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Marketing: Is your marketing as good as my marketing?

For 25 years I’ve poked around in other people’s business.

As a marketing consultant (and an invited guest) I’ve overseen and coached many programs that have succeeded and reviewed many that have failed.

And I’ll tell you something: your own style of marketing your own products is probably much better than mine. You have the intimate industry experience. You’ve thought about marketing your specific products to your own market niche for years, and perhaps thousands of hours. You’ve experienced the unusual marketing patterns in your market segment and you know your industry cycles by heart. You have the depth of product knowledge, the expertise and the knowledge base of your market classification. So, yea – you have a leg up on me. Congratulations.

So how’s my marketing?

Well, for the past 25 years I’ve gone into over a thousand firms and asked, “What’s working in your marketing?” and “What isn’t?” So now I figure, hey—whatever worked for 975 of the firms… it’ll probably work for you, your products and your firm. Even if it’s marketing a product or service that’s different from what you’re selling.

I’ve closed some pretty big gaping holes in client’s marketing programs with this base of knowledge. Can I do this for you. Maybe. There are no guarantees in life but death, taxes, and if my wife is awake tonight when I get into bed things are looking pretty good, if you know what I mean. But besides that, I’m a pretty good bet for enhancing most marketing programs.

While most industries are similar, you’re right if you said yours was different. Some are a little different. Some quite a bit different. So here’s where seeing the marketing plan of those thousand or so firms I’ve looked at comes in handy.

Yes, I have noticed some campaigns work better in certain industries. More likely, I’ve seen it as few hundred times… or so. I can usually figure out rather quickly what makes a particular industry so special, or marketing to a particular niche so quirky. Trade Shows work well in some markets. In other industries magazine advertising is the way to go. Direct mail works in most markets where you can target your clients and prospects.

TV. Radio. Newsprint. Trials, successes and failures, too. I’ve seen it all. What works for you? Just as importantly – what doesn’t work. And what haven’t you tested?

There was a time I read every direct marketing book in the library, not to mention all the marketing books in bookstores. I did that for years. Still do sometimes, although I miss a few now and then. You did this too, right?

A lot of books today are too fluffy for me – big money behind mediocre titles pushed way up the Times best seller list with huge promotional budgets. The Tipping Point? Wasn’t that the old story of the straw that broke the camel’s back? Yeesh. Who Moved the Cheese? Sold millions of copies. Got lots of promotional money to generate all those sales. If you wrote a book titled Who Moved the Cheese I wouldn’t think it would sell, but that’s just my opinion and now you can see how wrong I can be. Hey, I make mistakes too. I think I made them all buy now. It’s called experience. It’s what you get when a campaign doesn’t make any money.

Yea, sometimes I get tired of hype. Especially when it’s too much promotion for too little meat and potatoes. For example, how much more do I really want to know about Paris Hilton or Lindsay Lohan. Or hear what Hillary Clinton’s advisors have scripted her to say. Money can buy a lot of media. If you have this much money… let’s talk. Most of my clients need to get it right – the first time.

Still, I read every marketing magazine I receive, and I receive dozens of marketing mags — each month. Been reading them for the last 25 years. I’ve written over 200 articles on marketing, and I’ve had my articles featured in most of the the marketing magazines and certainly all the direct marketing magazines at one time or another. They still run my articles, too. I have my own voice, and it’s the voice of experience.

Do you talk about marketing every day?

Cause that’s what I do. As a specialist in marketing and direct marketing, I talk about marketing all day, every day: with everyone that calls, with everyone that writes or emails. And mostly it’s still fun, and I love what I do. By now I’ll admit I’m pretty good at it and it’s nice to be knowledgeable and helpful.

Sometimes I wonder if my specialty in a vertical field is a good thing. While you were learning broad experiences about running your business, I was studying marketing. While you got to be a leader in your industry and move your business forward, I was getting better too – but strictly at marketing.

While you learned accounting, manufacturing, management, operations, finance – I learned about marketing, promotional marketing, direct marketing, marketing analysis, the statistics, the numbers, and of course as a writer: thousands of ways of how to make the phone ring. So I guess the answers is yea, you’re better at what you do. But, my marketing? Well, it’s preeeeeetttttty good by now, and I’m certainly good at making the phone ring – at the lowest possible cost, which by the way is my specialty. I can see the holes in a promotional program from a couple of miles out – and change it to a program that makes the phone ring at the lowest possible cost. Remember? My specialty.

