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Intelligent Testing Booklet

Jeff Illustrated 40K

Do you know me, Jeffrey Dobkin?

No, probably not.

I never became famous.

I never became famous because I’ve spent the last 25 years in the trenches, working with the little guys. I was busy helping my small business clients get rich.

No roads to instant success.

No fancy overnight schemes.

But if you hired me as a consultant, I presented some of the most powerful, easiest to follow, yet most effective and lowest-cost marketing campaigns you could find. I’ve helped thousands of small business owners become successful.

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People who have seen my writing – I’ve written five books on direct marketing – know that I cut through the theoretical crap, and show entrepreneurs and small business owners exactly what to do to get more response, more phone calls and more business… and exactly how to do it.  In this program, I show you how to make money by taking out tiny classified ads and testing direct mail.


Intelligent Testing System Photo

The Original Intelligent Testing System


Now I’ve taken my best, most successful home-based marketing programs, refined them again and again – made them easy to follow, and easy to do (so they get done, what good is a program that’s too difficult to follow or too hard to do?) and combined them into one simple, spectacular audio cassette course and workbook, “THE INTELLIGENT TESTING SYSTEM.” Now I offer it to you. I promise you, you’ve never seen anything like it, anywhere, ever. (Now instantly delivered in a convenient e-version download!)

The Intelligent Testing System Program is specifically a “system of buying classified ads at steep discounts” and testing them until you have ads testing successfully (aka making money!).  It also demonstrates how to make money in direct mail by starting out with small mailings, and increasing the number of pieces you mail when your direct mail package tests successfully.  The Intelligent Testing System shows you in excellent detail how to make money, right from the privacy of your own home or office. Got a few minutes? Please let me explain exactly how this program works…

If you’ve read any of my books, How To Market A Product For Under $500! or Uncommon Marketing Techniques, to name just a couple – you know you only get fast-reading, practical, and useful information from me. Techniques that immediately help your marketing and direct marketing sizzle with results. No history, no theory, and no B.S. That’s why my columns on direct marketing have been published in over 300 magazines and tough business newspapers. They’ve been read by over 5,000,000 people.

My credentials don’t stop there, either. I’m privileged to serve on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Inventors (15 years), a non-profit self-help group for inventors, right here in Philadelphia. We review and analyze our member’s inventions (free) and recommend marketing programs and strategies to commercialize them.  I’m also the President of the Brain Injury Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to reducing hypoxic (low oxygen), ischemic (low blood flow) brain injury.  And I sit on the board of several other organizations and firms, too.

Marketing and selling products through classified ads is a fun way to run a business right from home.  And selling through direct mail means you never have to speak with anyone and try to sell them something on the phone.  The Intelligent Testing System Program is fully endorsed by The National Mail Order Association. This group has been helping mail order entrepreneurs for over 20 years. I, and the groups I am proud to serve under, all have similar goals – to help the real heroes of America: entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Now I’m offering you this opportunity to get rich right from your kitchen table. Without any big expense. Here’s a few other benefits —

· The Intelligent Testing System is not expensive –
It doesn’t cost a lot of money to start – or continue.
What other real business can you start for under $500?
· Start anytime you like. · Start part time.
· Continue to work part time – or full time.
· Work any hours – and you set the hours
· Work days or nights – or a few hours of each, you choose!
· Work from your home, or from your office.
· Set your own pace: be aggressive or laid back.
· LOW RISK. In fact, you have almost no risk.
· This entire business can be run completely through the mail.
· No Selling Phone Calls of ANY Kind! Ever.
· Never sell anything to relatives or friends.
· Stop when you want. Start again when you feel like it.
· You have no boss, and you only answer to… you!
· You don’t need any employees.

As you progress though the program you’ll learn how to
· Work SMARTER, not harder or longer, to make more money.
· Take days off – with full pay.
· Earn Unlimited Income. Your income depends on you,
your creativity, your products – and how aggressive you
want to be to make more money.

Here’s the BEST PART:
You’re going to look forward to every visiting the post office and checking your mailbox single Monday, because you’ll like what you do. In fact, you’ll wake up on Mondays – every Monday – and say, “Thank God It’s Monday!”

It’s all up to you to take the first step, which is ordering the system:

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You’re going to learn about it right now, so make up your mind if you like what you see, you’ll take a chance, a chance that you can change your life! What I’ve created for you is an easy to follow, “here’s-exactly-how-to-do-it” system to make money with classified ads and direct mail, and get cash in your mailbox, every day – except Sunday, because football is on TV on Sunday, so there’s no mail. Interested?

~ It all starts right here ~

“Make $85,000 Your First Weekend!”

We’ve all seen the get-rich-quick schemes and “Miracle” ads in magazines. Silly, isn’t it, the figures those ads throw at you?

Ads with titles like “Make $9,000 just by mailing this simple letter!” and “Make $25,000 your first month.” And my favorite: “You can make $5,000 a week for mailing this secret package.” I will now demystify all these ads for you: They’re junk. What a bunch of worthless stuff. Do you really think you can make $9,000 just by mailing a simple letter? Get real! Their directions wouldn’t get you to a gas station on a turnpike. If it was that easy, everyone would have done it long ago, and the well would be pretty dry by the time you read about it in a magazine ad, don’t you think?


My Own Personal Tragic Story of Success

It’s funny – those “Miracle” stories you read. You know – those long-copy, direct mail-order ads in magazines — about how times were tough, then like magic they stumbled… on to… sudden success. Most are hard-hard luck stories… so if you want one from me, here it is:

“I was raised in the south by a po’ family; we had no rent money so we lived in a po’ shack, on the very po’ side of town. Had a train track running through the backyard. When I was 15, my wife left me for a big, big guy with slicked-back hair, and musta had 20 tattoos. He had a couple o’ teeth, mostly in the back, but that thare was two more than me. Times was really rough.
“Welp… one day she just up and left me. Her note was brief and to the point. “Jon,” she said – and I could never figure out why she never could remember my name – “I’m a leavin’ you for…” Well, like I said, the note was short. That was it. It was jes like her to leave me guessin. She never did say leavin me for what. Another guy? Another girl? A steak dinner for two at Sizzler’s? So I guess I’ll never know. Man, times was really tough, and I was down on my luck. If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have had no luck at all.
“I was at the end, the end I tell ya’. I was flat broke. If it cost a quarter to get to the moon, I couldn’t get around the block… let alone get out of Alabama. I was so po’ the people on welfare had to loan me money. And the po’ box at the church? It had my name written right there on the bottom. In the dictionary the word “po” had my picture next to it.
“One day, all of our young folk was all a-cryin’ because our old black and white TV was on the fritz and we could only get one of them two fuzzy channels we usually get. Nope, not even basic cable – man, I done told you these times was hard. The bank was itchin’ to repossess my 79 Ford Falcon station wagon, if they could find the driver’s side door and get it to crank up to drive it away.
“Well, the rent was due, I was in debt up to my receding hairline which I guess was being repossessed also… and… the sheriff was a-closin’ in… when suddenly… suddenly… this miracle happened – say hallelujah – and I stumbled onto the only surviving secret of the Ancient Egyptian’s mail order success… and, and, now I’m rich. Rich! Rich. I’m sitting here on my boat in my Polo shirt, Polo Jacket, and Polo skivvies. Got a new hairpiece, a couple o’ new teeth, and I’m sittin’ here writing this note…”

Jeffrey Dobkin

Hey, that is a heck of a great story, ain’t’ it? But…


I made it all up.

I just love those hard luck stories in magazine ads! They’re pretty funny, too – I just gotta smile when I read them. Truth is, they’re written by tough, shrewd copywriters. Every once in a while one is sincere, but frankly – most of them are a bunch of crap. If you’ve read my books, you can tell I wrote this stuff myself. Same grammatically challenged style of writing. Same old jokes. Good natured, though. Always am.

