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Insurance Sales Letter Descriptions

Insurance Sales Letter Descriptions

Now get over 25 Insurance Sales Letters in our Awesome Insurance Sales Letter Series!  We include ALL our sales letters when you order.  Stick around – on this page you can read about just a few of the letters included with your purchase.  

We hope our sales letters are as incredibly effective for you as they are for our other clients!  View Sample Letter.  Our goal is the same as yours: to get you additional phone calls and more business!

Prospecting Letter: Life Insurance

The newest letter included in the sales letter package you receive is a whole life insurance sales letter.  Selling life insurance can be tough. Sure, we talk about the benefits of taking care of the loved ones of the reader in the letter.  We’ve additionally found getting prospects to call you is easier if you show them how they can treat life insurance as an investment strategy to:  1. build equity, 2. save customers taxes, 3. act as a tax shelter, and 4, increase in value over time.  Dobkin brings all this to the table, and asks readers to specially CALL YOU… because your life insurance strategy is so different from other agencies.  

Prospecting Letter: Review Policy
A sample letter that was good enough to be shown on our website for several months. We changed it to highlight a letter with a different sales strategy.  We’ve changed it  back since then…
It’s Jeffrey Dobkin’s favorite sales letter, and incredibly highly responsive.  There are 5 major bullet points in the center of this sales letter that show plausible reasons the reader should call now to see if their premium rates can come down. Reasons?  1. More specific types of insurance are available, 2. a greater selection of deductibles is offered, 3. new options in incremental coverage premiums, 4. added savings for meeting simple requirements, and 5. lower premiums with broader coverage are all highlighted in a highly responsive letter that asks readers to call you 5 times in the letter copy.

Financial Sales Letters

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This powerful prospecting letter asked readers to “call” Ten times, and mentions lower rates 6 times. Purchase this highly responsive sales letters series and use this extraordinary letter anytime (and forever!) to generate more response and more calls for you!  Yes! Increase my business! Buy Now!  

Prospecting Letter: Serious Quote
Let readers know that buying insurance because they saw a talking lizard (Geico) or animated duck (Aflac) on TV may not be the best way to choose their insurance provider.  Insurance is very serious – they’ll want a company that’s there for them when needed.  A company that will pay claims quickly and fairly.  Someone they can trust, and a company that will stand with them in their moment of need or a crisis. This letter asks the reader to call you 4 times, and gives your phone number 3 times. We feel our letters are the best $300 investment in marketing you’ll ever make!  An entire marketing campaign in a single download!

Prospecting Letter: Trigger Points
One of our favorite letters and we occasionally rotate this letter in to display on our website.  When major events occur in your client’s lives, their changing needs bring about new requirements for their insurance. Getting married… or divorced, new house, new son or daughter all require a new updated strategic plan for insurance – balancing cost vs. levels of protection. Our Trigger Point letter asks readers to call for a free policy review and a free quote when any of these life events occur.

Mail to anyone who 1. will have or 2. has recently had a trigger event: marriage, newborn, kids enter college, turned 40, 50, or 60, bought new home…
This is one of most highly responsive letters that can be very “target-specific”!  It can also be mailed to multiple target markets and if just one of the trigger points occurs, the person calls.  

In the interest in transparency, and to show you exactly why our letters have so much value – and are so different from anything else you’ll find on the web – we’ve presented the actual trigger points below for you to see!  Our own marketing philosophy is simple: show you why our letters work so hard to make people call you.  Our letter series to prospects stands alone at the top of the direct marketing field at drawing maximum response.

You receive all letters in Word – our least favorite writing program.  But we send them in Word so you can add your letterhead, or easily modify or personalize the letters.  While they are written and designed well, they are also easy to edit and mail merge on your computer.  We realize they’re not cheap, but they are the best $300 you can spend in marketing your business and getting people to call you!   The letters pay for themselves completely in your very first sale.

Prospecting Letter:
Life-event Triggers:      
· The reader as just turned 40.   Just turned 50.  Just turned 60.       
Got married… or divorced.   Works at a new firm.        Bought a company    Has a new son or daughter.        Bought a new house, new car.      Bought an income property.   Or their son/daughter entered college.    

Prospecting Letter: Personal Letter
A more-personal approach to insurance. Nicely phrased: 7 Bullet points in the center highlight personal services you offer to all your clients, all the time, including: · Our satisfied customer rate is near 100%!, · FREE Regular Policy Reviews – and 5 more impressive personal services.

