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Network Marketing Sales Letters – Letter Descriptions

Network Marketing Sales Letter Descriptions

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Awesome Network Marketing Letters

Christmas Letter —

One of the most powerful cover letters Jeffrey has written. A most highly responsive letter template that can be mailed anytime between late October and the end of January. Highlights how a person gets saddened at Christmas because she can’t buy the best presents for all her friends. Makes a strong appeal to the reader that this is the last Christmas she’ll spend like this: she’s now starting with a network marketing company and will slowly build real income – and how the reader can as well. Written for anyone who has ever had a few sad moments around Christmas.

A sensible and plausible letter – showing network marketing to be a viable business, and not a get rich scheme. Then asks readers for a phone call if they would like to make this change in their lives, too.

15-Point “Listen to the CD” letter —

The 15 most powerful benefits of Network Marketing – a recurring theme in Dobkin’s letters – are all highlighted in this letter. Dobkin doesn’t miss a note using short bullet points centered in the first page of this cover letter; the letter format is designed to show off these 15 powerful points. Then he directly asks for the reader to listen to the enclosed short sound file on CD. Also works for driving people to listen to your web audio, or a recorded phone call.

MLM Multiply Your Income —

Face it, working 9 to 5 in a job is a drag; some bosses are horrible, pay can be lousy and raises are minuscule and slow to come on a regluar basis. Worst of all, the chance of doubling, tripling your income in a year is not realistic. Things change in Network Marketing where – with the right moves at the right time – you can explode your income – 2x, 4x, 10x! The letter brings this concept to the front then asks the reader to Call Now in a powerhouse call to action!

All our cover letters templates are masterfully written, handsomely and completely designed. We don’t just send you some copy and say, “Hey… good luck with that!”  Every letter we offer in our Awesome Sales Letter Series is painstakingly crafted line by line, paragraph by paragraph, to generate the highest number of phone calls. Order this Awesome Network Marketing Sales Letter Series and start your own income stream as soon as this weekend!  The download is immediate and our letter format is easy to work with and ready to print and mail.

These letters aren’t something we dashed out in 20 minutes.  It takes Dobkin 10 to 12 hours EACH LETTER to research, write, edit, and design; some even longer. They are sent to you in individual Microsoft Word files, so you can personalize them, make changes, place your letterhead in them, and place your own phone number and address in the letters before mailing.  You can also print at home on plain paper or your own stationary, or take to any copy shop, Staples, Office Max or any quick copy or commercial printer.

The Missing Marketing Letter

What’s missing in 99% of Network Marketing campaigns? Effective letters that make people call you. Effective literature – that generates phone calls. And an Effective Marketing campaign. This “Missing Marketing” letter template spells it out. If your mailing list is filled with people already in any other Network Marketing program they already know their marketing materials suck. The “What’s Missing in your Marketing?” letter makes an incredibly strong call to action: pick up the phone now and call – so the reader can see what you have to offer in the way of helping them get the phone calls they need, and greater response to their mailings.

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Do You Take Vitamins?

Dobkin feels that some of the best MLM Networks sell vitamins. Since vitamins are a consumable, customers run out every month or two and if you can sign them up for your vitamin and supplement network marketing program you can make an incredibly great amount of money and a lifetime of residual income that just gets easier to earn – and commissions grow larger with age. The “Do you take vitamins?” letter sells the phone call hard to make sure people call you to find out about your vitamin marketing program. Works with all healthcare programs, vitamins, supplements and nutraceuticals.

This Simple Letter

The appeal to readers in this letter is very strong: work smarter – not just harder – to make more money. Ditch diggers and chamber maids work hard, but they don’t work smart.
“This simple letter!” shows how – when you work smart, not just hard – you can MULTIPLY your income in Network marketing. Articulates how readers can make more money faster in a Network Marketing opportunity like you are offering, if oh… the they just call you right now for your free information, your free booklet or download, or your free CD.

Cough… cough!”

While modern science can do little for a cold, there’s a lot readers can do for themselves if they have allergies.  This “Cough!” letter drives readers to call for your FREE NEW Audio CD (or sends them to your website) for more information.  It also highlights how natural remedies are used around the world, but yet your own doctor has never, ever offered them.  The primary drive of this letter – as all Dobkin’s letters – is to generate phone calls.  This letter does generates leads by offering a FREE Audio.  Touches people who have frequent joint aches, stomach aches, trouble sleeping by offering a natural more homeopathic alternative to drugs from large drug companies.

Call for CD!

A powerful call to action throughout this letter makes it highly responsive.  Based in your offers of vitamins and supplements, this letter says “Call” 10 times in the letter and three times in the PS.  “By the time readers finish the letter,” says Dobkin, “They are reaching for the phone…”

Double Your Income 

A business letter written and designed to appeal to readers who want to make money.  Talks about the financial aspects of network marketing and being able to double your income, triple your income — Multiply your Income within the first year!  Then asks the reader to pick up the phone and call you.  Additionally, this letter offers a FREE CD as a ‘non-threatening reason’ for readers to call you (you can leave this FREE CD offer in, or take it out – the letter will still work hard to generate calls.)

Nothing Against Doctors

Doctors can cure you if you get ill, but they usually don’t do anything to prevent you from getting sick.  So this letter – while slightly bashing the medical profession for this shortcoming – offers your supplements and vitamins as a way of staying healthy.  Then sells the phone call, naturally.

Click to view sales page!

Click to view sales page!

Stress – 2 Letters

Do you suffer from stress? There are two letters in this Awesome series built on the “Stress” platform.  One letter offers  to send a free CD to someone who calls; the second letter actually has the CD enclosed.  These letters also work on the web when you offer an audio).  The CD audio is presented as so valuable it will change your life!  The letters let the “Secrets Revealed” CD sell the program — so these letters aren’t based on a particular program, they’re built around generating a phone call to get or listen to the FREE CD or audio.

The Extra $10,000 Letter

Have you ever received a letter from a MLM wannabe offering you an “Extra $10,000” a week for working from home in your spare time.  This letter debunks the myth.  “If I was making $10,000 a week it certainly wouldn’t be ‘extra,’” says Dobkin, “and I’d quite my day job in a minute!” The letter then offers your program that shows a realistic path to success by running classified ads or sending direct mail.  Then generates phone calls from business opportunity seekers.

Network Marketing EXPLODES your income!

Network marketing is different than working a job 9 to 5 because if you’re good, you can not just add to your income, you can actually MULTIPLY your income… within the first year.  To do this, you need to get the FREE CD offered in this letter (or the link to the audio on the web.)  It’s all about business opportunity, multiplying your income, exploding your wealth by working smarter not harder.  A powerful wealth-building letter for your readers, and you!

These are just a few of the many letters in our Awesome Network Marketing Letter Series.  These are well-written highly motivational sales letters that make people call you.  We hope you can see we’ve done our homework: lots of research, and we put the time in… writing, research, editing, design, layout — to bring you the most well written, most effective sales letters you can purchase.  And we’ve priced them reasonably at under $5 a letter. Order Now! Thank you for your consideration to purchase our letter templates — we appreciate it. Questions? Comments? Your call is always welcome: 610-642-1000. Always feel free to ask for Jeffrey personally.


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