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Insurance Marketing

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Insurance Marketing Lesson One: Get People to Call You!

See a list of Jeffrey Dobkin’s insurance marketing articles! Our lean and information rich direct mail articles show you how to make people to call you! It’s easy to sell insurance through direct mail, if you know how!  Here’s how…

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This website is jam-packed with How-To articles on successful insurance marketing methods. Start today: learn how to create highly successful marketing campaigns that generate response and make customers call you.
That’s what this website is about: getting people to call you.
Generating phone calls the basis of all our campaigns.
We don’t really sell anything, our campaigns are written and designed to make people call.
Learn how to get incredible response from your mailings.  Insurance Sales Letters – How to Write Highly Responsive Letters.

Read articles on effective insurance marketing, then see how to put these successful practices to work for you.

Get more response, more phone calls and more business – all in the next few weeks!

Create highly responsive insurance marketing campaigns in a few nights of easy reading.

Uncommon Marketing Techniques, Jeffrey Dobkin

Most Practical Marketing Book Ever Written by Jeff Dobkin

Personal face to face selling is the most effective way to sell anything – including insurance.

But it’s time consuming.  And you can only make a few sales calls a day.  On good days.

The next most best way to sell insurance is by making personal phone calls.

But frankly, cold calling sucks.  What can you make, a dozen calls an hour?  And how long before you burn out from that?

Here’s good news:

In direct mail you can mail 25, 100, 500 or 5,000 letters in one day and generate an awesome response. Get a truckload of inbound personal phone calls from a warm market of people who have shown they are already interested… and looking for a few great reasons to buy from you.  They called you.

With the right direct mail campaign you can build sales – and an entire client base – in a just a few weeks.

If you do it correctly.  Our insurance marketing articles show you how.

Here’s our Marketing Plan: Direct Mail.

Small firms: Mail 100 letters a day.
Larger firms: Mail 5,000 letters a week.

— Every client, every sale you create starts with one word: “HELLO!”
· The goal of each letter is to have people call you!
· Many agencies have have become hugely successful solely by mailing sales letters.  That’s ALL the marketing they do!
· You can drive people to your website.  But this isn’t our favorite objective.  Our favorite goal is to use direct mail to generate phone calls.
· That’s our bottom line: Mail letters with the objective “Generate phone calls!”
· Use our writing tips and techniques to generate even more phone calls.
· Learn how to make your letters effective at making people call you!
· Then: Kick up your response and write more business.  

Throughout this website you’ll find direct marketing articles filled with tips on easy ways to sell insurance and how to write highly responsive insurance sales letters.

Read the hundreds of direct marketing articles on how to increase phone calls from your direct mail letters and direct mail campaigns. Enjoy our articles on marketing insurance with post cards and the informative marketing article: 15 Things to Say on a Post Card.

Get More Referrals!

Referrals are the life-blood of insurance agencies.  Click Here to read this article on Referrals to learn how to get more referrals.

Or visit our article to get a FREE Sample of our own “Thank you for your Referral” letter

Learn how to use letters to both increase your business and to keep your customers longer.

Visit our page on The Strategic Use of Letters.  You’ll only find them on this website, these are original marketing articles written by Jeffrey Dobkin.

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We’ve tried to make it easy for you to create a successful series of direct mail letters to get prospects to call you.  However, if you’re interested, you might have noticed we sell an amazing set of highly responsive Insurance Sales Letters.

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About our Insurance Sales Letters…

Insurance Sales Letters

Awesome Insurance Sales Letters

We practice what we preach.  Check us out: View a FREE Sample Insurance Letter!
— See exactly why our Awesome Insurance Sales Letters increase calls.

Our Awesome Insurance Sales Letter templates have only one job: to get people to call you.

Our direct mail letters offer you several complete marketing campaigns. You can create an entire successful insurance sales campaign in a single evening!

· Get more response than you ever thought possible!
· Make customers, referrals and prospects call you!
· Enjoy Instant Success!  Why struggle with writing  – our letters are tested and proven to work.
· Have people call you – speak with people who are interested in your insurance offers!

Here’s the difference between our Awesome Insurance Sales Letters and everyone else’s insurance sales letters: Much Higher Response!

You see, our letters don’t sell insurance.  Yes, that’s right – we have a different objective.  Our letters are written to make your phone ring, not to sell insurance!  People don’t read a letter and buy insurance.  People read your letter and if it works, they call you.  Then YOU sell insurance.

Every sales letter we write has ONE GOAL: to make your phone ring.  We write every letter, every paragraph, every line to increase your  phone calls. We give you the opportunity to sell insurance yourself – to a warm market.  

Mail our letters and you’ll get a high response from people who have already proved they are interested in speaking with you!  We think our clients are much better at selling insurance than our sales letters ever could be — so we give them that opportunity.

Simple. Yet most of the writers of other insurance industry letters seem to forget.  There’s no “Buy” link in a letter.  There are no prices in the letter.  There’s no coverage outlined, no forms to fill out, and readers aren’t approved. We feel if the letter is successful, the reader calls. Period.  So we’ve written all our letters to make people call.

If one of our letters doesn’t make your phone ring, we feel the letter failed.  So we use every trick we’ve learned in our 25 years in direct marketing and copywriting – to make that one extra reader pick up the phone and call you.

See for yourself…  So that you can see the look, feel and quality of our insurance  sales letters – and get an idea of why our sales letters are so effective and highly responsive – we’ve included a FREE SAMPLE insurance sales letter for you to see… and study!  (You get full licensing rights to use this letter when you purchase the series of our Awesome Insurance Sales Letters templates!)  All of our sales and marketing letter templates are personally written by master direct response copywriter, Jeffrey Dobkin. To purchase our Awesome Insurance Sales Letters please click here!

Unsolicited Testimonial: 

Hey Jeff!

Just wanted to touch base with you. The letter is working well for us. We got about 8 calls on the original 100 that we sent. We would have gotten more, except our competitor immediately played damage control and contacted customers to bad mouth us. However, we sent 400 pieces to Pennsylvania last week and have gotten 7 calls so far. We are going to be sending another 700 or so this week. So, just to let you know, it is working well for us so far.

Also, I was going to ask you if you have ever written anything for the mortgage industry? It is another industry that we specialize in and we’d like to be able to target mortgage professionals in the near future. Thanks!!

George S.
Tempe, AZ 85282