FREE BONUS: Free Booklet Titles
Offering FREE Booklets is the best way to generate phone calls. We include a bonus document (not a letter) that shows you 15 highly-responsive, G-R-E-A-T booklet titles you can use to kick-start response in any of your letters.
Includes · The 10 most likely mistakes when buying insurance · What insurance providers don’t ever tell you · Smartest ways to cut your insurance bill without cutting necessary coverages · How to…   (Booklets are not included, just these irresistible titles to make people call.)

Referrals Letter — Referral Request:  Asks for Referral
Referrals are the life of any – and every – agency.  Your agency, too…!  This is a no-hold-barred exceptionally strong pitch to generate referrals. Works hard to 1. generate a response, and 2. get you referrals.  As with any of the products we sell, if you have questions or comments you are always welcome to call us: 610-642-1000. We’re always happy to help. Well, most of the time, anyhow… Click Here to buy our set of Awesome Insurance Sales Letters. Thanks!  Our clients love our letter series! To date none -0- have been returned: not one person has asked for a refund.

Prospecting: Personal Invitation to Call
Similar to the highly responsive 7-bullet letter, this rendition offers a few small changes and a strong new layout.  Whether you’re mailing 25 letters a week, 2,500, or 25,000 – your response rates will soar with our letter series. Use your favorite letters to mail to each of your markets and mailing lists.  Letters are written and well designed in Microsoft Word, and completely ready to print and mail right from your computer or use a mailing house.  Need a recommendation for a mailing house that is reasonably priced, honest, works with low quantities and is a pleasure to deal with?  Call or email us for a recommendation!  Note: we don’t make any money or commission from this, we just think they’ll do a great job for you!

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Prospecting Letter: Fast Quote Pitch
A “Quick-to-read, quick-to-respond” one-page high call-to-action pitch to get a fast, free review of the reader’s policies. Stresses reviews take just 20 minutes and can result in real savings. “See for yourself how much money you can save in just 20 minutes!” For busy people who want a direct-ask, and fast-action with little BS.  Have busy clients?  This letter is the one to send them!

Prospecting Letter: Policy Review
Our highly responsive and action-driven 5-bullet set of compelling reasons to call you as found in Dobkin’s favorite letter, with different opening paragraphs to reach a different segment of your market.  Still highly responsive, and makes your phone ring.

Dobkin’s letters are the best money you can invest in your marketing campaign.  A $300 investment that can build your entire insurance business book from scratch!  Dobkin’s letters succeed where others have failed, they are based on his 25-year career in writing successful letters for direct mailers, direct mail agencies, newspaper and magazine subscription services, catalogs and direct mail shops worldwide.  If you’ve tried direct mail and it didn’t work… it was from a lousy writer!  Direct mail kicks ass if you do it right!  You’ll see for yourself vastly different results when you mail these letters.  Our letters are highly responsive and definitely make your phone ring.  The Very Best money you can spend to grow your entire business!

Need something different?  Call us! Jeffrey Dobkin writes highly responsive letters for clients in the insurance field as well as every other industry.

Client Services Letter: Merging offices
As you fold another agency into yours, use this letter.  It’s a polite letter noting how the agency changed, but the readers insurance policies remain intact.  And the highest level of personal service and care remains the same.  As usual, this letter offers readers your fast and free “Policy Review”!  This letter appeals to different markets with solid reasoning to re-examine your policies. In the center of your letter the bullet points offer 5 GREAT reasons your rates may have come down. Increases calls by saving clients money and offering a fast FREE policy review.

YES!  Increase my phone calls.  Get me more clients!  Order this set of highly responsive Insurance Sales Letters today, you can be in the mail tonight! Get phone calls and clients as early as this weekend!  What?  You mean I’m the only geek that still works weekends?  Sigh…

Prospecting Letter: Insurance sales-service letter
An unusually powerful and thoughtful one-page letter showing what you do for customers that’s so different from every other agency. Brings your highest levels of personal service to front and center. Closes with several strong calls to action. Generates calls from both current customers so you can write more business, and gets prospects and friends to call as well.

