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Jeffrey Dobkin’s Wit and Wisdom.
It’s a short list…

At the intersection of direct marketing, business, and humor there’s a fire hydrant with Jeffrey Dobkin’s scent on it…

Jeffrey Dobkin has written 7 books and over 350 articles on marketing and direct marketing.  Some of his articles are fun, and funny… some so technical and academic, he doesn’t even like them. Dobkin’s articles have been published in more than 300 magazines and business newspapers.

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Elegant and Highly Responsive Insurance Sales Letters written by Jeffrey Dobkin

Website Overview…

Dobkin writes about marketing and direct marketing in a breezy conversational style, but his technical levels run quite deep.

This site is filled with FREE direct marketing articles that are fun, insightful and helpful, along with some highly technical marketing articles that are sure to make your eyes glaze over unless you’re a, you know… marketing geek.  Like us!

In his own style of inappropriate humor, Dobkin covers the site with lean and intense direct marketing ‘How-To’ information.   Dobkin describes his writing this way: “My writing is grammatically-challenged, with plenty of spelling errors and typos to give those picky bastards out there something to complain about…”

Enjoy this site… read the articles, learn direct marketing the easy way – the way you learned in college.  Riiiight…. You never learned this stuff in college.  This is a new level of enjoyable, practical direct marketing.  See for yourself.

Handy Links on our Website…

Need to increase your sales — yet lower your customer acquisition costs? Dobkin’s sales letter series (Insurance Sales Letters, Financial Advisor Sales Letters, Network Marketing Sales Letters) are the world’s best sales letters, written to a single objective: to make people call you.

We believe every client, every customer — and every relationship —
starts with one word: “Hello!”

Dobkin’s sales letters make that introduction.  They’re the best investment you can make in a marketing campaign, written and designed with one goal: to make your phone ring.  The links above take you to pages with free samples of letters we’ve written.  Yes, actual sample letters – so you can see the quality and creative we build into each of our sales letters.

Learn How to Create Highly Responsive Direct Mail Yourself…

Want to try your own hand at creating successful sales letters?

Learn how to write sales letters, direct mail and direct marketing ads that make people call you.  Read the wonderful direct marketing article How To Write a Great Sales Letter, and continue reading the companion article The Lost Art of a Direct Mail Letter.  These to-the-point articles will electrify your direct mail with response.

Don’t forget to read one of our most popular articles, Insurance Sales Letters: How To Write Highly Responsive Sales Letters.

Need more referrals?  They’re easy to get: read one of Jeffrey’s most popular How-To articles on writing a letter that gets you MORE REFERRALS.

The success of your mailings depends heavily on mailing to the right mailing lists.  Unfortunately navigating the mailing list jungle is difficult at best, it’s filled with bad data and sketchy information.  Read this article on finding and buying the right mailing lists.

What can we do for you?

Need Dobkin to write sales letters just for you?  Yes, that’s his day job.  He writes ads, direct mail packages, sales letters, marketing literature, marketing plans and complete advertising and marketing campaigns.  All designed around getting to a single word: “Hello!”  There are plenty of Creative Samples of his work on this site, and you can explore a full range of what Dobkin actually does for a living by looking over this  Client Services link.

Dobkin’s books on direct marketing offer lean “How-To” information to help you create and run the most successful marketing campaigns, ads, PR, and direct mail.  His articles on PR show you exactly how to use the media – newspapers and magazines – in your favor.

Learn Highly Responsive Marketing and Direct Marketing Techniques…

Learn how to find and reach target markets.  Learn the correct way to write press releases… and get them published.  Find out where and how to buy the best mailing lists for your direct mail.  You can also find awful I mean awesome audios and videos of Dobkin’s presentations completely filled with inside secrets of  direct marketing along with him telling stale jokes – but who cares, they’re still funny – and the marketing information is intense!  Sign up for his newsletter, and buy his products – he needs the money.  Actually, you don’t have to buy his products.  Just send the money.  Thanks.

Relax… kick your shoes off, or… put your shoes back on, grab a beer and some Panama Red and click around to view well over 100 articles on this website.

And now a word from our sponsor, Jeffrey Dobkin…

When Jeff’s not working on his own projects, he’s pleased to serve a select client base of customers and friends.  Find out what Jeffrey does for clients in his sober I mean somber moments, when he’s not riding his cycle, playing racquetball, or watching TV.

Ask Dobkin about his most effective marketing strategies to find new customers.  Talk to him about how to increase the response of your current campaigns – the first consultation is always FREE.  Ask him how to negotiate with publishers and get better magazine and newspaper advertising rates: 70%, 80% and 90% off their published rates are possible!

While speaking with Jeff, ask about the custom direct mail letters he writes for clients: from a single letter to full blown direct mail packages with writing, art and graphics, as well as all kinds of print ads, corporate literature, marketing plans, and matching-style copywriting for catalogs.  Jeffrey brings clients additional business, sales leads, phone calls and orders.

Please call (610-642-1000) and inquire about his firm’s advertising, marketing and PR services as well as Dobkin’s own brand of analysis of your current direct mail, catalogs, advertisements and campaigns: what you’re doing right, what you’re doing wrong, and what you’re missing.  Dobkin also offers consulting services based on his 25 year career in marketing and direct marketing — to increase the effectiveness of any direct mail, advertising and marketing campaigns.  Here’s a good overview of how we write our sales letter templates.  We believe every client, every sale starts with one word: Hello.

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In direct marketing, Dobkin’s analytical marketing audits usually uncover some pretty surprising additional business opportunities. Learn how to get a greater response, more leads, and more phone calls that will increase your sales. Please email Jeff: jeff at dobkin dot com, or call to discuss: 610-642-1000.  No cost, certainly no obligation.  The first call and consultation are always free.  Go ahead — give us a call, Jeffrey always enjoys speaking with customers and friends.

To learn more about what Jeffrey Dobkin does for his clients, please call us or visit this Client Services Link.  And visit our bookstore: Visit Dobkin’s bookstore.

Don’t forget to Sign up for his Email, it’s so limited and sporadic you won’t even know you’re on his email list (he only emails when the moon is full).  Thanks!  We hope you enjoy the many articles and products on this website and Jeffrey’s stale jokes, but who cares – they’re still funny.  Well, most of them, anyhow.
Jeffrey Dobkin

Jeffrey Dobkin

To speak with the real people behind this website who are responsible for all the typos and misspellings, just call us: 610-642-1000.  For answers to questions about our products, services or sales letters – please call. Jeff’s there, too – and you can speak with him as well. Or… email Jeffrey Dobkin here!  Transparency disclosure: he’s usually the one who answers the phone.  More transparency disclosure: he takes off on his bike on nice days in the summer – please leave a message and he’ll call you back when it’s raining.  Thanks.

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