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Read more helpful, useful articles on marketing written by Jeffrey Dobkin.  Learn more practical marketing methods  in a few nights of easy reading than you learned in 4 years of college.

Articles shown on this page may be read on our company website  They are waiting final edits and approval to be posted on this site.  If you would like to see any of these articles immediately, please email Jeffrey and he’ll send them to you, free! (And no, he won’t sell your name or place you on a mailing list. It’s just a nice free offer!)

11 Best Practices for Retailers

What? You wanted to go into retail? You really are crazy, aren’t you. Just like your uncle said. At least this article will help drive customers to your door. Hope it’s helpful.

A 6 Step Plan to Get Seniors to Call You

Is there a trick to market effectively to Boomers? No. Seniors are just like everyone else, but can’t drive as well, can’t see without their glasses, have less hair, and don’t get as many dates. Oh well… some of us are still pretty happy. No tricks in marketing, though. Here’s how to generate calls from seniors.

Death and Dismemberment – You Guys Crack Me Up!

Selling Insurance to the Senior Market? Here’s a 5-step plan that’s easy to follow.

29 Points to Create an Effective Press Release

Are you getting a lot of media coverage or “Ink” or “Buzz” as they say in the media circles. If not, well, maybe your press releases stink. Remember: to get published they have to 1. get read by a busy editor, and 2. get selected for publication; then to be effective they need to 3. create the response you are seeking. Here’s a no bs hit list to help you create a more effective press release.

More Tips for Inventors

Inventors call me all the time and ask me how to market their invention. I guess I’m supposed to tell them on the phone even though they won’t disclose their product or their budget, and they haven’t read any of my books or articles. Now I can be like the big guys: I can tell them to look up this article on my website… just like when the phone company doesn’t want to talk to you – they blow you off to their website. Hey, you want serious information? It takes work, time, effort and energy – or at least 3 out of the 4. Call with serious questions and I’ll be happy to talk. Call when you’re half hung over to discuss the drawing you made on your napkin last night at a bar after a few dozen beers and I’ll kindly recommend this article.

Discount Newspaper Advertising – How to buy newspaper space ads at huge discounts

Why would you ever pay list price for newspaper advertising space when most newspaper advertising rates are negotiable? Some are highly negotiable. Here are 5 ways to get better discount newspaper advertising rates.

Free Catalogs of Mailing Lists

One month I called every mailing list company who ran an ad in all the direct marketing trade journals. I then analyzed the catalogs I received and here’s the write-up.

9 Reasons to Send A Cover Letter with Every Press Release

Still not sending cover letters with every piece of mail you send out? Then I guess you don’t care enough about getting that one extra person in 100 to call. A letter can give your press release a 50% better chance of getting ink. Don’t believe it? Keep reading…

Using Incentives and Ad Specialities

Motivating sales reps and buyers, increasing sales, increasing loyalty all can be accomplished with a free gift program. In a fun style this article explains the industry nuances and gives you the names and dates of the industry shows – if it was still 2007. There is some carryover and the article is probably still pretty helpful. Lemme know if you’d like to update it. While you’re at it, please update the jokes, too. Thanks.

A 15-Point Checklist for your Ad

How do your ads measure up to these criteria? Better to figure it out now, than to run an ineffective ad.

The Best Direct Marketing Campaign I’ve Ever Written

I’ve spent 25 years in direct marketing and this is still the best direct marketing campaign, ever. This article spells out exactly what it is, and how you can do this yourself. All in under 2,500 words.

Selling More

Written on assignment for the office products industry, it’s still a pretty funny, OK very funny article.  There’s supposed to be an important message about selling big ticket items in here somewhere. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait too long to find it as this is a short article. Lesson: How to be yourself, yet sell lots more product. Learn the secrete right now…

This is actually one of Jeffrey’s favorite funny articles.  It’s really really funny…

Making the Telephone Work for You

Telephoning customers is an art. A lost art, to most companies. After a bit of rambling, babbling, and Dobkin’s own cynical approach to getting interrupted at dinner by a telemarketer, he demonstrates how the phone can be successfully used in your own campaigns without annoying customers or getting in trouble with the FTC, whose only function seems to be passing more laws every session. Don’t we have enough laws by now? Fun and interesting reading.

The Objective of a Marketing Campaign

Dobkin says, “I’ve written articles so technical and so academic… I don’t even like them. This is one of them.” For you technical marketing geeks, you might like this. Don’t worry, we won’t tell anyone who you are, although those 15 pens in that plastic pocket shirt protector might give you away…

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