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Direct Marketing

Jeffrey Dobkin has written a lot about one of his passions: direct marketing.

Here are links to pages that highlight his work through some of the direct marketing articles he has written.

Articles are on direct mail, advertising, PR and some unusual articles on straight-up marketing.

No one taught you any of this stuff in school.  This is meaty, technical and practical marketing methods.

There are over 1,000 marketing articles available on this site.

Each of these page links below takes you to the article synopsis page – which has descriptions of the articles you can read on this website, with a direct link to each article.

Articles About Direct Marketing

Articles About Direct Marketing, Page 2

Articles About Direct Marketing, Page 3

Articles About Direct Marketing, Page 4

Articles About Direct Marketing, Page 5

Jeff Dobkin at Baseball Game

Jeffrey Dobkin at the game.

Wait, did I say over 1,000 articles are available?  I meant over 100.  Sorry.

Explore and enjoy.  Call with questions: 610-642-1000.  Or email Jeffrey.

Jeffrey Dobkin has written 7 books and more than 250 articles on marketing that have appeared in over 300 magazines.