Change your life – CLICK HERE TO ORDER

The Real Story:

I was born to an average, solid working class family. I learned to earn my money the hard way – work for it. And I did. I put in some long damn hours; still do. I’ve studied well, and worked hard. For years I’ve made my own lunch, brought it to work, and ate it right here at my desk. Sometimes I still do that, too. Go on, gimme a call at lunchtime, see if my mouth is full…

But you know what else? I love what I do. And that’s what this program can do for you. You’ll love what you do. Can you say that now?

If you buy this course, you’ll love it. If you don’t – hey, send the program back. It’s satisfaction guaranteed. Everything I create is satisfaction guaranteed. My books, too. My first book came out in 1996. Let’s see… I’ve gotten three of them back so far. Talking about guarantees…
How about this for one of the most unusual guarantees you’ve ever seen anywhere:


You’ll say this Every Monday. Every Week. No Kidding.

Let me ask you, do you love what you do?

I mean really love it? Do you look forward to going to work every morning?

Do you jump out of bed with enthusiasm and can’t wait – just can’t wait – for the day to start? If you do, I’m happy for you and quite frankly, you don’t need to buy this money-making system. Because if you feel that way, don’t change a thing. You are truly one of the Blessed Few.

But if you don’t jump out of bed looking forward to going to work with excitement in your heart, you can! Yes, you can – in the very near future. And you can do something – to make this happen right now. You can call me right now, and order this course – this remarkable system of placing and testing ads and testing and sending direct mail.

I’ll tell you about this entire incredible course – including exactly the way it all works – on the following pages. Because I want you to know exactly what you are buying. Why shouldn’t you know what you’re buying? Think about it. It would be silly not to know, wouldn’t it?

On the other hand, I can get kind of long winded, so just bear with me for a couple of pages… because first I’m gonna tell you what it isn’t.

The Intelligent Testing System is very different from anything you’ve seen in other ads. It’s a completely new program, and no one offers it but us –
The Danielle Adams Publishing Company. If you’re thinking “MLM- been there, done that” it has nothing to do with
MultiLevel Marketing. Nothing at all. No, it’s definitely not Network Marketing. Yet The Intelligent Testing System works WITH every MLM product and company!

MLM is not for everybody. Most network marketing programs are centered on phone calls. Call everyone, call every friend and call every relative you have… and surely, some people will sign up. In The Intelligent Testing System program you call NO ONE. No calls to sell anything to anybody.

It fact, it’s particularly NOT multi-level marketing. If you’re thinking about joining another MLM marketing program, I have one thing to say to you:

“Hey, MLMer!”

Yea, I’m talking to you.

You know who you are. You’ve been in one Multi-Level Marketing program or another for quite a while now. Never seem to make any money, do you? Put somebody in your downline – if you get that far – just in time to watch another fall off the top. Don’t you just hate when that happens?


Your upline doesn’t tell you a huge fault of network marketing: that’s all you’ll ever talk about for the rest of your life is your MLM company and its products. Every phone call you make, every time you speak with someone… Everyone you meet. Don’t believe me? Call a few multilevel marketing friends and poke around. See just what the conversation ALWAYS turns to — and stays with. Go on – make a few calls, I’ll wait.

I can tell you something else about seriously signing on with one of the MLM programs. You’ll lose all your friends.

That’s right: You’ll lose all your friends.

You’ll lose all your friends because all you ever talk about is your MLM products, and how much money you’re going to make when everybody signs up under you, and how much money they’re going to make if they sign up….

Every conversation you ever start, or join into, turns into a selling opportunity. But what the heck, if your old friends didn’t sign up to be in your downline, you didn’t need them as friends, anyhow, did you? Isn’t MLM fun?

The Intelligent Testing System is 100% direct response. Works with every MLM firm and products, but here’s the difference: No selling phone calls, ever. EVER! No more wasting hours on the phone recruiting. Or with people who stay in your program until you’ve trained them, then drop out. Have you ever noticed that has happened?

Here’s what we’ve fixed —
Here’s Why You’re Not Making
Money in Network Marketing –

Please allow me the opportunity to tell you what you’re doing wrong.

It’s no secret, because everyone’s doing the same thing wrong. I see it all the time. As a marketing consultant for over 20 years don’t you think at one point someone from every sort of MLM program has come to me for help?

Here’s what you’re doing wrong, and where we can help:

Your marketing. Well… it stinks.

Worst of all, it’s not even your own fault. It’s the fault of the ‘Home Office.’ It’s the Fat Cats up at the top. You see, they don’t really care, they’re rolling in dough. Their literature stinks. Their support is sparse. And their idea of help is to sell you 1,000 tapes and 2,500 brochures and tell you to send them. Hey, they make money on selling you tapes and brochures, so it is a good idea – for them! And for you? Well, if you buy into this package and mail out 1,000 tapes and brochures then you’ll know something I’ve known for quite some time: you’ll know what else doesn’t work.

“I Made $25,000 My First Month!”

Ever see those ads?  It’s bullshit.  Sure, a few guys at the top make big money – the people you see pictured in all the ads. “I made $25,000 my first month.” It was easy for them: they started at the top. You can make $25,000 your first month, too — if you start at the top.

So, now you’re standing there, staring at your $1,500 hard-earned bucks worth of their crummy literature and wonder how you’re going to do the same trick they’ve done and make $25,000 in 30 days. Wake up, baby, you’re not. If you’re like most people, network marketing isn’t the answer.

Frankly, it is possible to make money in network marketing. You just don’t ever get any time away from going into your sales pitch to anyone who’s standing next you for over 10 minutes. You’ll actually wind up giving your sales pitch to anyone who will stand still long enough to listen. Is that what you want to do for the rest of your life? If you said yes, then by all means, go ahead. But you’ll hate Mondays. And Tuesdays. And Wednesdays…

With the exception of a few of the better companies, the guys at the top of most network marketing company’s food chain don’t know much about marketing. They’re sales guys. Don’t get me wrong, some are really good – good enough to sell a cheeseburger to a vegetarian. But most don’t know anything about marketing. I’ve analyzed enough of their sales packages to know. And they for-sure don’t know anything about direct mail. Here’s where I come in.

You see, I don’t know much about building a big network-marketing organization. I admit it. But I’ll tell you what: I sure know a heck of a lot about direct marketing. And I wrote the book on direct mail. Several of them. The Intelligent Testing System isn’t multi-level anything, but your wealth can explode – Multiply and EXPLODE – using my unusual marketing insights… plus a few good-old-boy direct marketing tricks.

The Intelligent Testing System is a unique system through classified ads and direct mail because you don’t sell anything to friends or family. You can even do all your marketing in another state: any state you choose – it doesn’t even have to be your own state, where you live. But the part I like best is that you NEVER need to pick up the phone to sell anything: it’s all classified ads, direct marketing and direct mail. It’s completely different from anything you’ve ever seen. And here’s the difference. I’m going to tell you exactly how this program works. Right now in the next 4 or 5 pages.

In the INTELLIGENT TESTING System, I’ll show you a way of
1. finding or creating a winning product
2. or using your network marketing products
3. or selling our own Intelligent Testing System
4. and achieving incredible sales
5. and making money – all through direct mail
6. or classified ads.
7. You won’t ever have to call anybody.
8. You won’t ever have to talk about it to anyone.

Potential Profits: Huge! Risk: Low.

Change your life – CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Shhhh! The Secret Formula…

Other programs keep you guessing about their “SECRET FORMULA” for success. If you saw their formula, you’d know why they didn’t show it to you up-front. Why should I keep you guessing, it’s on page 18.

You can create thousands and thousands… and thousands – of dollars in revenue from one single tiny 25-word ad or a single direct mail letter. You could be just 25 words away from making more money than you ever thought possible, from fulfilling your dreams and becoming wealthy, right from your home, right from your kitchen table. You can do this working just part time and no one will even know you’re working on a new direct marketing program – unless you tell them.

