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About our Insurance Sales Letters

Dear Insurance Counselor,

What would it be worth to you if you could hire one of the world’s top direct marketing copywriters to write sales letters for you? $5,000? $10,000?

They’d be smooth, well tailored letters, very professional – yet would have a personal feel – and look like they just came out of your printer.

But not ordinary sales letters.  High Powered sales letters that would make your phone ring over and over again each time you mailed them.

In fact, what would it be worth to you to have one of the industries best direct response writers write a letter series designed specifically to make your phone ring.  Letters written to have readers CALL YOU. And write a series of letters you could send to new prospects: to have them call you, too. Letters written just to make your phone ring.  Letter Descriptions.

Keep in mind, this direct response specialist writes letters for clients and charges – $1,200 to $2,500 per page. And gets it. Because the letters he writes are worth it.  Some of his sales letters have been tested to make sure they are highly responsive, then mailed to millions of people. Chances are, you’ve already seen a lot of his work show up in your mailbox.

What would letters like that be worth to you?

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How about if he wrote a series of 12 hard-hitting, hard working direct mail sales letters that have only ONE OBJECTIVE: to get people to pick up the phone and call you. The letters would simply make your phone ring… with maximum response.

New clients would CALL YOU; old clients would CALL YOU, and your top-tier prospects and TOP client list?  yes, they would all call you too.  Clients and potential clients would call asking you for information about your products and services.

What would that be worth?

And I’ll tell you why I’m asking:

Because we contacted Jeffrey Dobkin, direct marketing wizard and unbelievably talented direct mail writer, and asked him to write a few great letters to sell a few insurance products for us.

He told us no, he wouldn’t do it.

He explained to us that he wouldn’t write sales letters to sell insurance products, because that’s not the way insurance products are sold.

Insurance products, he explained, are sold by agents, brokers and insurance representatives. It’s a personal type of selling. Since insurance sales are investments that represent large numbers of cash and assets, there’s a need to build a relationship. There’s a need to establish credibility and trust.

We thought: “OK, he’s right!”

Dobkin continued: while he’d like to offer his letters to sell insurance, he thought it would be better, more profitable and generate a higher response rate if his OBJECTIVE would be to just make the agent’s phone ring with as many callers as possible. Then the agent could do the selling to a warm client or prospect who called him.

We thought, “Hey, this guy’s pretty good.”
And we listened more intently.

Then he explained since he didn’t have to sell any particular types of insurance in these letters – cause not everybody is interested in the same types of coverage, he could be more persuasive, and try to get more response – a greater number of phone calls – from each mailing by concentrating his writing on his one specific goal: getting people to call.

We thought, “Hey, this guy’s smart, he’s right, and he’s worth it.”

If just one big client called you, what would that sales letter be worth to you? $500? $5,000? $25,000?

It sounded good to us, so we looked over his work: sample letters, direct marketing packages; and his client list: big insurance companies, electronics manufacturers, direct mailers, large retailers, small and medium size business owners, and we hired him. He definitely knows how to make the phone ring.

Specifically, he knows how to make YOUR phone ring. And specifically that’s why we hired him.
We hired him for YOU – to make YOUR phone ring!

So, Dobkin has written 12 letters with the specific objective to make your phone ring. Most letters don’t sell products, they just make your phone ring.  Mailing these gets a maximum response. Each letter generates a huge number of inquires and phone calls and they’re quite magic in this regard.


So, how much do you think you’d pay for one of the brightest direct marketing copywriters in the country to write 12 letters specifically to make your phone ring? Because we have a good answer:

The answer is simple: $25 per letter. $295 for all 12 letters. At just $25 bucks a letter, each letter is cheaper than a tank of gas, or last night’s dinner.

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If these letters make your phone ring just once, they’ve paid for themselves many, many times over. If just one big client calls, what would that be worth to you?


If you hate making cold calls…
Get these letters, have prospects CALL YOU!

If you hate prospecting over the phone…
Call now an buy this set of letters for just $295. Never worry about what to send or who to call again.

If your phone isn’t ringing now…
Your phone could be ringing off the hook, just by mailing these sales letters.

If you want your phone to ring with clients and new prospects who are ready to talk – then you need to order now and send these direct-selling letters to your present and past customers, prospects, and top potential clients: anyone you’d like to have call you. These letters work like magic to make your phone ring.

Free Sample Insurance LetterMail each letter individually, or as part of a series to keep your firm in the top of your prospect’s mind over the next 6 months to 12 months. Mailing a letter every 2 weeks for half a year costs just $6 per client — for the entire campaign!  Or, mail one letter to each person – each letter is strong enough to stand alone and make your phone ring. See the response for yourself.

Call us now and have these electrifying direct-response letters instantly sent to you to use in your own personal mailings. All letters are professionally written and designed – ready for immediate mailing.

When I say written and designed, we don’t just send you raw copy and say “Good luck!”

Every paragraph – and paragraph break – is designed with a singular objective: to increase response. Every line break doesn’t happen by chance, it’s put there on purpose – to specifically direct the eye flow of the reader -to increase readership.

Bold, italic, underscoring – indented paragraphs just like this one – all add to the impeccable design and the professional appearance of these letters; and to increase response. Every space, every dash – everything in these letters is done to increase response.

You are free to use all 12 letters, or just pick a few of your favorites and mail them. Mail to old clients to revive them. Mail new prospects to have them call you with questions or for more information. And mail these sales letters to your TOP PROSPECTS and stay close to the phone – we think you’ll want to be there when they call.

Wouldn’t it be great to have new clients and prospects CALL YOU for a change? It can happen – if you pick up your phone right now and place your order for these award winning high-response sales letters.

Order Dobkin’s magic direct-sales letters and see what your current mailings have been missing: great response. Have clients and prospects CALL YOU. Please order now and we’ll send these right out to you for your immediate use. Thanks.

Kindest regards,
The Danielle Adams Publishing Company
Specialists in Direct Response Marketing

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