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Marketing and Communication Strategies

Communication, Marketing and Business Strategy Services offered by Jeffrey Dobkin

Very strong with the strategies of finding and figuring out where the easiest and most profitable sales will come from – and how to reach those markets most effortlessly and effectively.

Marketing Audits: 
Uncovers what a company is doing right in their marketing, what they are doing wrong, and what they are simply missing.  Includes specific recommendations.

Market Analysis: 
Includes media analysis, industry magazine study, industry entrance barriers, trade show review, in-depth examination of primary, secondary and tertiary markets.  Competition.  Analysis of current business effectiveness in the marketing arena and assessment of opportunities to improve.
Consumer markets include newspaper, magazine, and TV analysis, as well as demographic review and in- depth direct mail analysis.

Direct Marketing:
Particularly strong in all phases of advertising, marketing and direct marketing including campaign conception, creating ads and direct mail, strategy, writing, testing and results analysis.

Corporate Communication Strategy 

          Blending company communications with corporate identity.  Standardizing the look and feel of the corporate entity in all communications including consumer, dealer, trade, investor, and the media.

Strengths and expertise in copywriting and graphics. Senior level skills include logo development and refinement, writing and design of corporate literature and collateral material.  Specialties include writing and designing short and long form direct-selling ads, direct mail package creation; and catalog copywriting (matching style.) Heavy experience and expertise in mailing lists including purchasing mailing lists, list segmentation and testing, and results analysis.

Marketing Plans:

I fine tune Marketing Plans.  If you have a marketing plan – I can show you how to strengthen it, where it works, and where it isn’t working.

I write marketing and promotional plans from scratch.  Articulate writing of an effective “promotional” marketing plan.
Full marketing plans often contain financials and are usually written as a pitch for funding; But, what crap.  As best as i can figure out, you can predict anything… but the future.  Dobkin’s specialty is the promotional section of these plans: strategies of how and where to sell products and services, where to advertise within those markets, and creating an offer that will be irresistible to your target population.  Dobkin also researches what your most effective sales avenues are; performs meaningful media analysis, cost analysis, budgeting, and testing — and a realistic look at probable results of the plan along with interpretation and analysis of the data once the plan is initiated.

Public Relations: 
Most at home writing press releases, press campaigns, and conceptional work in PR.  For larger clients: full participation in generating consistent press in any media.

Advertising is knowing what to say, marketing is knowing where to say it.  Advertising campaign strategy and execution.  Ad creation, writing, design, and the negotiation of placement of both magazine and newspaper advertisements.  Very strong in publisher negotiation and magazine analytics.  I can often save clients well past my fees by negotiating ad rates in their favor.

· Comfortable in any platform and style.
· Can emulate any writing style for a coherent match to pre-existing copy.
· Very good with news, journalistic, scientific, technical and instructional writing.
· Can write to pharma, insurance and financial industries within compliance rulings.
· Best with consumer and business-casual conversational style.
· Excellent with cadence and pacing to tightly hold readers attention.

Specialists in direct mail and direct-selling ads.

Letters:  Exceptionally strong in “direct mail letter” style writing and graphics.

    · Direct selling, short and long letter copy platforms.
· Full direct mail packages including brochures, booklets, lift notes, order forms, envelopes.
· Entire packages including conceptualization of offer, copy platform, graphic approach and layout.
    · Fundraising letters and packages, written for any justified cause.
    · Specialist in letters to the financial, MLM and insurance communities.
    · Solid with film, DRTV and industrial film scripting.

Exceptional with conceptional work for scripting, producing, directing and editing TV ads – both short and long form.

Great with creating white papers, research papers; ghost writing papers, books (ghost writing, editing), book covers and jackets.
Competent in all phases of editing (OK, except maybe for my own writing).