The Intelligent Testing System is very little work to start – or run. You have freedom and independence, you can set your own hours – any hours you like. There’s no boss – no office – and no office politics.

This system requires very little money to start, has almost no risk – and as in most of the better mail order programs, there’s no limit to your growth or income. The business is completely scalable – meaning when you create one single successful ad or direct mail letter, you just keep placing the same ad or sending the same letter in greater and greater frequency to increase your income to the desired level you select.

Get Paid While On Vacation…

Here’s another benefit –
With The Intelligent Testing System you can take vacations and days off exactly when you want, all without missing a paycheck! The entire course is designed to fill your mailbox with cash – every day. Except Sunday – because… football is on TV on Sunday. Mailmen don’t work on Sunday. I don’t either. And when football season is over, gentlemen start your engines because it’s car racing time! No wonder the mail doesn’t come on Sundays.

Another great benefit of this system, even the days that you don’t work, your income remains exactly the same as if you did. Try that with your regular job.

So finally – here’s the basis of the way it works:

The basis for my entire money making system is a methodical procedure for testing ads and direct mail. When you create a successful ad and it tests well, you buy more circulation. Simple, isn’t it? It’s how the whole Intelligent Testing System works. If you buy this system, you’ll see an exact plan, laid out in intricate detail, fully referenced, and made easy for you to follow. So… let me ask you again —

“Are you just 25 words away from your wildest dreams of wealth and riches?”

Can you create a single 25 word ad that’s a winner? Because that’s all you need! That’s all you need to do to set yourself up for the rest of your life. That’s all you need to do my friend, to become rich beyond your wildest dreams. One Ad. 25 words. Rich.

Now, creating this successful ad may take you some time: it might come out on the first evening, or it may take you a couple of weeks to write it and re-write it. It doesn’t really matter, because once you create an ad that works, you’ll have your own winning ad for the rest of your life! If you create a single successful ad it can run for years! Years! You may never, never have to do anything else in your life, but run this one single successful ad.

Getting Rich From Classified Ads –

How it works:


Here you’ll see the first part of my entire system of creating success and wealth – and having fun and really enjoying what you do! Reaching success by placing tiny classified ads is based on the simple principle of testing small circulation papers before placing ads in a larger and larger circulation of papers. Here’s what this means:

First, I show you how to create an ad that will pull a response as good as anyone’s. Or, use one of the ads you can get from us. Eventually an ad you place will test successfully.

When an ad is even mildly successful and you make just a few dollars profit, I show you how to multiply your success by testing that same ad in a dozen papers. If successful here – and it should draw the same percentage response – I show you how to place it in more and more papers easily, with just a single phone call, and at huge discounts.

In this growth phase, when you multiply the number of papers your ad is in, you also MULTIPLY the money you make. You’ll multiply the profit you make. Not by onesies or twosies, but by 10 times, 20 times, 100 times, then 1,000 times. Sounds simple because it is, once you have a great set of directions to go by.

Change your life – CLICK HERE TO ORDER

Here’s a simple example of exactly how it works:

You place an ad in a newspaper with a circulation of 20,000 households, and you sell $40 worth of goods – two orders at 20 bucks each. After shipping them out you make a reasonable profit of $5 on each order. I know: don’t quit your day job just yet. Your ad worked, and when all was said and done, the ad generates $10 in profit. This was a Level I Test. In The Intelligent Testing Program I show you how to place that same tiny ad in more newspapers and magazines.

So let’s say you learn fast, and create a better ad: Now move on to Level II. Next, you buy 2 local papers, 2 times the circulation: 40,000. The same figures should hold true – and now you make 2 times your initial sale of $40, your revenue is $80, with 2 times your $10 profit – you make $20.

Big deal, you say. I say, “Yes, yes it is.” Here’s why. You have a successful Level II Test. Now you’re feeling gutsy, and you move right into a Level 5 Test. Your ad goes in 100,000 papers, and you make 5 times your revenue, or $200, your profit is $50. “Hurmph,” you say, “That ain’t gonna pay my mortgage.” Stay with me…

“This is the beauty of my programs – you don’t need to make large profits on each sale. This is one of the areas where other programs fall short: If you’ve got to make 50% markup on each sale – after your advertising and marketing costs – how can you offer your customers a great product AND a great price? No wonder their programs don’t work.”

Next, explicit instructions contained in The
Intelligent Testing System show you exactly how to purchase ads in groups of papers. Now with a single phone call you buy all the newspapers in your area, or any area of the United States (your choice! I give you all the names, phone numbers, addresses, fax numbers, e-mail – everything!)

This time you buy a group of newspapers with a circulation of 200,000. This is a Level VII Test. What happens? You make more money: your income is now $400, and you make $100 in profit. Now it’s getting exciting. By now, you can’t wait to get to your mailbox every day. I know, because I feel the same way! I can’t wait to get up in the morning and check my mail!!! Yes, even today.

Next, you continue to test your ad in a larger circulation of newspapers with a Level XII Test: I show you how to purchase classified ads in all the papers across your entire state, or any state – with a single phone call. Keeping the same order rate in our example, you now buy enough newspapers to have a circulation of 1,000,000 households, and your income explodes: you generate $4,000 in orders, and now you make $1,000 in profit. Profitable? You bet. Get the idea of how this program works?

When the orders come in, just ship your product and you’ve just made $1,000 from placing ads in dozens and dozens of papers with a single phone call. You can do this each and EVERY WEEK. And more!

The way I show you to do this is easy to follow, and when you buy The Intelligent Testing Program you receive exactly-how-to-do-it instructions. Anyone can do it. You can even do it in your spare time.

This is exactly the way it works.

Except… it gets…  BETTER.

Much Better. Much Much Better! Now, since you’re buying so much ad space, I show you how to buy your ad space at even bigger, larger, HUGE DISCOUNTS.

With a single phone call I’ll show your how to buy blocks of newspapers with combined circulations of 1,000,000 – 5,000,000 – 10,000,000 and more! Places where you can run your classified 25 word ad in enormous circulations with huge, huge readership and at hugh buying discounts. Incredible?  You bet.  You can see how clearly I offer this same plan in the article on this website: How to Buy Newspaper Ads at discount.  Go ahead, check it out – I’ll wait.  Of course, the key to this program is different.  Very different.  But at least you’ll know I’m not bullshitting you as some other marketing programs, or making empty promises I can’t fulfill.

In the Intelligent Testing System I name names, and include all the phone numbers – and show you how this whole system of discount ad buying works. I’ll show you where to buy four ads, and get the fifth one free – for an even a better profit! I show you how and exactly where to purchase some of the best national advertising space at incredible insider-trading discounts!

Now it gets really, really interesting.

I show you how to buy classifieds for every state in the country, with a single phone call. You take your one, tiny successful ad and I show you where you can place it in groups of papers with circulations of 5,000,000, 10,000,000, 15,000,000 with just a single phone call. Yes, I give you those phone numbers, too.

Here’s an example of the huge discounts I show you – in detail – how to get. You can buy a 25-word classified ad in almost every paper (about 90% of them) in Pennsylvania. Circulation: over 2,400,000. Cost? Under $400. Incredible. You’ll be able to afford to run a solid testing program with this system.

If you create that one tiny, successful winning ad, we give you the tools to become a rich, rich individual. Right from your home. And it can all happen within a couple of months! That’s right – within a few short months, you have a chance, the opportunity, to be RICH. And that, my friend, is what this program is all about: opportunity. The opportunity to get rich, right from home, working just in your spare time. This is entrepreneurship. And this is what The Intelligent Testing Program is all about. Interested?

7 This is entrepreneurship at its best. Because you have the chance to run your own real business, with an incredible – almost unlimited – upside potential. You learn a system that is completely scalable. That means if you can achieve a small amount of success, you can do the exact same thing on a larger scale – to bring in more and more sales – and make more money – just by doing exactly what you’re doing. Just scale it up – to the next level. There is almost no limit.

