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How To Market a Product for Under $500 – Table of Contents

How To Market A Product for Under $500! Cult Classic Book by Jeffrey Dobkin

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FIGURE OUT – and write – your entire marketing/publicity plan
in one evening. Impossible? Here’s how! Page 211
EXECUTE your publicity campaign in entirety the next day?
By Yourself? Easy! Page 216
INCREASE the chance your press release will be published –
from 5% to 85%. Page 26
HOW TO get your product in catalogs: the campaign. Page 135
Best months to advertise, WORST MONTHS to advertise –
the magazine publishers never tell you this! Page 258
When DEFINITELY NOT to use long copy. Page 78
Learn exactly when envelope teaser copy will spell DEATH
to your mailing package. Page 88
Analysis of your library’s BEST marketing reference guides –
and how to use each one. Page 117
Your press release – read this and you’ll NEVER write an
ineffective press release again! Page 12
Revealed: See the SECRET PROCESS editors really use to
select press releases. Page 20
Are you getting the LOWEST AD RATE? Page 245 The best
ad position? Here’s how to negotiate – step by step. Page 254
Increase the effectiveness of your ad – BY 10 TIMES! Page 279
HOW TO determine in which magazines to place ads. Page 264
HOW TO write an effective headline. Page 280
The second MOST IMPORTANT line in your ad. Page 287
Correct the GREATEST MISTAKE made in direct marketing.
Your company does this too! Page 337
The most EFFECTIVE part of any direct mail package. Page 54
NO BUDGET? Don’t worry, you don’t need one! Page 161
NO LITERATURE? You don’t need it. Really. Page 348
How to get an ad you like out of an ad agency, THE FIRST TIME.
Page 320