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Insurance Letter Sale Notice



Our LOWEST PRICE EVER!  In a sale that ends in 2 weeks on Friday, June 19th at 5 pm.

Our website visitors said to us:

They wanted to “See” our letters…

They wanted to test our sales letters… without spending $300!

Insurance agents wanted to test our sales letters in the mail… to see if they worked.

Sales Letter Sale

On Sale – our Lowest Price Ever!

We wondered: are we missing sales?  

While we know our sales letters work — and draw a high response — are potential customers saying,
“I don’t want to spend $300 to find out for myself if their letters are highly responsive to my own market niche!”

We also faced this fact: there are a lot of lousy letters offered on the web.

Even though our customers were giving us rave reviews for our insurance letters, we asked ourselves:

Are our Insurance Letters priced too high?

Are our sales letters priced too low? (Sometime items priced higher sell better!)

To be honest, and we always are, “What price would maximize sales for us… yet offer consistently tremendous, over-the-top value to our customers.”

Frankly, we didn’t know.

We admit it: We don’t have all the answers. We’re copywriters and direct mail savants, not mind readers and magicians.
Our letters are great at making our customer’s phone ring, but pricing them — as best as we can figure out — is always a crapshoot.

Here’s an inside secret about us:  Even though we haven’t had even one complaint “your price is too high!” about our Awesome Sales Letter Series of 12 letters; and not one person has returned our letters for a refund, we still wondered – are our customers getting the amazing value we promise?
So we added – and continue to add – more value into our sales letter series: we include every letter we write in our newest sales letter package!  Now, as of today, Dobkin has written 26 letters to date: and we send them ALL with every regular order!   Shhh… don’t tell Dobkin….

Now we give our customers three times the sales letters, three times the value!
But still we wonder… what’s stopping even more people from ordering our insurance letters? Is it simply the $295 price? Surely this is cheap for an entire marketing plan AND the material to put it into practice!  And if clients get ONE CALL from the mailing, our letters pay for themselves instantly, and many times over!  But some people are hesitant to spend $300 for products they haven’t touched, felt.  And from an unknown firm on the web.  We can understand this.  It’s a lot of money for something sight unseen, from a vendor you don’t know. (Well, we’re pretty well known in direct marketing circles…)

So this is a TEST:  This is our first sale ever, and it runs for 2 weeks.  This sale ends Friday, June 19th at 5 PM.

· Now you can get our TOP 5 insurance sales letters for just $ 95.

· At under twenty dollars each, it doesn’t ever get any cheaper than this.  Ever.

· Marketing your business doesn’t get any easier – nor does making your phone ring: just mail these insurance sales letters to a target group.

· Mail them as much as you want – make your phone ring as much as you want.  

· Write more new business than you ever thought possible.  We’ve included 5 of our best letters – letters that get great reviews from customers because they are so damn highly responsive!  Yes, our most highly responsive letters are included in this sales package.

· It’s a Lifetime purchase!  Purchase once, you can mail them forever!

Insurance Sales Letters

Awesome Insurance Sales Letters

We think this is a great test.  Help us out —

Order these sales letters at this tremendous price, get phone calls from the incredible “Results Driven” letters we write – and let us know your results.  The test for you: how well do these letters work in your market?  The test for us: we hope you’ll come back to buy our entire series of 26 letters – insurance sales letters for every occasion – as well as the rest of our marketing products!

Here’s our offer, plain as day:

Buy our top 5 sales letters. Just $95 bucks.  Less than the price of a tank of gas.  You may never see an offer for Dobkin’s letters priced this low again.

Test them in your own mailings. See which letters work best for you to your own market niches – and let us know!

—— Get one call from mailing these and it pays for this entire set and then some! ——

When you see how well these insurance letters kick up your response and make your phone ring, we think you’ll come back and order the whole set. You’ll buy the entire set of all 26 sales letters we’ve written to date. Something about under-promising and over-delivering runs in our blood!

Come on – check it out!  Sale ends in TWO WEEKS.  Offer available only until June Friday, June 19th at 5 pm.

Order our top motivators – our best, top 5 letters – For immediate download.  Thank you.

YES! Please send me your top 5 Insurance Sales Letters for just $95!

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