That’s the beauty of The Intelligent Testing Program: test small, become successful. Then test larger, become more successful. Then for your finely-tuned, best-response ads, buy more space and increase the circulation in thousands of papers and magazines. Buy space only for those ads that you already know will work. Increase placement of winning ads – and build on your successes. Easily, with complete confidence.   This entire program is now instantly delivered in a convenient e-version download!

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You are in control, but…
I gotta tell you, there’s a down side, and these results are not typical. Not everybody becomes rich who buys this program. Just like everyone who buys stocks does not become rich. But unlike buying stocks – which you have no control over – you have complete control over your own destiny here. It’s up to you to create a winning ad, and follow the system, and ship your product in a timely fashion. Frankly, it can be a lot to juggle. But if you think you’re up to the task – give me a call and order this money-making system. Or, just keep reading, in a few pages we’ll explore a brand new facet we haven’t talked about much yet: direct mail.

Still nervous about creating your own ads?
You can always use our ads! So don’t worry. But if you’d like to create your own: First I show you – step by step – how to create your own winning ads. I show you what to say, and just how to say it to make your ads sizzle with response. I give you all the magic words to attract attention, interest your readers, and stimulate their response. How do you know I can do this? Hey – check me out!

My stuff works. Just get down to your local bookstore – or go to a library – and pick up a copy of either of my books: How To Market A Product For Under $500! or Uncommon Marketing Techniques – and take a look. If they don’t have a copy, tell them to order it.

Go on, check my stuff out – it’s free, er… if you read it right there in the bookstore. It’s always free at the library. My books are carried by all the major chains because… I’m legit. And I’m a kick-ass, how-to, no b.s. kind of guy, and you’ll see that straight away. Go on, do it now… I’ll wait.

If you can create a single winning 25 word ad that draws a good response, I can show you how to use this one single ad to become rich. That’s why I say that you may be just 25 words away from your wildest dreams of becoming wealthy.

This is the Way to Become Rich –
without a Big Investment of Money or Time.

Change your life – CLICK HERE TO ORDER

You know, I don’t really care what others tell you, I believe the EASIEST WAY TO GET RICH WITHOUT BIG RISKS is to do exactly what I recommend in this program.

I’ve been in direct marketing and direct mail for – OHMYGOD! am I that old already? Anyhow – I teach courses in direct mail, and I present well-attended seminars in direct marketing at some of the biggest direct marketing conferences in the world. (Some of my presentations have been sponsored by AT&T, The U.S. Postal Service, and Temple University, just to name a few.) And take it from me, I assure you that testing is a way of life in direct marketing.

We test all the time in direct mail. All the time. I don’t think there’s a major mailer out there – at least I can’t think of one – that doesn’t test everything he’s doing. Test the lists, test the copy, test the offer, the products – everything! In direct mail, the name of the game is testing. EVERY major mailer runs tests — and there are NO EXCEPTIONS. NONE! And in my course of Intelligent Testing, I’ll show you just how the big boys – the major mailers – do it!

But, let’s back up a moment… we were talking about ads – we’ll talk about direct mail in a few minutes. I just get so excited. And you will too when you call us Toll Free: 1-866-293-7663 to place your order for this easy to use system. Sell anything – and you watch your own mailbox fill up with orders!

Your initial test can be small, as small as placing a single classified ad in one single newspaper – as long as you have a solid system behind the test. That’s what my program is all about – with plenty of samples and examples – all laid out in an audio program that’s easy to listen to, a workbook that’s a clear and concise reference, and a plan that’s easy and fun to follow.

You can listen to the tapes in your home, office, even your car. Imagine – learning The Intelligent Testing Program – just riding around in your car! In just a few days you can become an expert in direct marketing with the fastest ramp-up my 25 years of experience can give you. In just a few hours you’ll learn tips and tricks it took me a lifetime to acquire. If you have questions about anything, just refer to your workbooks. They’re fast to use and easy to understand. Any information you need is right there at your fingertips. It’s all there. All there.

You’ll learn how to place ads at huge discounts with The Intelligent Testing System, so that when any of your results are successful – no matter how small – it almost guarantees the next level of ads will be just as successful.

You learn to cleverly build on your successes. You can predict anything but the future, but with my system of intelligently testing classified ads and direct mail working for you, you can get pretty damn close.

You’ll find out in a hurry what’s going to work BIG for you. And the only way to find out what is going to work BIG for you, without spending big, is to run SMALL TESTS. Like all my programs, The Intelligent Testing Program shows you how to test products, offers, media, everything – for just a few dollars.

By the way, if you decide to join us and sell The Intelligent Testing System course, you can receive dozens of ads that you can use to immediately test in different media – the same day you get the course. Some are new. Some have been successful for others. Some work in certain papers or magazines, some work in others. Testing is the only way to find out what works, we show you how!

Frankly, this is pretty neat stuff: I also show you where to look to find hundreds of other successful ads: what to look for, exactly how to analyze them, and how to create ads just like them that will give you the best possible chance of coming up with a winning ad the very first time you sit down to create it.

But still, the heart of the first part of the program…
is simply this – write one single 25 word ad that’s a winner, test it carefully – chart your response – and keep placing it in groups of larger and larger circulation papers or magazines. You’ll get more and more response, more and more orders, and make more and more money. It’s a simple concept, a simple system, and it works.

Here’s More Good News:
You have the rest of your life to create a single winning ad that will make you rich.

Let’s take the worst case scenario – you hem and haw and put the whole thing off. One beer leads to another, and that game of pool just seems like too much fun tonight to put down your stick and write an ad. I know the feeling well… So suppose it takes you a year to create your first winning ad. So? So starting in one year and one week you can be on your way to more riches than you ever thought possible. No experience necessary. Start whenever you want, set your own pace. It’s OK with me – I’m not your mother, father or brother, and you are on your own time table.

One of the MOST IMPORTANT POINTS to remember about the classified ad segment in The Intelligent Testing Money Making System is this: All you really need is ONE successful ad, to make all of this happen. You only need to write one, single, tiny 25 word ad to make your fortune. Interesting?

And now a word about
Other Opportunities –

So, you already have a product…

I know, I know – you’ve seen lots of other ads, maybe you’ve even bought some “Opportunities” or some home business something-or-other. And you still aren’t rich, imagine that. (Geeze, I hope you didn’t fall for that “stuff envelopes at home!” crap.) There are a lot of programs out there. A lot of worthless fluff, but some good stuff, too. But don’t you dare compare this product, this system of testing and placing ads and creating and testing direct mail with ANY other products you may have seen. There’s a big difference.

First of all, our system of placing ads and testing direct mail is DESIGNED TO WORK WITH YOUR CURRENT PRODUCTS – to make you money. If you need a product, we’re proud to offer our own Intelligent Testing System for sale. But if you sell other products including any MLM or network marketing products, The Intelligent Testing System will enhance your sales. It will show you how you’re supposed to do it, with your very best chance of success.

So if you already have a product – or are involved in a network marketing company – buy this program, and learn the right way – how to sell your products or generate leads though classified advertising and direct mail. You’ll have a fast track to the inside secrets of direct marketing, straight from the guy who wrote the book. Several of them.

Before we get into exactly how the Direct Mail Section works, let me discuss other ways you see in magazines of making money.

“One other way to make money, for example, is to work hard for it. But I don’t recommend it.”
Jeffrey Dobkin

As a marketing guy, I see plenty of other ways to make money. I’ve purchased lots of courses and examined them before coming out with The Intelligent Testing System. Yes, as an entrepreneur you can make money in lots of ways. Let’s look at a couple of them.

I see lots of ads for mini maid services, or carpet cleaning or locksmithing or so forth. Here’s why The Intelligent Testing Program is SO different. And why I think it’s smarter to work with your head, not your hands.

Let’s take the Carpet Cleaning profession, for example.

