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Free Sample Sales Letter Templates for Financial Advisors


· Our series of 15 Awesome Financial Advisor Letters arranges that introduction!
All our letters are written with one goal: specifically to make your phone ring.

These financial advisor letters make that critical introduction to new clients, referrals and new business prospects.

Business Letter Sample:
Unlike most sales letters from your marketing department (or other writers) – our letters don’t sell specific products.  They have only ONE OBJECTIVE:
TO MAKE PEOPLE CALL YOU! Each business sales letter template now gets you more response, phone calls & customers!  Speak with more people and write more business than you ever thought possible!
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·  Mail our Financial Advisor Sales letters and have customers, referrals and prospects call you!
·  Enjoy a maximum response to each mailing.  Get more business within days!
—  —  Letters are tested and proven to work.
·  Why waste your time cold calling?  Now you can simply mail letters and have warm prospects
call you!  Only prospects who are interested in speaking with you call you!
·  Mail today, start speaking with potential clients within days and writing more business within weeks!!!
— — Yes, our letters are highly responsive and work this FAST to bring you phone calls from interested readers!

I hope you can see from the sample business letter posted on our website that this series includes our most Powerful and most Motivational Sales Letters:
— Study this sample business letter and see exactly why these sales letter templates increase phone calls and produce warm leads!

· Mail letters and people call you!  Yes, direct mail still works just that easily!
· Yes, these letters are a complete, successful marketing campaign in a single instant download!
· Become successful solely by mailing these letters.  That’s ALL the marketing you need to do!
· Tired of mailing ill-performing letters from your providers?  (Yes, now you know what doesn’t work!)  —
That’s why we created these highly responsive letters.
· Let our 25 years of direct mail experience kick-up your response: Speak with more people!

Our Business Letter Sample changes on occasion, so please check back for additional sample business letters.

Financial Performance Financial Advisor Letter

This Financial Advisor Sales Letter was researched, written and designed by Jeffrey Dobkin

We’ve posted this actual sample business letter so you can see the type, feel, format and style of our business letter template.

Each letter in our Financial Advisor Portfolio of Letters is intriguing, highly relevant and compels readers to call.

This business letter sample asks readers to call THREE TIMES – once in the body of the letter and twice in the PS.

Business Letter Templates:
All of our business letter templates are written and designed so you can easily personalize them on your own computer.  Not commercial looking – so they look personal, not mass mailed! Designed to be easily set up for mail merge.  Mail individually to your own hand picked mailing list, or 25 or 100 each week for a steady source of new business.  Mail several thousand for a total new book of clientele.  (We have a mailing resource if you’d like to outsource this function – just call or email and ask.)

Response-driven letters generate warm leads and new clients.  Every line, every sentence, every paragraph is written to increase response!

If you’re looking for new business, new clients or if you need more business from your current customer base, order our set of Awesome Financial Advisor Sales Letters.  It’s the best, fastest and lowest cost boost to your business that you can make!

Purchase this series of letter templates once, and get a lifetime of use!  The download is immediate and letters are sent to you in Microsoft Word, ready to print on your letterhead and mail!  Print right in your office or for larger mailings take to any printer or copy shop.  Designed for easy mail merge.  Easy to print on your letterhead.

Thank you. We appreciate your business and your trust.  If you have questions or comments please feel free to call us — 610-642-1000, we are real people and always happy to answer questions or help you in any way.  Thanks, from Jeffrey Dobkin and The Danielle Adams Publishing Editorial Team.


Letter Series Highlights:

Have prospects and customers call you!  Check out our sample business letter and you’ll get an idea of how powerful this letter series is.

· Works for ALL firms, all programs: Letters don’t sell particular products – they’re written specifically to generate phone calls.

· Increase your business: increase inbound phone calls – market to a warm market for a change.

· The best, fastest way to get more business – make your phone ring: just mail these letters!

· Speak with more people, get more clients with this series of highly responsive letters and a great mailing list.

Written to perfection – to make sure they work, each letter took Dobkin over 20 hours to research, write, edit and design.
· Look over our sample business letter – just one of the 15 letters you receive when you order this sales letter template portfolio.
· You receive letters in Microsoft Word so you can easily just print and mail – send right from your computer.
· Easy to personalize and we recommend it.  Hand process or mail merge with Excel or any variable data spreadsheet compatible with Word.

Questions?  Comments – we are always happy to help.  Please call us at 610-642-1000.  Thanks.
These letters are written specifically for Financial Advisors.  Get All 15 Financial Advisors Letters in this awesome series for just $395.

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Thank you for viewing our Financial Advisor Sales Letter Portfolio, and looking over our sample business letter – just one of a series of cover letter templates written and designed to make people call you.  This Financial Advisor Letter Series contains 15 letters.  Please order our business letter template for immediate download, or feel free to browse around our website for books and videos by Jeffrey Dobkin, or our other Awesome Sales Letter Series.  You’ll also find marketing tips, writing tips and direct marketing techniques it took Dobkin a lifetime to learn.  While you’re here, please don’t forget to sign up for our occasional email newsletter.  Don’t worry, it’s very occasional.  Your privacy is important to us: we never sell our mailing list.

· All letters on this website series were personally written and designed by master direct marketing writer, Jeffrey Dobkin.
     · Over 25 years of heavy writing experience · Author of 5 books on successful direct marketing methods!
     · Dobkin’s articles on marketing have appeared in more than 300 magazines.

Thank you for coming to our site, reading our articles and considering our products for purchase…
We appreciate the value of the time you spend here. Thank you sincerely, from Jeffrey Dobkin and the Danielle Adams Publishing Editorial Team

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