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Direct Marketing Articles Page 5 – “How To Market” Articles At Their Best!

Fast-paced, often funny, always helpful marketing and direct marketing articles by Jeffrey Dobkin

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Trade Show Mailers

So, you think you know a lot about trade shows? You probably do. But here’s a good look at trade shows – with fresh new typographical errors and misspellings you won’t find anywhere else. Dobkin’s sense of humor shows up again in a “more helpful than not” new article.

The 23 Best Lines in Direct Marketing

Jeffrey’s favorite article of all time:  After 25 years in marketing, these are my favorite lines, and this is my favorite article of any I have ever written. Hope you enjoy it too, and find these lines – that are old and dear friends – of great value.

Getting Customers / Direct Mail

Here’s help for the entrepreneur or small business owner. Article highlights creating a successful direct mail campaign and provides a good depth of specific instruction. Very helpful, and a little longer than most articles – over 4,000 words.

Post Cards

Post cards are fast and easy to create and mail. They can be an effective part of any direct mail campaign if you follow a few simple rules. These are the rules.

Post Cards II

And you thought I ran out of things to say about post cards in my first article. Humph. Here are some more great tips. A serious articles about increasing the effectiveness of your post card campaign.

Association Marketing

One way of finding some of the top players in an industry is to find the governing association, and the powerhouses that run it: the president, officers and board of directors. Here’s an analysis of some of the top directories of associations.

Determining Market Size

A highly technical article on marketing – and you thought Dobkin only wrote fun and entertaining stuff. An advanced marketing article that demonstrates unique and different methods to assess exact market size in a single evening by using traditional marketing tools in new ways. This unusual market assessment method is a unique creation of Jeffrey Dobkin. Copyrighted article: as all the articles on this site, may not be reproduced without the express prior written concent of The Danielle Adams Publishing Company.

The Billion Dollar Word

Is there one word that is worth a billion dollars? Yes. Yes there is, and it’s in this article. Along the way there’s some pretty funny stuff that you might want to look at that will help build-up the suspense. Here Jeff rants about immigration, lawncare, the French Canadians, the English language, the gender of nouns, and preserving our measurement system. Join Jeff – take a few minutes off and read this fun article.

Better Response in Newspaper Ads

Discounts in purchasing ad space in newspapers can run as high as 80% off list. With these kinds of discounts you can be profitable selling products directly from the page. Here’s how to get the discounts by purchasing remnant space anywhere in the country with a single phone call, and how to create an effective and profitable direct selling newspaper ad.

Figuring Profits on Direct Mail – Before Mailing

Planning on a direct mail campaign? Better read this first! Here’s how to figure out if your campaign has a chance to be successful BEFORE you mail it.

Thinking of Starting a Newsletter? Don’t.

In terms of time, trouble, and expense I’ve seen more waste go into a newsletter than any other direct mail piece. 90% of them are ineffective, and most are just plain terrible. Here’s what you can do about it.

What Works Best in Direct Mail

If you could only send one piece to a mailing list of prospects, besides tearing a $100 dollar bill in half and asking them to call you for the other half, what would you send your prospects to make them call?  Herein lies the answer.

How To Write Sales Letters

Remember those long boring chapters in school on how to do stuff you never thought you’d need to know how to do? Here’s one on writing sales letters. Of course, this variation isn’t boring, and if you need the phone to ring from a mailing this article is invaluable. The article is very specific, and shows what you absolutely need to know.

When Plain White Paper Just Won’t Do

Need to know a little something about specifying paper? This article will teach you as little as possible. Just kidding… it’s a great course on specifying paper.  Written in Jeffrey Dobkin’s own unique conversational style of writing with plenty of typographical errors so you picky bastards out there will have something to complain about.  Hey, don’t blame us – you read it last!

Shopping for a List Online

Here’s a funny piece written when the Internet was young. Humm – seems like just a few years ago.  The conclusion of the articles is:  it’s still easier to find a mailing list through traditional methods – ask someone you know. Or call me – 610-642-1000.  Today, sadly, finding the right mailing list is still the most difficult part of any direct mail campaign.

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