Pick up any “entrepreneurial” magazine and you’ll find an ad or two to start your own carpet cleaning business. Or cleaning mini blinds. Can you make a living doing this? Yes, yes you can. Some folks do pretty well.

But I’ll tell you what: you aren’t ever going to become rich. It’s just not in the cards, in the carpet cleaning business – because it isn’t scalable. You’re limited by your time, and how many carpets you can clean in one day. A living? Yea, it’s possible. Become rich. Not likely. And if you take a day off – you don’t get paid for that day. Somewhere down the line you’ll miss a day’s pay.

And you WILL work hard for your money, IF you can find the work — which means you WILL have to advertise, or call everyone you know, and continually beat the bushes to get business. It’s a lot of work, just getting work. And then it’s a lot of work, when you get the work.

Now look, there is absolutely nothing wrong with working with your hands for a living. I’ve done it for many years. Many years. But… if you make a living cleaning carpets, you’ll have your hands in dirty water, every day. Someone else’s dirty water. You see, I think there’s something wrong with that. Even if you call that entrepreneurship, I don’t. It’s a big price to pay for being your own boss. When a good day is: you cleaned the dirty carpets in three houses. That doesn’t sound like a good day to me.

And Locksmithing? Sure, you can earn a living as a locksmith if you work hard. But I guarantee, even if you do survive the tough, lean, first few years, you aren’t ever going to hit a home run and become very rich being a locksmith. You’re going to earn your money making keys, two dollars at a time. And house calls: 50 bucks. A big job is 100 bucks. You’ll never have the chance – just the chance – to strike it rich like I offer you in my Intelligent Testing System course.

I’ll tell you what else – if you EVER take a day off from your locksmith business, you won’t get paid a cent for that day. That’s not really a good day off, is it? And a week off without pay certainly isn’t a vacation.

Change your life – CLICK HERE TO ORDER  This entire program is now instantly delivered in a convenient e-version download!

Get Paid on Your Day Off!

With The Intelligent Testing System you GET PAID
on your DAYS OFF!

You know, one of the best parts about my getting rich system is: you can take time off, and still get paid EVERY CENT you would have made if you were actually there at work. As long as you have your ads out there making money for you, you ARE getting paid for each day! Whether you’re there or not. Whether you’re at the beach or not. Whether you’re skiing, or cycling, or sailing – or just in the other room watching TV – you’re still getting paid for that day.

Incredibly, with my system, even if you don’t show up, you’re still making just as much money as when you’re there working. Every cent as much. Even if you’re gone for a week – you’re getting paid the exact same amount as if you were there. As long as your ads are working, you don’t have to put the time in. Ladies and gents, that’s what I call entrepreneurship.
With The Intelligent Testing System, you’ll have time for – and get paid for – your vacations. Take time off – you schedule your own days off when you want – for your family and kids, ball games, long lunches and fun things. And you get paid for this time, just like if you were working. Try that in a carpet cleaning – or a blind cleaning – or a locksmithing business.

Thinking about other programs?

OK, let’s take a look at a few other programs I see offered in the entrepreneurial magazines all the time: Not the “Make $5,000 just by mailing this secret letter.” That’s just silly. If you’re dumb enough to order that program you deserve what you get. Let’s take something real – like medical billing analysis for example. Or telephone bill analysis.

Medical Bill Analysis

They don’t tell you this when you spend thousands of dollars – that’s right – thousands of dollars – to sign up for this program, but trying to get accounts is 99% of what you’re going to do. You’re going to be selling – on the telephone, in person, every which way you can – 99% of every day.

The company tells you how easy it is to do the analysis, but the trouble is finding someone who has just gotten out of the hospital who will let you analyze their bill. Sure, you keep half of what the hospital over-billed – and that may be good money. Somewhere down the road you might even be able to collect it.

But just imagine calling someone who has just been in the hospital – if you can figure out who they are – and trying to sell them on your medical bill reduction services: convincing them that a complete stranger is going to look over their entire hospital bill, look over their entire private hospital bill, examine every test they’ve just undergone no matter how personal, and see – just see – if there’s a chance they were billed excessively. Talk about a tough sell…

Of course, if they have insurance, they probably won’t care a hoot if there are errors in their bill. The insurance company pays for it, why should they care? If they’re foolish enough not to have insurance, what are the chances you’ll find some gross error, then get paid for finding it? Hey, baby – this is one tough way to make any money, and tougher to make a living working full time, let alone in your spare time.

Telephone Bill Analysis?

Buy into the telephone bill analysis franchise and you’re going to spend 99 out of every 100 working hours on the phone trying to find companies who will let you even look at their phone bill, let alone analyze it. Less than 2% of your time will be spent analyzing anybody’s phone bill. They should call this program the “Trying to Sell Telephone Bill Analysis Program,” because that’s what you’re going to do. Exactly what business is going to let you, a total stranger, analyze their phone bill? None that I know. Don’t kid yourself: this is a tough sell, too.

That’s exactly why with The Intelligent Testing Program I’ve created an entire system that ANYONE can follow, no matter what your education, no matter where you live, no matter if you never, ever go out of your house, no matter if you’re handicapped, one leg, one eye or with one hand tied behind your back – whatever. Or all the above. Say, if you are physically disabled at least you get all the good parking spots I see all over the place – you know, the ones the old people always park in!

Whomever you are, I’ve created a program for you – where your ads do ALL of your selling, and you don’t ever have to go anywhere, or ever have to call anybody – to sell anything.

“You’ll learn how to work smarter – not harder or longer hours – to make more money.”
Jeffrey Dobkin
I can almost hear you saying, “Hey, why are you telling us? If your product is so great, why don’t you just do it all yourself? Why are you selling this program and making it available for resale?”

You’re right. If I really have the magic key, why don’t I just run the ads and the direct mail programs myself – and keep all the money?

That’s a fair question. The answer is simple: I do. Well, I don’t keep all the money…

I run ads and test direct mail packages for our own programs, and this package you’re reading, this very informational booklet you’re holding in your hands, is one of the test packages. If it works, we’ll keep it – we’ll use it ourselves and let our Authorized Partners and Distributors use it, too.

In truth, I can’t offer the thousands of unique different products my students, entrepreneurs, and colleagues offer. And I couldn’t possibly test all the direct mail lists for our own Intelligent Testing Program. Plus, there are too many newspapers — and magazines, too, to test classifieds. No one could test everything. There are just too many. It’s a big country.

I simply don’t have access to all the countless millions of unique products to sell that my customers know about. And I can’t get into all the narrow market niches that my distributors find. Nor would I want to. There are lots of people in the United States, and the marketing possibilities are endless. Endless. We do enough business. There’s plenty for everybody. Plenty of room for everybody. It’s a very big country.

Everybody creates their own spin, has their own style and brand of writing. Each person has their own special products, and their own presentation. Everyone has their own words and expressions for what they want to say and they know just how and where they want to say it.

You may know your own industry like the back of your hand – the ups and downs, the pulse and feel of it as a living, breathing entity. You may know what the best products are for your market – what everyone needs, the language, or the offers that will excite everyone. Heck, I sure don’t. The Intelligent Testing System will help you market your own products to your own markets, and help you establish new markets, too.

We do pretty well, thank you, but we are privileged to be able to help our fellow entrepreneurs make money too. I’ll tell you a story. True Story.

Buy Now


The places to run ads –
and the products to sell – are endless.

I spoke with a gentleman who sold land through an offer he made in classified ads. He ran small ads in a few magazine’s classified sections and people called. He sent what I thought was a pretty mediocre direct mail package – and yet lots of customers bought right from the package he sent. He sold land. To top it all off, the land he sold was in Wyoming. Yet this guy was making a fortune. How did he do it?