Traditional Advertising: 

    Very strong with core skills in creating all phases of institutional advertising, branding, and image advertising.  High-end ads and package design.  Labels.  Corporate collateral and sales material.
    Unusually good with conceptual work for direct marketing methods, especially when direct mail is used in combination with traditional advertising.
    Familiar with compliance issues in the medical, pharmaceutical and financial fields.
    Familiar with pharmaceutical and nutraceutical marketing – writing, packaging, labeling, literature; and traditional and direct-sales advertising.
    Exceptionally solid with all kinds of direct mail (print media).       
    Intimate with all mailing formats, printing requirements and response-oriented marketing techniques.  
    Very Knowledgeable in mailing list specification, selection, testing and segmentation analysis.
    Familiar with most local advertising media: ad specialties, bench, coupons, cash register tape, newspaper, magazines, theater programs, school yearbooks, train and bus advertising, and outdoor.

Print media specialist —

 · Familiar and intimate with all print processes and paper specification –
sheetfed, letterpress, embossing, stamping & dies; and web.  Also rotogravure, label, thermography, four color, label affixing, forms, envelopes.

  · Graphics and layout designed with printing in mind.
  · Tight specifications in print so jobs can be bid nationally.
· Specialist in InDesign (Adobe)

Deep familiarization  with all forms of brochures, booklets, flyers, ads, folds, papers, glue patterns, affixing, foils, embossing; digital, traditional, letterpress cross web glueing, and all traditional, digital, sheetfed and web printing. 

Comfortable with creation, composition – layout and design.  Heavily experienced in writing and specifying magazine ads, newspaper ads — both traditional and direct selling.  Specialists and experienced in direct-selling print ads: quarter, half and full page ads.  Tightly resourced by us when run on a remnant space national basis.

Design Expertise: 
Logo design, labels, packaging (writing, specifying, folding, gluing, structure development and design), conceptional and finished layout of retail packaging including writing, design and graphics.
Capable of creating high-end advertisements, specialties and collateral material.

Intimate with all forms of book composition, paper specification, layout, editorial and typography specifications.  Jeffrey not only writes his own books, he designs them and does the page composition and layout — including type specification and interior page design.

Great with conceptional work in flat or in 3-D, including writing, graphics & package design.

Exceptional in technical photographic methods and composition.  A great amount of experience in all forms of photography: studio, action, sports, portraiture, architectural, catalog, people and product photography, in both traditional film and digital.  Includes heavy experience in staging, pre-set, lighting, shot selection, commercial shot set-up preparatory work and design, and photo retouching.  Video set up, framing, lighting, direction and editing production.

Web Content
· Comfortable with SEO landing page writing, and all kinds of web content written to your own selected objectives.
· Familiar with website and navigation strategies.
· Good with website page layout, content layout.
· High SEO keyword-rich writing.
· Special offers and testing.
· Pretty good at creating very sticky pages.
· Currently learning HTML and web graphics interfaces (ugh).
· Excellent with blog content, blog strategy and guest posting and writing.


     · Most comfortable meeting clients, handling accounts with kid gloves.
· Excellent skills in bringing clients quickly up to speed when analyzing their marketing and direct marketing efforts.  

    · Finds flaws and inefficiencies fast in marketing programs, and can relay same in a constructive manner.  Offers suggestions and recommendations.
    · Can usually see 60% to 80% of the holes in a marketing program in the first few hours of meetings.  (For example the most common flaws I see in YOUR marketing campaign are 1. no coherent public relations program; and 2. little, none, or ineffective tracking in place.)  Hummm, how did he know that?

    Great with on-the-spot analysis and presentation of useful recommendations, followed up by deeper written analysis and going further: even more useful and practical recommendations.

   I define the markets, and show firms where to find the easiest and fastest sales first, how to reach purchasers most efficiently and at the least cost.  I let firms know what they are doing right (effective marketing), and what they are doing wrong (ineffective or over-cost marketing). I demonstrate how to increase their successes and how to correct failing or expensive mistakes.  Finally, I show how to test and measure response so marketing becomes more effective over time.

    OK, so now you kinda’ know what I do, and the question remains… What can I do for you?  

     If this sounds interesting – and it must because you’ve read this far, call me and let’s chat: 610-642-1000 rings on my desk.  My services vary in scope and depth from writing a simple sales letter or advertisement, to creating a communication strategy or an effective marketing plan for your entire company.  I can show you a marketing campaign that will definitely make your phone ring with greater frequency.  Call if you have questions or simply would like to discuss how to increase your business. I enjoy speaking with people about their marketing.  Thanks. 

Email Jeffrey – Jeff at Dobkin dot com