Prospecting Letter: Business, Time Bomb Letter
Business policy holders suffer a high probability a time bomb is buried in their insurance policy: A clever hidden clause that allow some providers to escape coverage. You’ll look like a hero when you offer a FREE policy analysis, and of course a FREE quote. This effective letter says “Call” 4 times and gives your phone number twice.

Prospecting Letter: Business, Small Business (Niche)
Business savings: “$100 in Income = $20 in your pocket after expenses.
$100 Savings off your Insurance = $100 in your pocket.”
Nicely expressed offer of savings and an immediate FREE 15-minute policy review. A strong kicker to drive up response: how your firm offers rates that don’t have a 25% annual increases.  Order Now!

Free Bonus:  FREE Letter-Starter Paragraphs
Why use your lousy provider pre-printed letters – you already know they don’t work.  Writing your own personal letters is easy with these starter paragraphs to help you. Go on – take your best shot.  Then, send your written letters to Dobkin for his fast FREE red-pen review.

FREE Bonus: 5 Letter openings
The single most effective tool in direct marketing is a letter.
Would you like to start writing your own letters? Starting is the hardest part. This bonus file shows you 5 effective openings to help you jump start writing your own letters. Includes opening paragraphs for 1. Ex-Date 2. Annual Review 3. New Lower Rates 4. Asks for referrals and 5. Thank you for your business and your trust.

Prospecting Letter: Business, Niche Business Letter
Written for small business owners.  Restaurant owners, Gas Station owners, Garage or Building owners, too. Or, select your target industry and mail. The letter starts, “If your (business) qualifies, this policy is specifically for you!” Allows better coverage at less cost. Eliminates the hassle, frustration and overpayment associated with reader’s current insurance.  A FREE quote offered.  This business letter says “Call” four times, gives your phone number 2x.  Ready to Increase your phone calls?  Need to write more business?  It’s as simple as mailing these sales and prospecting letter templates!  Yes, make my phone ring! Send me your best insurance sales letters!

Prospecting Letter: Long Term Care
Offer readers the chance to decide one of life’s most difficult future decisions while they are able. Offers a FREE booklet on maintaining independence, dignity and quality of life in their future care. How to protect their financial assets. Discusses tax deductible benefits. Nicely worded letter is subtle but firm with positively generating calls. (Booklets sold separately or use your provider’s booklets – they suck, but it doesn’t matter, you’ve already received a phone call!).

Prospecting Letter: Home Sellers/Home Buyers 
A highly responsive niche letter. Mail to people who are running ads to sell their house.  Or run your own small ad in the real estate section to those who are buying a new home.  Demonstrates how you – as an insurance provider – assist homeowners to purchase new homes with Pre-Approved Buyers Insurance, low-cost new home insurance, insurance education, policy analysis and an assistive, supportive relationship.

Every home seller – or buyer – is also a ‘most-likely’ customer at this particular trigger-point time of change in their insurance needs.  Meaning… our Trigger Points letter would work well at this particular target market!

Prospecting Letter:  Financial Performance
One of the most responsive letters in our series of Awesome Financial Advisor Sales Letters. Since many insurance providers now offer financial products, we’ve modified this highly-responsive, call-generating letter from our Financial Advisor Letter series. Thanks for your consideration to purchase our Awesome Insurance Sales Letter series which now includes the licensing rights to use this letter in your marketing.  Attracts both financial clients and insurance clients.

Prospecting Letter: Customer Service, 7 Reasons to Call
Providing exceptional customer service is the basis of this letter. But… Dobkin also includes 7 solid reasons to call in bold bullet points in the center of this two page letter. Each bullet has a short sub-paragraph of explanatory copy under it – a very successful technique that lets people scan the letter quickly and easily by reading the headline topic, and yet allows people who want to read in greater depth the option of reading the additional persuasive copywriting.  As all Dobkin’s letters, this letter features a strong call to action: Call Now!

The 7 bullet-points include: questions about any insurance matter, fast quotes, new car rates, policy review for the lowest rates, help with claims, help with accidents and your questions are always welcome. Offers a fast and easy policy review and a quick free quote. Test this highly responsive letter against any letter from your current provider and you’ll immediately see a dramatic uptick in the response – and calls – you receive.

