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Network Marketing Articles

      Most of the marketing in the Network Marketing Industry is focused on writing letters.  Besides the series of Awesome Direct Mail Letters we offer to network marketers and MLM firms to generate the highest response of phone calls, you may want to write your own letters to get people to respond to your own personal offer.  These articles offer my own technical how-to tips and techniques to write highly responsive, effective direct mail letters.  And there’s a few articles in there somewhere on how to write and design effective post cards, too. Hope you enjoy these technical articles and find they make your direct mail generate even more phone calls.

The Lost ART of a Direct Mail Letter demonstrates exactly how to lay-out a direct mail letter for the best readership and highest response.  This technical article explains in detail all the tools available to every writer to help create a visually stimulating letter, and when and how much to use them.  Tools like centered paragraphs, bulleted lists, bold and italic type, the Johnson box, and short paragraphs are all explained in this letter enhancing article.  1,900 words, written by master letter writer and designer, Jeffrey Dobkin.

Generating Referrals

Referrals are the life of any business, especially in the Network Marketing Industry.  When you receive a good referral, chances are pretty heckin’ great that you’ll be getting a new customer.

What’s the best way to get more referral business? It’s by writing a THANK YOU letter.  Here’s how it works: First, you get a referral. I know – I’m as surprised as you are, but sometimes it happens!  Someone liked you… and somewhere down the line they passed-on some good words to a new customer or prospect, who then calls you.  To encourage them to refer you again and again, send them… Please click here to continue…

View Sample Network Marketing Sales Letter!

View Sample Network Marketing Sales Letter!

 Using Post Cards to Generate Calls and Referrals

A letter is a lot of work and expense in a mailing: printing, folding, including a brochure to add a harder sell and credibility; envelope, mailshop services for inserting, postage, affixing postage, imaging name and address. Lots of handling.

Post cards, on the other hand, can be almost as effective and are certainly cheaper and less work. Post cards enjoy high readership because once the recipient picked it up and is ready to toss it out – hey, they’ve read it!  Please Click Here to continue reading… on how to create highly actionable post cards yourself, just by applying these few principles.

 Hey… speaking of post cards – here’s a longer post about using post cards.  I talk about capturing the attention of the reader from the start.  This is a critical time because the reader has no investment of time in reading the card – so if it stinks in headline, subheadlines or graphics it gets that brief trip in the air to land in the trashcan – right besides the money you spent to create it.  Read this post for real live How-To information on creating a winning, well-read and responsive post cards.  Click here to read.  One of my better articles, and that’s not just my opinion, it’s… OK, it’s just my opinion.  Sprinkled lightly with humor but more fact than fiction.  It’s a good read.

You should also check out our copywriting from some of our network marketing letters for serious network marketers.  Explore these letters to get a feel of whats in our AWESOME NETWORK MARKETING package (besides typos and misspellings) of sales letters which you can purchase on this page.  Go on – buy them, we’ll wait…  If you don’t want to waste your time making thousands of phone calls hawking your MLM program, if you want people to CALL YOU – just mail these professionally written letters to make your phone ring.  Yea, they work.

OK so you think it’s easy to write a sales letter for network marketing?  It takes me 8 to 10 hours to write and design a tight one page letter, and that’s when I’m sober.  Just kidding.  I’m never sober.  Think you can write one faster – or better?  Go ahead!  Here are some tips on How To Write A Highly Responsive Sales Letter. Read this article, then take your best shot.  Not so easy, is it?  That’s why I get the big bucks.  Or will someday.  Sigh…

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