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Philadelphia Inventors Alliance Membership Application

Print out and complete this membership application to the Philadelphia Inventors Alliance.  This nonprofit organization was founded by Jeffrey Dobkin.  It’s mission is to found a community to help and assist local inventors.  You can email Jeffrey with your thoughts or ask him questions:

Fill out this application and mail it to the this address.


Please Note:  We are NOT Accepting paid memberships at this time.  For a FREE Membership, please email Jeffrey.  Thanks.

The Philadelphia Inventors Alliance

P.O. Box 100
Merion Station, PA 19066
Phone 610-642-1000

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First Name:_________________ Last Name: ________________________

Street Address:______________________ City:________________ State____ Zip______

Phone (____)________________________ Profession _____________________________

How did you hear of us__________________________________

E-Mail:____________________________________ Website____________________________________

(Note: Payment is preferred to be made by check. Thank you.  Please mail it to the above address.

These are our current membership rates for 2018:

_____ I am applying for a NEW Full Membership.
Enclosed is my payment of $49 for the first year.

_____ I wish to apply for a full three-year membership, $129
or ___ I wish to renew for three years, enclosed is my payment of $119

_____ I wish to renew my annual membership – $45.

Enclosed is my payment of $45.00

Date _______________ Signature___________________________

Voluntary Information: Are you joining as an expert? What is your area of your expertise:

Are you currently working on an invention? If so, what is the general subject area of the invention:

Do you have any prior inventions? Have they been commercially marketed? If so, please give us the name, and a brief description of each. Patented or unpatented?

What do you expect from membership? How can we best help and serve you?

Membership now includes our occasional inventor meetups, speakers on topics of interest to inventors, invention reviews, and meetings at places of interest to inventors.

 The Philadelphia Inventors Alliance:

We offer free invention evaluation services to our members on a regular basis.  Please apply for invention evaluation review.  We will send you forms of Non-Disclosure/  You may then discuss your invention board members or Jeffrey Dobkin in confidence.  If your invention is approved for full board review, we will set your evaluation date.

Personal Invention review and consultation from Jeffrey Dobkin.  Dobkin will review your invention in depth.  
The initial call is free.  Dobkin offers an in-depth professional review and a consultation on the phone. The full cost of this invention evaluation is $250.  This review takes almost an hour, longer if necessary.  His review is an initial marketing consultation which includes commercial assessment of where you are now in the invention process, directions you can follow step by step, and actions you can take right now to move your invention forward.  This personal analysis takes into account you, your invention, your personal strengths and weaknesses, your budget, time constraints, your areas of expertise, and your invention goals.

Dobkin’s consultations include information on: prototyping, patenting, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, market assessment, media analysis and licensing.  Full Disclosure:  Although Jeffrey Dobkin may offer some patenting advice, he is not a patent attorney.  That being said, he’s pretty knowledgable about patents, and very good with his market assessment, advice and counsel.  He has been reviewing inventions while serving on the board of directors of the non-profit American Society of Inventions for the past 14 years and offers a good level of experience – and quite a bit of expertise – in the area of invention and marketing.

Questions about inventing may be sent to Jeffrey by email:  
You may call Jeffrey Dobkin directly at his office: 610-642-1000.

In preparation of any review or evaluation, you should write down questions you would like answered during your invention review.

Unlike invention marketing companies who may have a monetary interest in telling you your invention is great and should be marketed at any cost (including huge fees to them), Jeffrey Dobkin and the Philadelphia Inventors Alliance have no investment in the success or failure of your invention, nothing to sell you, and nothing to gain by a good or bad review.  As such inventors receive a completely honest evaluation.

The Philadelphia Inventors Alliance does not market products for inventors. In the evaluation they offer counsel and advise to inventors of what to do with their invention from the state that it’s in, to move the invention process forward.  The Philadelphia Inventors Alliance does not offer additional services other than this review.

Jeffrey Dobkin offers his marketing and advertising services to people and firms who have a product ready to manufacture and market or license.

VIDEO RELEASED —  We offer an awful I mean awesome video of Jeffrey Dobkin speaking to a small group of enthusiastic inventors here in Philadelphia.  This is a full course on inventing: a one hour “How-To” video that you should definitely watch. Please find this video in our bookstore.

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