Prospecting Letter: Last bill
“I know what the last piece of communication you received from your insurance agency was – it was a bill…” starts this letter. So much for customer service from other providers. Offers your customers what they deserve: appreciation, an occasional thank you letter, better service, and the real lowest rates on all their premiums. Asks the reader to call for a free review along with your personal recommendations on where to safely drop worthless coverage. And of course this letter increases your response by offering “Call for a free quote!”  Explode your marketing with our sales letters. Order Now!

Insurance Sales Letters Photo

Elegant and Highly Responsive Insurance Sales Letters written by Jeffrey Dobkin

Prospecting Letter: Ex-Date
One of the most powerful reasons to get people to call is the ex-date – the date their policy is expiring. This powerful and fast-paced one-page lead generation letter offers a bullet-set of power-reasons to “Call Now!” for a free rate quote! An instant rate quote takes about 10 minutes, and is offered along with the fact that frankly, “we’re usually cheaper.” Direct and to the point, this frank and honest letter appeals to people who have little time for chit chat and bull in their insurance relationship.  OK, Dobkin… Make my phone ring! Take me to your sales letter Checkout page!

Prospecting Letter:  Agent vs. Broker
Highlighting the difference between agents and brokers: How brokers can consistently offer the best rate from a whole range of providers, while an agent can only offer insurance from their one provider. (See Dobkin’s other letter for Broker vs. Agent) This mean-and-lean letter asks readers to call you first; or to shop around if they like, then call you last for a free quote. Either way, they’ll know they’re getting the best rate. You’ll get the phone calls from both early and late shoppers. Once a reader calls you, we feel the letter was 100% successful – no matter where they are in the sales cycle. The success of your letter is measured when a reader picks up the phone and calls you.

Client Services Letter: Agent Transition
When an agent leaves your firm, this letter introduces the new person on your team to the client.  It reminds the client his policies remain solidly and securely in effect. Extends a warm, personal welcome. Increases response with the offer of a timely FREE review and several reasons that extend the opportunity to communicate with you as well as their new personal agent and anyone in your firm.

Prospecting Letter: Times Change
A highly responsive two-page letter that shows solid evidence that some things have actually come down in cost over time: computers are cheaper than ever, computer printers are now under $100. And you can buy a 42-inch flat screen TV for under $200. Isn’t it time your reader had his or her insurance premium analyzed to see how much lower it can be?  Encourages readers to call now – the goal of all Dobkin’s sales letters.  5 Bold bullet-style points in the center of this letter highlight the truthful reasons their premiums can come down.

Thanks for reading all this!  These are just a few of the letters you receive in this set of highly responsive prospecting and sales letters from Jeffrey Dobkin and the Danielle Adams Publishing Company.  We’ve written this letter series to help you get more business faster.  If you have any questions you are always welcome to call us. 610-642-1000.


Thank you so much for looking over our letter descriptions and considering the purchase of our letter series.  We realize not all the stuff on the web is as good as it claims.  We’ve done everything we can to make sure our letters are way beyond awesome… and exceed your expectations!  They are exactly as we describe them, and more!

We created these sales letters specifically TO MAKE YOUR PHONE RING — and that’s what they do, one single goal — and they do it really, really well!  Our goal is to make sure you can prospect easily and get more people to call you!  

You can now write more business than you ever thought possible! Yes, all by mailing a few simple letters!  These letters are a complete marketing campaign in a single download.  Absolutely the best, most effective $300 bucks you can spend in marketing!  

Custom Letter Writing Services —

Need something specific?  Want a custom letter written for you?  Please let Jeff know – email him at jeff at dobkin dot com and he’ll give you a quote to write and design it.  Call him at 610-642-1000.  Thank you very much.

Here’s a link to our checkout page.  All our Insurance Sales Letters are well-written and fully designed by Jeffrey Dobkin, a lousy speller, but a master in writing, design and typography with over 25 years experience writing and analyzing direct mail.  

Photo Jeffrey Dobkin

Jeffrey Dobkin

Letters are handsomely designed in Microsoft Word (ugh, our least favorite program) and ready to print on your letterhead and mail. Or take to a quick copy shop or a commercial printer.  The download is immediate! If you’d like to write more business you need your phone to ring – and these insurances sales and prospecting letters make people call you.  Whether you mail 25, 2,500 or 25,000 — you could be in the mail tonight and generating calls by this weekend.  Thank you for your order and your trust.  Questions?  We’re always happy to help – 610-642-1000.  We enjoy speaking with customers and friends.  Thanks.  Jeffrey Dobkin.