Now I have nothing against Wyoming.
And if you live in Wyoming (all three of you) don’t write me letters saying how I said I hate Wyoming, cause I don’t. It’s just so, so — out there. So, anyway, he sold rural land – and as best as I could figure, it was way, way out there, on the edge of the planet let alone the United States. But I’ll tell you what, he sold a ton of land. One of his offices was in Palm Springs. Nice area.

In the course of our conversations I asked where he placed his classified ads, he said in the back of trucker’s magazines. Of course! It was a natural: truckers drive all over the place, so a drive up to Wyoming is nothing to them. A few days in their home in the remote, then it’s back on the road – and just a jaunt to California or Chicago.

Land was $29,000 a pop – and man, he was selling a lot of it. I asked him how his business was and he said – and I could hear the big smile on his face when he said it, “Really good.” But the point I’m making is – if a client asked me if he could sell parcels of land in Wyoming for $29,000 apiece though classified ads I’d have to say no way. But you just never know. People who have bought my course have found successful places to advertise, and products to sell I never would have dreamed of.

This is a true story. The person selling land in Wyoming I spoke about is just one person, placing tiny classified ads in one or two very select magazines, and getting very rich.

The Point Is: There are over 90,000 other magazines. There are thousands and thousands of remote places to place ads – to test classifieds and small display ads. There are well over 10,000 Newspapers. Way over 15,000 newsletters – and that’s just for starters. There are hundreds of thousands of products and services to sell. And there are opportunities all around you – if you’ll just take a moment to recognize them.

There’s another reason
we offer this program to you.

Something else: I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I enjoy helping in the success of my colleagues and friends. Always have. That’s another reason why I don’t do it all myself.

When you buy my program and you’re successful, please write me and let me know how great your life is, how wonderful it has become. Tell me the story about quitting your real job, and let me know how many hours you work, and how much money you make. I want to hear that – I’d like to share that happiness with you. I’d like to be proud of you, and happy with myself for helping you to realize your dream. I’ve helped a lot of people. Check it out – look at the testimonials in the front of both my books, How To Market A Product For Under $500! and Uncommon Marketing Techniques. These testimonials are just the tip of the iceberg from our drawer full of testimonials.

If you get rich, what great success I’ll have, personally knowing how much I’ve helped. It’s a privilege to be able to work with entrepreneurs, and to be able to help people like you to create success and wealth for yourself, your family. It’s a privilege. Not everything in life is about money.

Buy Now

Y’know, I’m small time.

I admit it. I had a big firm once, with lots of employees – I learned what I didn’t like: having lots of employees. OY, what a mess – I was too kind to be a boss, didn’t like giving anyone corrections or yelling at them, and never got used to firing anyone even when I didn’t like them and they really, really deserved it. I don’t ever want to do that again.

Look, maybe I’m just small time, but I’m pretty happy working from just a small office with one or two people, thanks for asking. I like leaving at 3:30, three days a week to play racquetball, or go biking or motorcycling. And if the phone rings after I leave, I have voice mail – leave a message, I’ll call you back. If voice mail is good enough for the president of American Airlines and 50 thousand other big firms, it’s good enough for me. Just like yourself, I no longer want to be a slave to my business: I want to run my business the way I want, not to have the business run me.

Using The Intelligent Testing System for business to business marketing —

If you’d like to keep your marketing strictly business to business, almost every trade magazine has a classified section. If you’re thinking about a particular industry, you probably already know some of the trade journals in the industry (if not, I show you how to find every trade magazine in ANY INDUSTRY, and get the publishers to send you FREE copies!) You probably already know what products in the industry are hot, and what’s selling. If you’ve ever had an idea for a product – and think about taking out an ad, just follow this simple Intelligent Testing plan – it’s easy.

The bottom line –

There are millions of products you can sell, and there are tens of thousands of places to advertise. Who’s to say which ad will work, where is will work, or what ads won’t work? Not me, not by a long shot. While my guesses are usually pretty good, I can’t always predict a winner or a loser. I can say, c’mon, jump in — you are just as likely to create a winner as anyone. If not the first time, then the next. But you never know until you try – and I’ll show you how to give it your BEST shot – the first time – through The Intelligent Testing System.

It’s time I asked you directly – Why don’t you order this program right now… What have you got to lose – because we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee. More importantly, see for yourself what you have to gain: The dream of your lifetime coming true right before your eyes. A great, fun, exciting business – and a chance to make money by working smarter, not longer or harder. Isn’t that just what you deserve – a chance, just the chance, to make it on your own?

C’mon, take a shot. Fill out the order form and send it in. You’ll feel much better. The sooner you order, the sooner this program will arrive! You can read the rest of this booklet later. Call Toll Free 1-866-AWESOME.

Let me tell you about the other half of
The Intelligent Testing program – Direct Mail

Over the years, lots of my mail order clients have become very rich. Now, you can have the chance to get rich in mail order, too, just by following the simple mail order instructions in The Intelligent Testing Program. No experience is necessary. You don’t need a college education. You don’t need a high school education. You need to be able to write one single great letter, or to have it written for you. And a great list of buyers. That’s all you need. Let me explain…

“Making a living in mail order is a great life – no pressure, no strain. Set your own hours – day or night. Get a post office box, or – if successful, your mailman will bring orders – envelopes filled with money – right to your door. Work from home, your garage, an apartment – anywhere.”

How much money can you make just by creating a single winning direct mail package? Talk about big marketing opportunities… The amount you can make is almost beyond your imagination. The number of people who have gotten rich in mail order, staggering.

Ever want to be in the direct mail business? It’s a great life, getting rich in mail order. In the Intelligent Testing Program section about direct mail, you’ll learn how to test direct mail – it’s the way every single person who has become wealthy in direct mail has started: by testing.

In the Direct Mail Segment of The Intelligent Testing Program you’ll learn how to use similar intelligent testing techniques to the ones you’ve learned about in the classified ad section and apply it to direct mail – so you can create an awesome income in direct mail with almost no risk. We’ll use the same simple testing formula.

You’ll learn – step by step – how to create a winning direct mail package – and then exactly how to test it.

If your mailing package works, and I’m not talking about drawing a 25% response – I’m talking about doing a little more than break even – maybe a response rate of 1/2% to 2%, I’ll show you how to create your own independence and wealth, just by mailing a single letter that tests successfully.

You’ll go to your post office box and pick up orders: checks, cash, money orders, and credit card orders – and profits – in the mail six days a week. The post office is closed on Sunday, remember, because of the football season. And after football is over, “Gentlemen start your engines!” it’s car racing time. NASCAR, Talladaga: 31 degree banking. Indy Lights Racing. Yiiiiiiihooooo. No wonder the post office is closed on Sundays.

In The Intelligent Testing System, you’ll find explicit instructions on how to create a winning direct mail package: how to construct an offer, a letter, a brochure or data sheet – all at next to no cost. Keep in mind this may take you a few weeks – or a few months… you see, it doesn’t matter because you set your own pace. And once you have a single successful package – you can mail it forever.

Start Testing Here…

To start, you’ll learn how to put it all together and mail just 100 or 200 direct mail packages – right from your home. This is a Level I Test. If you make money, you continue. If you don’t, you create another package, make a different offer, change the price, offer a different product, or mail to a different list.

“Here’s how my system of intelligent testing works in direct mail, and why I believe so strongly that testing is the only way to make money, big money, without having a big bankroll to spend, or having lots of extra cash to risk losing.”
Jeff Dobkin

OK, so you’ve created a direct mail package, and you’ve run a test by mailing it to 100 names. Let’s just say on the first test of 100 names you lose money. So you’re out $60. It happens, and I’m telling you right up front, there is trial and error and this is going to happen to you. Nobody bats 1,000. But even with this, what other business can you get into and find out if you are going to be successful for – just $60!!!

So you’ve learned from your mistakes, and now you make up another – a better – mailing package. You mail it out to another 100 people, and you make a small profit of, say, $16. “So? So what?” you say, “That ain’t gonna pay my rent.” Hang on, baby, I know 16 bucks won’t buy you much more than a tank of gas, a Coke and a Big Mac – which I believe comes with its own gas, but I say it is a big deal. A very big deal. This is a “Successful Level I Test” and it is a very big deal.

