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Free Sample Insurance Sales Letter Template

This FREE sample insurance sales letter template…

Is just one of over 25 letters you receive in Jeffrey Dobkin’s Awesome Insurance Sales Letter Collection –
over two dozen insurance sales letters ready for your immediate use! Each letter has one goal: to make people call you.

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· We believe every sale, every client starts with one word: “Hello!”
Our sales letters make that introduction!

Our sales letters don’t sell insurance –
Our sales letters make people CALL YOU!
· Then YOU sell insurance!  That’s our belief, anyhow.
And we feel very strongly about it – that’s how the insurance sales cycle works.

Direct mail is the single best way to get more insurance sales leads.

It all starts with a phone call.

That’s what our letters do… they make people call you.

If you’d like to write these sales letters yourself, we can help: read over 75 fast-paced articles on this website on how to make your letters generate more phone calls!  View some of our most popular articles like “How to Write Highly Responsive Sales Letters!” and  12 Places to buy a great mailing list.  Be sure to see read our article on how to get referrals and study the  Free Sample Referral Letter.  In fact – here’s a page listing about 20 of our direct marketing articles on this site!  Then, if you feel you’re missing anything, please read our book, “How To Market A Product for Under $500!  Finally, pick up a pen and start writing.

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Free Sample Insurance Sales Letter
Why does this highly-actionable letter work so well at generating phone calls?

·   The letter says you can lower your customer’s premiums 12 times in this one page.
·   And continues by saying “Call us!” 7 times (7 Times!) with your phone number appearing twice in the letter body.
·   The entire letter is written to fulfill just one goal: to make people call you!
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