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Welcome to our sales letter pricing page!

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In fact, if you can find sales letters as good as ours, we’ll sell our letters to you at their price.

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Why are there 26 letters and what is a market?  Here are our sales letters defined —

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What exactly do we mean when we say different letters perform better in certain market segments?

Each of our letters is written to address different segments of the insurance and financial fields.

Trigger Point Letter

It’s best explained by example: The #1 top sales letter we offer is our “Trigger Point” letter.

It’s mailed to people whose lives are at a point of change.

A major change in a person’s life is one of the best times to send them new offers.  As a time of change potential customers are more willing to try something new, and the new challenges they face in their life usually come with a mandatory purchase of new insurance.  Like buying a new house, or new car.  Or a couple having a new baby.

Face it: most everyone already has insurance.

Left alone, they’ll just stay with their current provider.

You need to shake potential clients up and MAKE them buy from you (in a good way, of course – better service, better prices, better value!)

An excellent time to do this is a point of major change in their life, where people are more receptive to change.

This is a “Trigger Point!”

For example:  One of the trigger points in our sales letter is “New Baby.”  Certainly a time of big change in a person’s life.

You’d mail our “Trigger Point” sales letter to a mailing list of “expectant new parents.”

The sales letter shows why a change in their insurance is most necessary at this point in time, and to call you for information and a free quote.

Our “Trigger Point” marketing letter addresses the new insurance needs of parents with new children.

Another trigger point in our “Trigger Point” prospecting letter is for new home buyers.  Buying a new home is definitely an insurance trigger with the necessity of buying home owner’s insurance.  Because… no insurance, no mortgage.

Our “Trigger Point!” letter addresses these points of change – and more – in a person’s life.

Ex-Date Letter

In the same way, our “Ex-date Letter” is pretty famous in the insurance community.

This letter is mailed about a month before the home-owner policy expires.  It’s impossible to get a mortgage – or keep a mortgage – for a house without insurance.  The date a person bought a house (a matter of public record) is the date they purchased insurance, and sure enough their insurance renews on that date every succeeding year.  Our Insurances Sales Letters full package includes our own highly responsive version of an “Ex-date” letter.

This is what we mean by “target marketing” using our letters.  You can select the markets you are most comfortable with, find and buy the right mailing list for that market, and mail our targeted sales letters — for the greatest response.

Each of our letters is written to be most effective to “a specific targeted mailing list” to maximize the return and number of phone calls.

That’s why we have 26 letters in our full mailing package – for maximum response to each specific target market where you sell insurance or provide financial services.  The market you are selling to is defined by your mailing list.

Will our letters work well without a specific trigger?  
To some markets definitely yes.  To other markets, not as well.  Just being honest.  We always are.  If you are unsure, please call and we can discuss.  610-642-1000.  Our goal is to make sure you are successful.  I know it’s weird – I’d rather keep you as a friend than sell you letters that won’t work for you.  Maybe not so weird after all…


Financial Advisor Sales Letter Template

Financial Advisor Sales Letters

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Network Marketing Sales Letter

Network Marketing Sales Letter

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What’s in the box?
When you order any of our sales letters you receive:
·  The Sales Letters you’ve purchased!
·  Instructional Articles: How and where to buy a great mailing list!
Strategy, where to look – and find – the best mailing lists.
· The 23 Best Lines in Marketing!  Our favorite article of all time!

Sales letter templates are well designed and sent to you in Microsoft Word.

— Feel free to modify our sales letters to perfectly match letters to your mailing list.

— Easy mail merge: Use the mail merge program that comes with your Microsoft office.

— Add your name on the letterhead right in the letter template.  Just print and mail!

— Or take out the letterhead on the templates altogether and print these sales letters on your own stationary.  Print and mail.

If you need a great letter shop we can recommend one – Just let us know!  (We don’t make any commission – we just think he’s really good!)

You also get Free:  47 Amazing Booklet Titles! We’ve compiled a list of FREE Booklet Titles to increase your response!
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(Please note: these are titles only, not the booklets.  Booklets can be custom created for you.)

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Custom Sales Letters…

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Jeffrey writes sales letters for every industry; writes and designs booklets, advertisements, direct mail, web posts and certainly web content.  He also edits client work, analyzes campaigns and all kinds of stuff like dat dare to increase the phone calls and orders for clients around the world.  Please call to discuss – 610-642-1000.

In the interest of true transparency:
Jeff actually just shows up on cold and rainy days; when it’s nice out he takes his bikes out and goes riding.

Feel free to call at any time, if he’s not in he’s very good at returning phone calls.

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