Now you’re feeling a little lucky, so you take the exact same mailing package – the exact same offer, exact same product – and mail it to 400 names on the same mailing list. This is a “Level III Test”. You get the exact same percentage response, but since you mailed more, 4 times more – this time you make 4 times the income, and 4 times more profit: $64. I know, you’re not quite ready to buy that new car you’ve been looking at. But you’re closer. This was a “Successful Level III Test.”

Next, you take the exact same everything, and mail to 800 names. Now you make $128. This was a successful Level IV Test. Step by step. See: no risk. I show you exactly how to do this. It’s really as easy as this – what you’re reading right now.

Each step makes you money – or you stop.
Continue only with successful mailing packages. For the above example, where you made just $16 on your first mailing to 100 people, now you:

Mail to 1,000 names, make $160 profit.
This is Successful Level V Test.
Mail to 1,600 names, make $248.
Then mail to 3,200 names, make $496.
This is a Successful Level VII Test.
Then mail to 6,400 names – make $1,000.
This is a Successful Level VIII Test.

I show you how easy it is to do this, step by step. Now it’s getting interesting. Once you mail over 1,000 mailing pieces, you go to a mailshop, let them handle all the mailing details: printing, folding, stuffing the envelopes and so forth – you just sit back and pick up the orders in your mailbox.

Continuing our example
You call the mailshop and instruct them to mail your 12,800 direct mail packages. They mail your packages and you receive orders, ship your product, and you earn $2,000 in profit. This is a Successful Level X Test. Mail 25,000 packages – you make $4,000 in profit. This is a Successful Level XII Test.

I show you how to do this – just this easily – all with a single phone call! Mail 100,000 direct mail packages, make $16,000. All through direct mail. You never have to call anyone to sell them anything. Pretty different than “network marketing” isn’t it? Aren’t you glad you read this far? I thought you would be.

Now, roll out and mail to the rest of the mailing list you were testing: 2,000,000 names. Do the math. Then call me to place your order for The Intelligent Testing Program, which is based simply on clever and intelligent testing of direct mail. 1-866-234-4332.

Here’s the beauty of The
Intelligent Testing System:

With this program, all you need is ONE winning direct mail piece to make all of this success come true. With ONE successful direct mail package you can create a continual revenue stream for the rest of your life.

It’s better than the lottery, because you can create a steady stream of income that can last forever.

You just keep mailing the same successful package over and over again to new names on the same list. The response rate and the results – they stay the same!

No wild claims, other than this one: if you can create a single successful test mailing, your chance of success is excellent when you mail it to the rest of list. Isn’t it worth taking the chance on making a living this easily? Call right now toll free to order this program!

With a single successful letter, imagine how your life will change! Your work will be to go to the post office every day, and collect checks and credit card orders in the mail. Then come back and fulfill the orders. Then go to the bank and deposit all the checks. It’s not a bad life. Banks are open till four – just in case you feel like sleeping late.

With one successful package, you can take plenty of time off, have plenty of time for yourself, your wives, your kids. What? you only have one wife? Why you old fashioned, old timer, you. Just kidding. My wife hates it when I date, too.

You can work a couple of hours a day – in fact, you can make up your own schedule. If you want to work days, work days. If you want to work nights, work nights. If you want to work from 9:30AM to noon, then go out for a big lunch then take a nap like they do in Europe, you can! You can go on vacation, and you’ll STILL earn money even while you’re on vacation. In fact, you’ll earn just as much money while you’re on vacation as if you would if you were showing up and working! Try that with your regular job.

This is not only possible, if you follow the instructions in my course and create a winning direct mail package, it’s likely. Your risk? The cost of the first few 100 letters, $60/hundred. Sure, you’ll probably create some losers – everyone does. But keep at it. ONE WINNER, and these profits are real.

This is the beauty of a direct mail campaign.
If you market one winning product to any industry, and your offer is successful – you can go home early, baby, and grab yourself a nice bottle of champagne. Because you can now start to celebrate.

No products to sell? I’ll show you where to find them. In the Intelligent Testing System I’ll show you the absolute best places to find products, and just how to do it – in any industry. It’s a complete course, I left nothing out, and left nothing to chance.

A special section deals with information products you can create yourself, how to establish value, or where to purchase them. If you like, and I hope you’ll give us a try – you can distribute our own Intelligent Testing System. Offering The Intelligent Testing System is a flat out money maker for many of our distributors. So let me talk about this opportunity for a moment.

If you’re unhappy with your present work or your income, you can change all that — forever. Really. Please call now to order. If you like this package and you think you could resell our Intelligent Testing Program (using this same booklet you are reading right now) – please give us a call. Thanks. It’s not too late to start by next weekend.
If you’re ready for a change in your life…

Just pick up the phone and call right now. The full Intelligent Testing Course is 10 fast-paced cassettes, this e-version download for just $99 does not have the audio portion – but is still easy to follow – and pretty thorough – workbook. Just follow the easy instructions and you’ll have the opportunity to get rich right from your home – right from your kitchen table.

Change your life – CLICK HERE TO ORDER  This entire program is now instantly delivered in a convenient e-version download!

The Intelligent Testing System is available only from The Danielle Adams Publishing Company, Box 100, Merion Station, PA 19066 or its authorized partners. We also offer a complete money back guarantee. Call now, you have nothing to lose.
Thanks. Call Toll Free: 1-866-AWESOME.  Our business number is 610-642-1000.

~ Guaranteed 3 Ways ~

I’m so sure you’ll like our program, you’ll absolutely love our program, here are our own very unique guarantees to you —


First, you get the traditional
Money Back Guarantee
This almost goes without saying. Heck, a money back guarantee – that’s a given for anything our publishing company sells. If you’ve read any of my stuff you already know everything I sell is “Satisfaction Always Guaranteed!” I don’t ever want you to have anything of mine that’s not 1000% up to your exact expectations.

Am I worried about a money back guarantee? To give you an idea of what an excellent value you receive when you order our information products, here is our customer satisfaction record for two books I’ve written:

We’ve sold over 12,000 copies of How To Market A Product For Under $500! – 400 pages, 81/2” x 11”, it’s a big book! Our return rate: 3 returned in 6 years.

We’ve sold over 6,000 copies of Uncommon Marketing Techniques, and none have come back yet. Not one.



Why do soooo many dentists use  The Intelligent Testing System?

Being a dentist is tough – patient after patient – day after day.  While in the beginning it’s fascinating, after a while it gets old.  22 more fillings today.  17 more caps.  Cranky patients.  Cranky staff.  And the view never changes.

Sure, some dentists make great money, but they pay for it dearly.  Suppose you’re a dentist: you work incredibly hard, and even if you’re good everybody who comes in to see you is scared of you.  What a stressful profession. You make great money but still – you’re limited in the amount you can make.  Let me explain.

— Drill.  Fill. and Bill —

Why working for an hourly rate stinks… for anybody.

The real problem with being a dentist is…  you’re actually working for an hourly wage.  Your income is limited by the amount of hours you spend working — because you get paid directly in proportion to the number of hours you work. For example, if you work 8 hours, you get paid specifically for the number of procedures you can perform in 8 hours.  You can only do so many procedures in a day, a week…  Even dentists who make great money are still, in the end, hourly workers.  Limiting their income by the hours – and the days – that they work.

And somewhere down the line, if a dentist doesn’t work — if he doesn’t drill, fill and bill – he doesn’t get paid. Take a day off – no pay.  Get sick – no pay.  Take a vacation – they don’t get paid for it.  What kind of vacation is that – one that you don’t get paid for?

