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Sample Network Marketing Letter

Network Marketing Sales Letters:
We believe EVERY SALE, and EVERY CLIENT starts out
with one word – “HELLO!”

 All our MLM letters have one goal: to generate that phone call… and make this introduction.

In fact, every letter in our network marketing letter series has ONE GOAL: To Generate Phone Calls.

If you offer network marketing or MLM programs and products through the mail or online – and if you’d like to have people call you – this set of highly responsive network marketing sales letters is perfect for increasing your phone calls—and your business.

Say “Hello” to warm leads:  People who receive this letter and are interested in your products and programs will call you!

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Letters include:

Call for FREE CD!  — Offers a FREE CD or free audio file if readers call!
· I’ll never spend another Christmas like this!  The most powerful Christmas Letter ever written.  Mail from Nov 1, through Jan 31!
· Do you take Vitamins?  — Generates calls by offering a repeatable, scalable income through your vitamin or supplement program.
· You’ve won a FREE CD!  — Excites readers they’ve won a FREE CD!  Generate phone calls for your FREE CD or Audio File (web)
· Need an Extra $10,000? — A most powerful letter that generates phone calls with solid reasons your network marketing program will explode the reader’s income.
· Stress: Call for FREE Audio — Offers to reduce stress in readers lives if they just pick up the phone and call you now!
· Stress: Contains Audio file for letter or web.  — Have readers click, call, visit your website, or sign up for your email.
· What Doctors don’t tell you – Why doctors only offer you pills when you are sick… while your program offers readers wellness — and how to stay healthy (vitamins/supplements)!
· Multiply Your Income! — The difference between working-hard and working-smart.  How MLM can multiply your income.
· Call for Recorded Message – This letter powerfully recommends the reader call to listen to your 2 minute recorded message.
· Order now and get a FREE 2-Minute Phone Script! — This hard-working marketing letter generates low stress calls from readers by offering them a chance to listen to your non-threatening recorded message.   Want More? See more Letter Descriptions here!  

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