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How To Generate Leads – 7 Ways to Get More Sales Leads

Sales Lead Generation Article: Part 2

This is the second part of the series on lead generation, by Jeffrey Dobkin.

In the first part, we examined why your lead generation system was broken, and some insights on how to fix it. Here are 7 new ways to make your lead generation strategy more effective.

Clients jump ship every couple of years, and yours did, too. But you can easily fix that.

Here’s how you can change all that with a better sales lead strategy, and a better sales lead generation program:

Lead Generation Tip 1.

Figure out who your current customers are.

Dig through your files for commonalities: is it location? Income level? Value of home? Is net worth the driver? Neighborhood? Business type? Circle of Friends? Write all this stuff down on a sheet of paper. This will become the heard of your sales lead generation program.

Hey… if I do this for you – figure out who your customers are, and write it down on a sheet of paper I call it marketing research and charge you two grand. You can do this for free, and call it whatever you like — it’s your sheet of paper.

Sales Lead Generation Tip 2.

Figure out where your current customers and client hang out.

And hang out there, too. What restaurants do they eat at? What mailing lists are they on. What do they read – what newspapers or magazines? What do they watch on TV? What circle of friends do they go out with? What charities do they donate to? What gym do they work out at? What associations do they belong to? Now, go on – hang out there yourself.

Lead Generation Tip 3.

What do your customers own?

Do your customers all drive Chevys? Do they all own boats? Airplanes. Tractors? Write all this down, too. It’s part of the marketing research. (Remember, two grand?)

Lead Generation Tip 4.

Now — What exactly do most of your clients have in common?

If you could clone a few clients, what are the common characteristics they’d all have? Because that’s exactly what I’d start looking for in new clients: the same demographics of clients in my own customer database. Section out people who have those same commonalities with your current clients, and advertise or mail to them.

Suppose you find out that every one of your clients reads the same 3 magazines. Those magazines would be good places to start a highly qualified lead generation program: take out an ad schedule, or send press releases regularly — wouldn’t they?

If all your prospects eat at the same restaurant, I’d start eating there too. If it’s an upscale restaurant, that might be a good place to sponsor the coat check room for a few nights. For a few dollars, I’m sure most restaurant owners would be happy to put up a small sign noting tonight’s coat check is FREE, courtesy of your firm. A small and tasteful sign does it.

Of course if your clients eat at Denny’s… then, yeee-ha: time to get some new clients there, Jethro. Sorry. If it wasn’t for bad taste, I wouldn’t have any jokes at all.

You could always sponsor desserts for an evening. Or if you’re in the city – sponsor parking.

Lead Generating Tip 5.

Create media awareness.

As a traditional direct marketer, I don’t believe in unfocused mass advertising for generating leads, especially higher quality sales leads. Those methods only work in very select circumstances. But some campaigns in traditional media such as newspapers, magazines and local TV can work well to raise the level of awareness of your firm in your own back-yard, and generate quality leads of local leads…and phone calls. And you know who likes to shop in their own back yard? Everyone.

Create the right message, the right image, and present it consistently in the right media, and presto — people get to know you. Then you know what happens? The phone rings.

Marketing Tip 6. Create trust.

Build up your network of referrals and referral sources.

Start by referring customers to others, and it will come back to you—in spades. Remember, every referral – whether you make one or receive one, needs to be followed up by a WRITTEN piece of correspondence. Either thanking someone for giving you the referral, or letting someone know that you just referred a potential client to them. Written. No, a call is not the same. Sure you can call them, but then… you still need to write something down and send it.

Lead Generation Strategy 7.

Pick up the phone and call.

Just say thanks for your business – everyone will appreciate it. Don’t sell anything. Just thank customers, and ask if you can help with anything, or provide any information they may need. Giving away something FREE is one of my favorite offers. Free Quotes are always great because they are first part of a sale.

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