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Creating FREE Booklet Titles and Insurance Quotes that Make People Call

By Jeffrey Dobkin

Here’s My Personal Simple Formula for Creating Highly Responsive Booklet Titles —

You know, I’ve always tried to provide great value in my articles. Now I’d like to give you the simple formula I personally use to come up with amazing booklet titles.

The Jeff Dobkin 100-to-1 Rule

I use the same formula to create GREAT Booklet titles, GREAT Ad headlines, GREAT PR headlines, and the first line of pretty much every letter I write. It’s the “Jeff Dobkin 100-to-1 Rule”:  Write 100 titles, go back and pick out your best one.

Hey, I didn’t say you’d like it, I just said the formula would work well for creating great booklet titles. By the way, this formula “The 100-to-1 Rule,” can be found in my book, UNcommon Marketing Techniques.  You do own a copy of my book, don’t you?  What?  What th…  well… immediately go buy one.  Just kidding.  You don’t have to buy my books.  Just send the money.

Anyhow, that’s the formula.  Simple, isn’t it?

Part II  A Great Insurance Sales Technique to generate phone calls: The Quote.

Best Weapon:  The “Specific Coverage Quote”

In the insurance industry – and this actually applies to most any industry – one of the best ways to drive people to call you is to offer a FREE Quote.

I know, I know… everyone offers a free quote, especially in the insurance industry.  Here’s the difference, and it’s a crucial one: the response you get – in both quantity and quality of calls – depends solely on how you present your offer to quote.  This is where credibility (from the first article in this set) comes back into play.  A simple offer to “Let us quote your insurance needs.” doesn’t work anymore, does it.  No, it doesn’t.

Insurance Sales Letters Photo

Elegant and Responsive Insurance Sales Letters

Right now, insurance rates are exceptionally volatile.  And as always, people are looking to save money – especially on something they can’t see and don’t perceive they need – like insurance.  You’re already familiar with that, aren’t you?  Yea, me too – just try selling undefined marketing services to people who just don’t know how much better their sales could be.  Turns out, selling insurance is easier.  Sigh…

Premiums keep going up, up and…  up. Yet certain insurance policies are getting cheaper – because the coverage they offer is more specific into the tiny niche they serve. So you may be able to quote a specific tightly targeted policy or insurance with very narrow coverage band with an extremely low rate.

Here’s an example of the way to quote a lower cost for insurance.  This works really well in direct mail.  Send a direct mail letter that offers a lesser cost for a policy with more specific coverage. This isn’t a new insurance sales idea, it’s simply a better way to offer savings to your clients.  You just can’t say “…we can save you money” — every insurance pitch starts out that way.  Offer a “Specific Coverage Quote” and it will generate more phone calls.

This “Specific Coverage Quote” is the basis for one of the highest performing insurance sales letters I’ve written in my Awesome Insurance Sales Letter Series.  Did I mention I sell these letters and they are available for immediate download by clicking here!  Oh, sorry… I wasn’t sure if I did…

New Specific Coverage Quotes

You clients will find the specific coverage quote a reasonable rationale for rates to go down when you send your own letter about this new insurance offering. It’s an effective way to have customers request a quote and the offer is very effective at generating calls. Here’s an example:

Suppose one of your clients purchased a small boat and needs insurance.  Now you can offer him savings on specific “small boat insurance,” or “inland boat insurance,” or “winter-rate boating insurance.”  Draft a letter with that particular small boat insurance theme. Now buy a mailing list of all the small boat owners in that dock, and all the surrounding area docks and mail to all the small boat owners.

State in your letter “New lower rates are now available specifically for owners of small boats under 28 feet!  So call now and…” It’s a solid-performing reason to generate a call.

It’s similar to Allstate’s auto insurance for people who have had no accidents, or State Farm’s rate for people who drive fewer miles. It makes a plausible reason to call: people pick up the phone to check if they can qualify for the new lower rate.

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Recap of our Insurance Marketing Strategies

In the past few articles you’ve learned how to make make your audience open your insurance sales letter, and 2: how to create high credibility and become a trusted provider.  You learned 3. the sole purpose of your letter and entire direct mail piece has shifted from trying to sell insurance to 4. to making the reader call.  If you don’t remember anything else from this site, remember this: Generating a phone call is now the ONLY objective of your sales letter.  Your letter doesn’t sell anything – it just makes your phone ring.  Once your phone rings, the letter worked perfectly, and its job is over.  Now it’s your turn.

Through the previous articles on this site you’ve learned 5. making a great FREE offer in your letter gives readers a compelling reason to call you.  And that one of the best offers you can make is for 6. a FREE booklet (with an unusually GREAT title,) or 7. call for a new quote as their rates may have gone down with the new specific coverage you now offer. Using these specific marketing strategies and direct mail techniques definitely will make your phone ring.

Part III  —  How to tell when your letter campaign is successful

Simple — Your mailing package was successful when your phone rang.

Your envelope teaser copy made them open the envelope, then they fell so head over heels in love with your compelling FREE booklet title that they just had to have it. And it made sense the way you said the new specific insurance coverage they can now get may make their insurance rates go down.  So… they called for a quote. Success. Total Success!  No, no no… don’t thank me with a simple nod of your head and a stealthy smile, I take cash, too!

The true measure of success is when your phone rings. The more calls, the greater your success.  

The success of the calls you receive is measured by how many appointments you made or how many sales you closed. Those are call objectives, and you can learn how to handle this successfully in other areas of this site. You can get to these areas FREE by email invitation.  To sign up for our email mailing list – and receive our very occasional emails and invitations to other areas of our website, please click here.   Thanks.

Did I mention?  Our sales strategy works everywhere…

Kindly notice while this article is about selling insurance it really doesn’t matter what you’re selling. What you’re selling isn’t at all important – at least not to the success of your mailing. Whatever products you’re selling is secondary to the strategy of a successful mailing campaign: generating a phone call.

Our marketing strategy, to generate phone calls, is particularly effective in the insurance industry where sales are long-term and based on a personal relationship, credibility and trust.

It’s the marketing strategy I use for all my clients. It’s a little different than most other marketers. That’s why when I write a sales letter for a client, I don’t have to be an expert in every product in my clients portfolio. I just need to make his phone ring.  Then HE can sell his products

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