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Invention Evaluations

Honest Invention Evaluations:

Jeffrey Dobkin offers honest invention evaluation services on a regular basis.

Sure, you think it’s great.  And all your friends think it’s the Cat’s Meow.

OK, you may want a real Second Opinion BEFORE you invest in a patent, or a ten thousand dollar marketing campaign.

If you’re not sure your product is commercially feasible, Dobkin offers Honest Invention Evaluations.

For a personal review and consultation you may elect to have Jeffrey Dobkin review your invention.

Dobkin offers his professional review and a consultation on the phone, and the full cost of this invention evaluation is $250 – there are no further charges. He does not sell any additional services.

This review takes between 30 minutes to one hour.  His review is a marketing consultation which includes commercial assessment of where you are now in the invention process, directions you can follow step by step, and actions you can take right now to move your invention forward.

This analysis takes into account you, your invention, your personal strengths and weaknesses, your budget, time constraints, your areas of expertise, and your invention and marketing goals.  It’s very comprehensive and often quite eye opening.  Be prepared to take notes.

Dobkin’s consultations include information on prototyping, patenting, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, market assessment, media analysis and licensing.  Full Disclosure:  Although Jeffrey Dobkin may offer some patenting advice, he is not a patent attorney.  That being said, he’s pretty knowledgable about patents, and very good with his market assessment, advice and counsel.  He has been reviewing inventions while serving on the board of directors of the non-profit American Society of Inventions for the past 14 years and offers a good level of experience – and quite a bit of expertise – in the area of inventing and marketing.  Questions about inventing may be sent to Jeffrey by email: Jeff at Dobkin dot com.  Call Dobkin directly at his office: 610-642-1000.

In preparation of any review or evaluation, you should write down questions you would like answered during your invention review.

Unlike invention marketing companies who have a monetary interest in bullshitting you that that your invention is way beyond great and should be marketed at any cost (including huge, huge fees to them), Dobkin has no investment in the success or failure of your invention, and nothing to gain by a good or bad review.  As such he gives inventors a completely honest evaluation.  His review also includes counsel and advice to inventors of what to do with their inventions from the state the invention is currently in, and how to move the invention process forward.  He does not offer additional services other than this review.

Jeff Dobkin Illustrated

Jeff Dobkin Illustrated

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