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Sample Network Marketing Letters

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We believe every sale, and every customer starts out with one word: “Hello!”
All our Letters are written to make this introduction.

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· Make people listen to your audio.  Several letters are written specifically to get people to listen to your audio!
· Kick-up the response to any program you offer.  Since our letter templates don’t sell any specific products, they work with ALL OFFERS!  

Free Network Marketing Sample Letter —

Here’s just one of our highly-responsive cover letters. Professionally written and designed by master direct response copywriter, Jeffrey Dobkin
Bookmark this page as we change-out this letter with other cover letters from our series.

Network Marketing Sales Letter

Network Marketing Sales Letter

Here’s one of our favorite cover letters!

Our MLM Sales Letter, “Call for FREE CD!” is one of our original 15-letter series of our Network Marketing Sales Letters.  Order this letter template series, then print this letter out on your letterhead and mail, or take to any printer: get more people to call you than ever before!

Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?  Have you been mailing offers and wishing for this kind of high-action response but your letter format doesn’t seem to draw ants at a picnic?  You can change all that forever.  Now you can get people to call you, listen to your sales message, visit your site, download your audio, join, sign-up or place an order. It’s easy if you order this newest series of these highly responsive Network Marketing Sales Letters – just mail these sales letters and interested people will call you.  Order Now and get all 15 original Cover Letter Templates for under $100, plus 10 of our newest MLM sales letters FREE.  Your entire marketing campaign for under $100!  Yes!


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Our cover letters work so well because our writing philosophy is so different from other writers:  

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Our letters are so different…

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Letter Concept: “This Simple Letter”

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 Letter Title: You’ve WON!

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Letter Title: Explode your Income

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Jeffrey Dobkin Photo

Jeffrey Dobkin

A Personal note from Jeffrey:

As you can see, our network marketing sales letters are very, very different from any letters you get anywhere else. If you’re in the Network Marketing Business — or just thinking about it — you’d be crazy not to buy this series of letters.  Crazy.  For under a hundred bucks you’d have an entire marketing strategy, and in fact an entire marketing campaign, right in front of you.

Letters are well written – and certainly well designed – ready for you to immediately mail.   This letter format gives you instant access to success, and the very best possibility of successful mailings.

You won’t need anything else to succeed besides a great mailing list, a solid script for when people call, and these marketing letters. It is without a doubt the cheapest, most effective marketing campaign you can pull the trigger on within the next few days… for any budget.

Face it: any cover letters you purchase are only expensive if they don’t work.

Our sales letter templates work phenomenally well, and are a tremendous value!  (If you’re afraid to spend $95 on marketing, you should reassess your entrepreneurial goals with a realistic approach – we’re marketers, not magicians.)

Thanks!  After reading this – seeing these samples – if you haven’t figured out by now that this is no bullshit and these tightly focused sales letters really are your most likely path to success and a most-powerful resource for generating phone calls from interested people, I can only say thank you for reading all this!  And I wish you all the best of luck in your business.  Jeffrey


Experience instant success: Start using these amazing highly responsive network marketing sales letters right away – and drive readers to call you. Letters are for your own personal and exclusive use.  Sorry – not for resale to your affiliates or downline, or for their use unless additionally licensed. Please contact us for information about a multi-license use so your entire team may mail these letters, too!  Thank you for your order.  Questions?  Please call 610-642-1000.  We are always happy to help.  Thanks again.

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