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Insurance Sales Letters – 5 Letter Openings

By Jeffrey Dobkin

Insurance Sales Letters are great insurance marketing tools.
     But ultimately, it’s you who sells insurance.

Selling insurance effectively is tough.

Sure, you can call everyone: that’s effective.

But you can only hope to make 20 to 30 calls per hour, while actual connects are way less than half. Plus, you’ll be fried by the end of the week, if not by the end of the day.

Besides, working that hard will interrupt your golf game. I don’t know about you, but I shoot in the mid-80’s… if it gets any colder than that, I don’t go out.

TV advertising is too expensive, print ads are a crapshoot, and radio just doesn’t work for insurance sales. But, there is direct mail. Targeted, focused direct mail.

With direct mail you can reach only your very best prospects — with precision — and capture their undivided attention. And you can reach 5,000, 10,000 of them a week, even more. Try that with phone calls.

Kindly remember, your best customers are your competitor’s best prospects – so you need to continually market to them, too. At under half a buck, a simple “Thank you for your business” letter is cheap insurance your insurance customer will remain your customer.

To keep customers or for new business, an array of insurance sales letters remain the lowest cost and most effective marketing tool. In this article in our insurance letter sales series of marketing articles, we’ll focus on 5 effective letter openings, and here they are.

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Five Insurance Sales Letter Openings

1. Insurance Ex-Date

“Unfortunately, Mr. Doe…

“Your policy – and insurance coverage with your current insurer – will expire on March 2nd. We are prepared to offer you a new policy, and based on your excellent review. I’m pleased to be able to extend the same coverage with a significant cost reduction. These savings are substantial.” “Please call me at…”

2. Annual Insurance Policy Review

“Each year we are pleased to offer our clients and friends a FREE review of their insurance portfolio — at no charge. This review makes sure they are paying the absolute lowest rates for each…” “Please call me at…”

3. New Lower Insurance Rates

“Based on your excellent record, Mr. Doe, I am pleased to offer you new lower insurance rates. We’ve negotiated these better rates for you with our providers and are…” “Please call me at…

4. Ask for Referrals

“It is our privilege to serve our customers. With this thought in mind we strive to bring you the absolute best service in the industry. If something, anything is ever wrong and not to your 100% satisfaction, please tell us. We always address client questions and concerns immediately.

If everything is right, we have a request: We ask for the kindness of a referral. Referrals are the life of our business, and as such we don’t take them lightly or for granted…” “Please call me at… “

5. Thank you

“I’m not asking for anything in this letter. Your rates aren’t going up. Your insurance coverage remains intact. No bad news. I simply wanted to say thank you for your business. In today’s fast-pace times, sometimes it’s the little things that get overlooked – like the fact that we appreciate your business.” … “If there’s anything I can ever do, please call me at…”

A personal letter… is the single most effective tool in all of direct marketing.

The objective…of most of my letters (did you notice) is to get the customer to call.

While letters can help, the phone call – and you – build the relationship. The relationship builds loyalty and loyalty builds longevity in clients.

If I could mail anything to current or potential insurance clients to get more business, increase loyalty, get referrals, and increase customer satisfaction… it would be a letter. And not some preprinted “Dear Customer” junk either – you know like the one your provider wrote. We both know they don’t work. I’m talking about a real letter that says the customer’s name right there at the top of the letterhead. Are your best customers, or your best prospects worth half dollar each? Yeah. Yes they are. Remember what your competitors call your best customers? Their best prospects.

     Bottom line: you always need to continue marketing to your clients.

Jeffrey Dobkin is a humorous speaker and a very strong writer. He writes highly responsive sales letters for insurance companies and other markets. Jeffrey has has authored 5 books on direct marketing and two on humor.  His firm, The Danielle Adams Publishing Company, offers a prewritten series of insurance letters for insurance agents and provider firms that makes people call you. Be sure to see his sample insurance letter on this website.

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