings soar: get double, triple –  or better yet get 4x,  5x,  10x your current response!

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When I asked Jeffrey why he didn’t sell products in his sales letters, he said “99.9% of every serious network marketing opportunity starts out with a phone call. Readers don’t sign-up from a letter, they sign-up from speaking with a person. If the letter works, the reader calls.

“Getting someone to call from a letter is the best any letter can do.  Then it’s up to the marketer (you!) to speak about your products and the success of the program to someone who has shown an interest.  I simply give you this opportunity.”

Letters are NOT product-dependent.  They work for every person, every product, every offer!  Judging the success of these letters is simple: if the phone rings, the letter is a success.  If that’s what you’re looking for – phone calls from interested people, then purchase these highly responsive direct mail letters. They offer the highest response rates in the Network Marketing industry.”

Letter Concept: “This Simple Letter”

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This powerful letter makes a strong statement that generates phone calls. In one of the more persuasive letters, Dobkin asks readers to work smarter — not longer hours, to make more money.

“This simple letter can change your life.” Dear Colleague, There’s a way to work smarter – not harder or longer – to earn more money. If hard work made you rich, chambermaids and ditch diggers would be rich. But they’re not. They work hard – but they don’t work smart.”

Further down in the sales letter, a persuasive list of bulleted points is centered…

· Start out in your home – or your office. · Work just a half an hour a week, 3 or 4 hours/week, or full time! · Work when you want, however much you want. · Make money – even on your days off and while on vacation. · You have no boss – you call ALL of your own shots. · NO PERSONAL SELLING is necessary — And no soliciting telephone calls, ever! You’ll never need to make outbound sales phone calls! And the work? Easy: sending direct mail letters. I’ll show you everything you need to get started — right now, right in your own home.  Call me right now for our FREE…”

This highly responsive sales letter is designed to be used for mailings to business opportunity lists, MLM lists, and home-business magazine subscribers. Online it’s suited well for affiliate programs and home business offers.  Just mail these cover letters, use on your website or send by e-mail! If you want to get more phone calls, you need G-R-E-A-T a sales letter format like these to increase response. Order now on-line CLICK HERE.  Questions?  Call us: 610-642-1000 – we’re here to help.

 Letter Title: You’ve WON!

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If you’re tired of the expense and hassle of mailing audio disks, there is an alternate! It’s the “You’ve Won!” letter in our Awesome sales letter package.  Yea, this letter format is really awesome — and may be just the one that’s right for you.

This Awesome Sales Letter tells people they’ve won a free disc!   It’s a WIN WIN WIN: they feel great because they’ve won! You don’t have to include an audio disk in every letter! And, yes – they now need to call you to claim their prize!  So your mailing is cheaper to mail because you don’t have to enclose a disc. And electrifying: people are always excited they’ve won something!  

Combined these winning elements generate maximum phone calls. The letter set up is quite unusual: the top of the letter layout: “If this number: ‘5657’ (printed in red in a different typeface) matches this number: ‘5657’  — You’re a WINNER!  You’ve won a FREE AUDIO DISK…As in all of Dobkin’s letters, the OBJECTIVE of this letter is to get people to call… this time to get the FREE disc they’ve won from you!  Everyone likes to be a winner! This letter is HIGHLY RESPONSIVE!

Internet usage is now included for your sales letters —

Our “You’ve WON!” letter also also works for you when your goal is to have people unlock an audio file on your website, or have site visitors send you an e-mail to receive your audio file. If you’d like to track response, see who’s listening, and not let your online audio slip out to any and every person who comes along, this “You’ve WON a FREE Audio” letter is for you.   It’s just one of over two dozen letters you get in our Awesome Network Marketing Sales Letter Templates!  Order this complete package of letters – now get all 26 letters in this series, all for just $95. An incredible value. Thanks.

Letter Title: Explode your Income

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Truth of the matter is – marketing is always missing from network and internet marketing programs. Most people have found this out the hard way: They’ve joined a network program that looked good, then mailed the lousy brochures and the crappy letters sold to them by the program administrators, and saw poor-to-none response to their mailings.  Then decided direct mail doesn’t work – and they gave up.  This is…  Bullshit! Only lousy direct mail letters don’t work. Direct mail is alive and well – and works very well, thank you. Dobkin’s letters have proven time and time again to generate response.  See for yourself, purchase, and test.  At just 95 bucks they are the cheapest entire marketing program on the planet.   Order this cover letter template package and get the entire set of all 26 letters in an instant download – ready to be mailed immediately! Or use on the internet… or by e-mail. Test them well – because we know how responsive they are – we get “Thank you so much!” calls all the time from our clients.

******************************** Explode Your Income! ********************************


Dear Fellow Entrepreneur, Working in the multi-level marketing industry is very different from working in any other industry. For the first few months it’s the same: you work very hard, and you make very little money. Same as almost every other job, every other industry.


Then the paths separate. In other industries, you continue to work hard, and you make the same amount of money you’ve been making in the first couple of months. If you get a raise, it can be 2%, 5%.


Multiply your Income: In the multi-level marketing industry, you work hard and after the first couple of months if you do everything right: you start multiplying your income. Exponentially. Your income doubles, triples. Then your income explodes – and increases by 5 times, by 10 times. If your own income hasn’t doubled in the past 10 months, there’s a reason. You may be working hard, but not smart.

These passages were taken from letters in the Awesome Network Marketing Letter series by Jeffrey Dobkin.   ©2016 Letters are copyrighted, Danielle Adams Publishing and may not be used or reproduced without express written permission. 

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Jeffrey Dobkin Photo

Jeffrey Dobkin

A Personal note from Jeffrey:

As you can see, our network marketing sales letters are very, very different from any letters you get anywhere else. If you’re in the Network Marketing Business — or just thinking about it — you’d be crazy not to buy this series of letters.  Crazy.  For under a hundred bucks you’d have an entire marketing strategy, and in fact an entire marketing campaign, right in front of you.

Letters are well written – and certainly well designed – ready for you to immediately mail.   This letter format gives you instant access to success, and the very best possibility of successful mailings.

You won’t need anything else to succeed besides a great mailing list, a solid script for when people call, and these marketing letters. It is without a doubt the cheapest, most effective marketing campaign you can pull the trigger on within the next few days… for any budget.

Face it: any cover letters you purchase are only expensive if they don’t work.

Our sales letter templates work phenomenally well, and are a tremendous value!  (If you’re afraid to spend $95 on marketing, you should reassess your entrepreneurial goals with a realistic approach – we’re marketers, not magicians.)

Thanks!  After reading this – seeing these samples – if you haven’t figured out by now that this is no bullshit and these tightly focused sales letters really are your most likely path to success and a most-powerful resource for generating phone calls from interested people, I can only say thank you for reading all this!  And I wish you all the best of luck in your business.  Jeffrey


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