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Creating Lifetime Customers
7 Reasons Why Your Sales Lead Strategy Is Broken
7 Ways to Get More Sales Leads
14 Secret Tips for Inventors
The 10 Worst Mistakes in Direct Mail
Promotional Tools Designed as Surveys
Who Cares About Likes?
Trade Show Mailers
How to Get on Google by Lunchtime
Creating an Effective Press Release
The Top 5 Goals of Direct Mail Postcards
The Art of a Direct Mail Letter
Marketing with Postcards
Using Postcards to Generate Calls & Referrals
Finding Markets Through Magazine Directories
Top 14 Questions in Marketing
15-Page Direct Marketing Plan
11 Places to Buy a Mailing List
11 Places to Buy a Mailing List, Part 2
How to Create a Great Ad
How to Get Your Product in Catalogs
Inventor Tips
Inventors: Two Critical Questions
How to Get Your Product in Catalogs
Improving Post Card Glance Readership
Improving Readership in Post Cards
The 16 Best Lines in Marketing
Forget Marketing on the Internet
Postcards: Increasing Card Readership
How to Quote Price for a Newspaper Ad
Your Marketing Questions Answered
Letters: How to Write a Direct Mail Letter
How to Market a Product for Under $500
PR 16-Point Outline
The Top Five Goals of Direct Mail Postcards
Your PR Campaign Made Easy
PR: Get free Publicity
Inventors Beware: Here’s How it Works
How to Double the Chance Your Press Release Will be Published
Post Card Marketing: Four Article Set
Create the Best Headlines: The Jeff Dobkin 100-to-1 Rule
89 Brief Questions for Inventors
Invention Marketing Plan
Inventors Series Fraud
15 Short Tips for Inventors
Invention: 25 Brief Questions for Inventors
How to Buy a Great Mailing List
75-Point Checklist for Direct Mail
Using Post Cards to Market Insurance
Telephone Marketing Tips
Post Card Marketing Shorts
Tips for Increasing Direct Mail Response
Oh I Forgot to Mention
The Objective of a Marketing Plan
Using Surveys as Marketing Tools
Short Tips for Inventors
How to Design a Customer Satisfaction Survey
Determining Market Size
You Emailed What?
Insurance Sales Letters, Part II: Building Trust
How to Create High-Response Booklet Titles
Insurance Sales Letters: Five Letter Openings
The 15 Top Post Card Offers
Internet Marketing: Who Cares About Likes?
Referrals: Writing a Thank-You Letter that Gets You More Referrals
When to Fire a Customer
The 23 Best Lines in Marketing
Improving Glance Readership in Post Cards, Part III of III
How to Get on the First Page of Google by Lunchtime
Using Headlines to Increase and Limit Response
When to Fire a Customer, a Very Funny Article by Jeffery Dobkin
The 15 Top Questions in Marketing
How to Sell Anything
How to Get Prospects to Call You
Get Testimonials the Slick and Easy Way
Increasing Post Card Readership and Response
Post Card Readership II: Increasing Response
Post Cards: Improving readership Part III
Customer Surveys to Get New Customers
12 Questions to Ask a Mailing List Vendor
Retail Traffic: Bringing Customers In, Part II
Retail Marketing: Increasing Traffic, Part I
The 12 Places to Buy a Great Mailing List
The Most Effective Element in Direct Mail
Promotional Marketing: How-To Lesson
How to Test Classified Ads and Direct Mail
Tips to Build Loyalty, Customer Retention
Seven Lessons in Successful Advertising
Invention: Questions and Answers About Licensing Your Invention
How Do I Market Anything?
Is Your Marketing As Good As My Marketing?
How to Market
The Top 17 Press Release Tips for Creating Effective Press Releases
How to Market Articles at Their Best
Direct Mail: How to Write a Great Sales Letter
17 Tough Questions for a Patent Attorney
Invention: How to Find a Patent Attorney
Invention: Anyone’s Marketing Plan
Copywriting: How to Write Direct Mail Letter Copy
Copywriting: How to Write Highly Responsive Copy
Invention: The Most Commonly Asked Question
Evaluating Inventions
15 Invention Tips
Inventors’ Initial 10-Step Marketing Plan
Honest Invention Evaluations
Licensing Questions from Inventors
Invention Warning
Letters: The Art of a Direct Mail Letter
How to Use Our Direct Mail Letter Campaigns
Magazine Publishers Hate Me
Driving Up Response with Great Booklet Titles
Inventors Questions and Answers
How to Submit Your Invention
Creating Booklet Titles and Quotes
Easy Direct Marketing for Insurance Agencies
Referrals: Writing a Letter for More Referrals
How to Get Referrals
63 Marketing Audit Questions
Financial Advisor Marketing: Referrals
Insurance Sales Letters III: Do They Really Sell Insurance?
Invention: 15 More Tips for Inventors, Part 2
Invention: 15 More Tips for Inventors
Direct Mail 75-Point Checklist
Sales Tips: Create Easy Sales Relationship Selling
Inventors, Protect Yourself from Invention Marketing Companies
An Invention Marketing Company in Their Underwear
10 Questions for Inventors
How to Write Highly Responsive Letters