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Uncommon Marketing Techniques

An Awesome, Fast-Paced Marketing Book filled with practical marketing methods.
240 Pages, 5-1/2″ x 8-1/2″  •  Written by Jeffrey Dobkin

Chapters Include:

Uncommon Marketing Techniques

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Increase Your Ad Response 10 Times
Here’s how, step by step.   

The One Evening Marketing Plan
Write your marketing plan in an evening?
Then complete the execution of your entire PR
plan the very next day?  Here’s specifically how.  

The 15 Page Marketing Plan
If you can write 15 pages, this, without question,
is the plan to implement.  

How To Buy a Great Mailing List!
A step-by-step procedure for figuring out, finding,
and buying the best mailing list at the right price.

Real Estate Action Marketing Plan
Want to see an actual 10-page marketing promotional plan? 

How To Find a Product to Market
Still stuck for products?  Here’s how to go about finding
them in an easy and logical fashion. 

How To Find the Markets for Your Invention
There are some great and easy-to-use reference tools to
make the marketing function easy.  Here’s a selection of
marketing directories found in most libraries, and how
to use them.  

Getting Your Press Release into Print
The press release selection process is simple, fast, brutal,
and very unforgiving of mistakes or poor work.  Here’s how
to create a release that is effective, and get it published.  

A Simple Rule for Creating Winning Headlines – The 100 to 1 Rule
How to write attention-getting, reader-capturing headlines,
envelope teaser copy, slogans, signage, and more.  Specific
techniques and recommendations.

Best Campaign I Ever Wrote
They call it Multiple Exposure Marketing.  Here’s an
actual series of letters—ready to send to your own clients.  

Self-Help for Self-Publishers
Thinking of writing a book?  Don’t—until you read these tips.

The BIGGEST Mistake Every Firm Makes
in Marketing, and What You Can Do to Correct It in Your Firm for $2.76
Find out what the mistake is.  Do you really make it?
Can you really correct it for $2.76? 

Questions People Ask Me the Most About Direct Marketing
Everyone asks the same questions: What is marketing?
What’s the best response percentage to receive from a
mailing?  Does long copy work better than short copy?
Should you use teaser copy on your envelope?  

This Lawnmower Makes Cutting the Grass
So Fast and Easy, I Bought It for My Wife
A specific nine-step procedure to increase your
marketing response.

How To Write a Small Classified Ad
Follow a few simple rules, double – triple your response,
and make a whole lot of money.    

How To Create Your Own Great Ad,
Or Get One You Like from an Agency,
the First Time.

Now Includes 5 Incredible Technical Articles on Direct Mail:

How To Write an Extraordinarily Effective Direct Mail Letter
An in-depth article showing step-by-step how to
write compelling copy for the most important part
of your direct mail package.   

The Art of a Direct Mail Letter
Part two of creating an effective direct mail letter:
the design.  Explicit instructions and examples.  

How To Create a Winning Direct Mail Package
You have ten seconds to initiate success. How to
make your mail draw maximum response.   

Uncommon Marketing Techniques

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The Most Valuable Letter You Can Write
This simple letter is the most powerful motivator in getting
you new business.  How to make it really pay off.

The 10 Worst Mistakes in Direct Mail
Learn from my 25 years of experience!  Don’t worry, there
are still plenty of mistakes left for you to make on your own!

Magazine Publishers Hate Me!
Exactly how to buy magazine space at a discount—
20%, 40%, up to 80% off!

The 13 Fastest and Best Ways to Get Business Right Now!

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