That’s why so many dentists love The Intelligent Testing System. With The Intelligent Testing System the amount of money you make isn’t dependent on the number of hours you spend working.  You work smarter, not harder or longer hours – to make more money.  You use your brain to make money, not hours in the day.

Your income doesn’t depend on you being there: you make the same amount of money whether you’re there, you’re out, or you’re on vacation, you’re watching TV, you’re with your kids…

The Intelligent Testing System.  Call us now just to see what we offer.  See what it’s like to work smarter – not harder or longer – to make more money.  Look over the program, keep it if you like it, send it back if you don’t.  No Risk.  What have you got to lose?  Call Toll FREE: 1-866-AWESOME to place an order. or 610-642-1000.


Am I worried about you not liking this information-rich course? Nope, I’m not worried at all. So, here’s some additional – and even more unusual – guarantees:


You see, Monday is the heaviest mail day. If you follow my course directions and place a few ads, or drop a few direct marketing packages in the mail – you will be EXCITED, THRILLED TO GO TO THE POST OFFICE – EVERY DAY, ESPECIALLY MONDAYS – TO GET YOUR MAIL. You’ll hardly be able to wait. You know this is true because what other money making system comes with this kind of a crazy guarantee?

Whether your mailbox is crammed with money from your latest offer, or just one or two pieces dribble in (how disappointing, try again!) – your ride over to the post office will be exciting every day but Sunday. You know – football day, no mail. Or, can you say NASCAR?

But on Sunday, after football, and after car
racing – you won’t be able to wait for Monday.

Then, on Monday, you’ll wake up with a big smile on your face and say “Thank God It’s Monday!” Let me ask you – when is the last time you said that? You will – because we guarantee that you will!

You’ll say, “Thank God It’s Monday,”
Every Monday! Each week. Every week.
How’s that for a guarantee!

“Thank God it’s Monday!”
If you aren’t saying this, send the program back for a full refund. I don’t know of any other program, anywhere, that will give you this kind of a guarantee. I don’t think I can make a guarantee any plainer – or any better!

On Mondays, you won’t hardly be able to contain yourself – you’ll want to rush down to the post office at the crack of dawn. But relax, the mail doesn’t come in until the postmaster has had his donuts and coffee.

Who else makes this part of their money back guarantee: Your heart will race as you open the post office door to get to your mailbox! If you have your mail delivered to your home, you won’t hardly be able to wait for the postman. Because this program is so much fun, and so exciting to run. You’ll love it.

You know, I’ve done a lot of good for a lot of people. I’ve created a lot of millionaires. But this new course I’ve developed can make so many people happy, and rich, I feel it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my friends and fellow entrepreneurs. So… I guarantee you’ll always be happy with this program. So, here’s our third guarantee



Every day will be brimming with excitement for you. I promise you this, too:


You’ll love your new Intelligent Testing Program!

You see, I’m still thrilled every day to go to the post office and see hundreds of orders with cash, checks and charges filling my mailbox. I’m thrilled to see which ad or direct mail package worked – and which didn’t.

Sounds silly, but it’s true: I can’t wait to see what’s in my mailbox every day. And I’ve been in the direct mail business for over 25 years, and I’m still excited. And my enthusiasm has never left me for one day. Not one hour. Not one second. You’ll feel this, too. Want to put a little fun back in your life, and in your work? Order The Intelligent Testing System program and see for yourself. Do it now! You’ll see…


And here’s my personal promise to you:

Order this course, do what it says – and I promise everything you’ve read in this booklet will happen exactly like I said – or send the program back for a full, immediate refund. No questions, no hassles. Just write “I wasn’t thrilled picking up my mail.”

Actually, you can just request a refund any way you’d like. No strings. No hidden words. You don’t really have to do anything special to receive a refund. Just send the program back. Nothing else is really necessary. Your refund will go out within a day or two. That’s the kind of people we are. That’s the kind of company we run. We’ve created this product to be helpful, useful, and fun; and a fun way to give you the opportunity to get rich. If it isn’t all we promise, just send it back – that’s all. No hard feelings. Maybe you’ll like our next program. We’ll keep in touch – just ask to remain on our mailing list.

But I know you won’t send it back, because I know this won’t happen. You’ll love this system of intelligently testing ads and direct mail. You’ll be thrilled picking up your mail. You’ll look forward to it every day of the week. You’ll be thrilled it’s Monday. Every Monday. And you’ll love the new Direct Marketing business you’re in… I promise.

Change your life – CLICK HERE TO ORDER

The Chance for a NEW LIFE!

And if you follow this program, you have the chance you’ve always wanted – to fulfill your dreams of wealth and riches. It’s in your own hands. You create your own destiny. You control your future. You are in charge of your life. No more bosses. No more office politics. No more dress codes. No more thanking someone for handing you a check for working 40 hours a week for them – for them – so they can get rich.

I know there are lots of opportunities out there – but can other opportunities offer you all this?

· Fast Start – be in business in a few weeks!
· Inexpensive to start –
What other real business can you start for under $300?
· Start part time. Continue to work part time – forever.
· Work from your home, or from your office.
· LOW RISK. In fact, you have almost no risk.
· This entire business can be run completely through the mail.
· No Selling Phone Calls of ANY Kind! Ever.
· Never sell anything to relatives or friends.
· You have no boss, and you don’t need any employees.
· Work SMARTER, not harder or longer, to make more money.
· Take days off – with full pay.
· Earn Unlimited income. Your income depends on you,
your creativity, your products – and how aggressive you
want to be to make more money.
· Sell ANY products. Even MLM or network marketing products
· Need a product to sell? Sell The Intelligent Testing System!
It would be my privilege to send you $500 – $2,500 each
month – or each week – in commission checks.
Sure, you could buy a franchise and go into locksmithing, or carpet cleaning. Nothing wrong with that, but… are you going to be thrilled about cleaning someone else’s carpet? Or making a key for someone’s door?

Then ask yourself: if I have a job and don’t work for a day, will I still make money? Because with The Intelligent Testing System, you have that opportunity to make the same income even when you’re not there.

Still not convinced?
I can hear the skeptics saying, ”Is Dobkin real, or really full of it?” Is it possible this course really delivers to you the chance of a lifetime? Call me on it:  610-642-1000.

Only you can say, and only after you’ve tried it.
Give us a call right now – give the program a try. Return it if isn’t 1000% incredibly great – and more – and exactly what I’ve said it is. What have you got to lose? You owe it to yourself to take control of your own life, your own destiny. No one else will.

If you create one 25 word ad, or one single direct mail package that’s successful, you can take off all the time you want – and still make a lot of money. But I warn you: you’ll look forward to working — you’ll look forward to Mondays — each and every week, because your work is EASY, rewarding, exciting, and thrilling. And just plain Fun. You’ll enjoy every day of it.
Buy Now
This entire program is now instantly delivered in a convenient e-version download!

Jeff Dobkin

P.S. You can get everything you need to immediately start this program by calling toll free and ordering: call 1-866-AWESOME and order this great course. Just pick up the phone, and call right now – 1-866-293-7663.

Here’s What You Get: You get step by step instructions on 10 Audio Cassettes, and two big workbooks. And I leave nothing to chance. Like all my writing, this information-rich course is no B.S., easy to follow, easy to work, and information-rich. And, just as I promise – I will show you exactly how to get cash, checks and credit card orders stuffed in your mailbox every day.

All my methods use little or no money to get started, and I show you exactly how to start producing revenue within a few short weeks. No guesswork. Not a stock, options or pork belly buying scheme. Not MLM or network marketing. You market and sell your own products; or we offer this course for you to resell using our already proven successful marketing methods and techniques. With no selling phone calls, ever!

If you’ve read any of my books or articles you already know I’m a straight shooter. An honest, meat and potatoes guy. Here’s your chance to put my 25 year successful marketing career to work for you. Please, call me right now, and I’ll ship this course to you right away. Or order online:


Order now, with complete confidence. Order today, while you’re thinking about it.
Thank you.

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