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Insurance Sales Letters Part II – Building Trust

Building Trust into Insurance Sales Letters
     By Jeffrey Dobkin

As you’ve read in my last article there are three key elements: credibility, trust and a relationship necessary to create an effective insurance sales letter campaign. Because no one buys insurance from you if you have no credibility or they don’t trust you. And for any long term client, you need to build a relationship. Here’s how to instill these elements into your sales letters.

One simple way to build credibility and trust  into a sales letter is to show readers people in their own neighborhood who have turned to your firm with their insurance needs.

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Elegant and Responsive Insurance Sales Letters

We’ll call this “Neighborhood Trust!”  It’s a term I coined, well… just now!

Additional levels of Trust

Besides building Neighborhood Trust into your letter series, you can build additional credibility by capitalizing on the trust your largest insurance provider has worked hard to build.

Brand names like Allstate, State Farm, and Gieco have built tremendous consumer trust over the years. OK, maybe Gieco wasn’t such a good example with their lizard and all, but the first two are.

It’s called product “Brand Recognition Trust!” It’s another term I just coined… well, OK maybe I heard that one somewhere – but it’s important because it places a high level of credibility and consumer trust on the table, and if YOU bring this up at the right time… then it’s on YOUR table.

Credibility and trust can also be built by providing excellence in your own customer service.  Here’s a technique I figured out way back when Bill Clinton was honest.  OK. Maybe it wasn’t that far back:

You get a call from a customer who asks a question.  Better yet, in a discussion with a client you bring into the conversation that requires an insurance provider answer.  Even though you might know the answer off the top of your head, you say, “That’s an interesting point (question), I’ll research that and get back to you…”  Then immediately continue with your conversation.  Later that day, or next day call your client back with a brief answer to the question.  Mention how you both spoke about this earlier and you researched it for him, and provided the answer.  Then send a letter confirming the brief answer.  That’s how you show great customer service, care and build trust.

See the common threads? A relationship built on credibility and trust, secured by a high level of personal service.  And a single letter – a single sheet of paper – seals the deal.  Winning formula.

Letters are my favorite way of building relationships.  Well, besides getting drunk with someone on Friday night and falling asleep on their couch, telling them their wife is pretty even if she’s not, or helping them move with your van.

What to sell in your Insurance Sales Letters

A real sales letter isn’t the same kind of letter you whip out to an old friend in 20 minutes. It takes me 8 to 10 hours, sometimes longer, to research, write, edit, and design a one page letter.  And that’s when I’m sober.  No – no TV on either.  An insurance sales letter should be a thoughtfully created, powerful, persuasive letter that offers a few FREE booklets of valuable information, a FREE quote offer, and… doesn’t necessarily ask your clients to buy anything. The only thing you sell in this letter is the phone call.  ‘Why don’t you pick up the phone and call! Please do it now, while you’re thinking about it!  Thanks!’

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When your letter generates a phone call, it gives  YOU the opportunity to create a customer.  It gives you the personal opportunity to increase credibility and trust.

The First Objective of your letter:  Call.  

Your letter makes this one small, tiny weeny, little, teensy weensy request on its way to building credibility and trust. Sprinkled throughout the letter it asks that readers call you. That’s it, though. Simply generate that phone call.

Here are the keys to writing insurance sales letters that generate response:

· First: Insurance is sold on a personal basis.  
· No one buys insurance from a piece of paper, they buy it from a person.
· Insurance is sold by a person – to a person.
· If your recipient likes what you have to say in your letter, they call.
· Say in your letter several times to call.

Here’s the formula: Call = Success!  No call = failure.

All insurance sales letters – no matter how good they are – simply start a dialog.  Then they ask for a call. Then bam: readers call and YOU have the opportunity to sell them insurance. Here’s how you measure success: when the phone rings, the letter was 100% successful.

Inside Tip: My favorite number one way to get someone to call you from a single sales letter is by offering a FREE BOOKLET, or in the insurance industry, offering a FREE QUOTE.  Offering a FREE booklet or a FREE quote are two of the best techniques to generate phone calls.  Here’s why this technique is so very important: It reduces friction because it gives people something to ask for when they call.  People aren’t worried about getting your heavy sales pitch, they just figure “Hey, I’ll call up for their free booklet!”

Continue Reading –  What to sell in your insurance sales letter.

In the next article – you’ll learn what to offer and how to offer it. You’ll also learn how to position a free quote as a viable, hard working call-generating device.

This is the second of five articles on creating effective insurance sales letters by Jeffrey Dobkin.


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