Yea, so your marketing is pretty good. But you never know what you’re missing until you see the unique approach of the other 999 firms that I’ve seen, then bring these techniques home – to work in your business. Like I do for my clients.


Marketing Audit. Analyze your firm’s marketing.
I’ll tell you what you’re doing right, so you’d know not to worry about it or change programs running at maximum effiency. I’ll show you where you could use some help, or where a slight shift in direction could pay off handsomely. I’ll take a close look and see how your promotions rate in their effectiveness, and what your selling system looks like in my own unique, fresh objective view. And I’ll tell you the truth. If this is a scary thought, maybe this is just what your firm needs.

Bottom line: I’ll make pointed recommendations to correct your mistakes and show you how to make your phone ring more often at a lower cost, generate more and higher quality leads and get more new business. I’ll show you how to market more efficently so you can lower your marketing costs. My specialty, remember?

If you have no mistakes in your marketing plan or your promotions I’ll tell you. Then my objective will be to increase customer loyalty, and streamline your own plan to bring in more business more effectively at less cost.

My recommendations are always easy to implement: I already know if they aren’t easy to follow or they don’t make sense to everyone, it won’t get done. I’ve seen that in the first few hundred businesses I visited.

Market communications analysis and recommendations.
Frankly, it’s probably not what you’re doing that’s hurting you, it’s the hidden agenda you don’t even know you’re missing until someone shows you what you could be doing – and how effective it can be. I always make specific recommendations.

So… how’s your own marketing communications, printed media, correspondence, corporate image and identity these days? How’s your distribution? How is your PR plan going? How are your short term objectives and long term goals? What are you missing? Mind if I point it out to you?

From a few hours on the phone to a few weeks in the field, I’m quite used to carrying my weight and immediately proving my services are cost effective: I bring in more than I cost. Straight-to-the-point answers from me about most business subjects.

Business Writing
How do you look to other firms? As a print media specialist I’m very knowledgeable about communications, media, writing and graphics. My team has exceptionally broad experience in the four “M’s” – Media, Marketing, Magazines, & Mailings. Need someone to write model letters? Is your logo a distinct mark? Need an easy and fast way to get testimonials? Need instant referrals? There are ways.

If there are questions that come up all the time that really need to be answered in a way that both sells products and increase brand loyalty, I can show you how to turn this into a distinct advantage. Branding is easy once you know how.

Would articles, letters, model ads – or a promotional market plan help your firm? What about your toughest writing assignment? Yes, I can help. You’d be surprised who I write for, and who signs some of the letters I write. But, I’ll never tell. But feel free to call for additional information.

Direct Response Writing

Speaking of writing, a large part of what I do every day is my specialty: I write direct-selling material – like letters, space ads, direct-selling packages and direct mail. I still enjoy this and put as much research, time and enthusiasm into it as I did 25 years ago – but now I’m much smoother. Same typos, though.

I’ve gotten pretty good at writing over the years. “Seasoned” is probably a better word for it. Sounds better, anyhow. So if you need a “seasoned” writer specifically in the direct marketing field – with a specialty of making the phone ring the maximum amount of times from each piece please call – 610-642-1000. Need focused, results driven writing? Please let me know. But wait, there’s more…

Media Analysis and Planning

Straight Marketing
Not many people talk about straight marketing.
Finding new markets. Analyzing existing markets. Finding and analyzing the many magazines that serve the industries that use your products and services. Customer acquisition strategy. Analyzing customer data to find additional customers at the best cost. Trade shows. Competitive analysis. It seems like if I’ve done it once, I’ve done it a thousand times. Hummm… I actually have done this a thousand times.

Hey you know what? This is just the tip of the iceberg. I could write a book about marketing. Maybe several. If you’ve read this far you’re probably pretty serious about increasing your business – why don’t you call me and I’ll send you one of my books with my compliments. Thanks.

Is my marketing better that yours?
No. But I do have the unique ability make your phone ring at the lowest possible cost. Learn what you need to do to reach your next level… call me on it: 610-642-1000. No big commitment. No heavy sales pitch. Let’s chat – about marketing. See if I can help. This phone number rings on my desk.

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