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Referrals: Writing a thank you letter that gets you more referrals

Referrals: Writing a Letter that gets you More Referrals

By Jeffrey Dobkin

How Do You Get More Referrals?

The best way to get more referral business is by writing a “Thank-you for your referral!” letter.

This is a fast-paced 9 minute read with a great FREE offer:  See the bottom of this article to get a FREE copy of the “Thank you for your referral” letter we use around here!

Here’s how:

First, you get a referral. I know – I’m as surprised as you are, but sometimes it happens!

Someone liked you… and somewhere down the line they passed-on some good words to a new customer or prospect… who calls you.

Encourage customers and friends to refer you again and again
by sending them a “Thank You for your referral!” letter.

Jeff Dobkin at Baseball Game

Jeffrey Dobkin at the game.

Level 1.  First, calling and telling the referrer a simple “Thank you for your referral!” elevates you from the silent majority — you know – the masses of people who never bothered to express their appreciation for receiving a referral.  Your simple acknowledgement definitely gets you noticed!

Level 2. Thank referrers in a letter!  Whoa!  A letter that says “Thank you so much for your referral!” places you well above 99.9% of other people who have received a referral and never even said thanks, let alone wrote a nice letter.

But first, kindly note – a phone call alone to thank someone is not the same.

Calling is fine, and it’s appreciated.  But when you hang up the phone, you cease to exist.

A phone call just doesn’t have the impact of a thank you letter.

Whatever you said on the phone fades into yesterday…

But a letter?
A real ink on paper, “oh-my-God you took the time to write it?” letter!
You placed it in an envelope, found a stamp and mailed it letter?  Wow.

Yes, that kind of special thank you has time to sit on the recipient’s desk as a lasting remembrance of your sincere appreciation.

A phone call just doesn’t compare to the lasting visual goodwill generated by an appreciative Thank You letter.

If written well, “Thanks for your referral!” becomes the single most valuable letter you can write… because it brings in new business.

“Thank you for your kind referral. I appreciate the privilege to be of service
to your colleague. I don’t take referrals lightly – or for granted – and assure you
I will always provide good value…”

Continue through till you conclude, “Thank you so much for your referral and your trust.”

See how powerful this “thank you” becomes?

A referral is the highest level of trust a client or friend can show.

It’s the leap of faith that you’ll perform exceptionally well for someone else, even when completely out of view.

The person who recommends you puts his or her own name and reputation on the line for you.

Does it deserve a thank you letter?  We think Yes!  But wait, there’s more…

Why is your “Thank you” letter so, so effective at getting you more business?

First, it makes the person receiving it feel comfortable they’ve recommended you.

They now know you’re going to do the best job you possibly can.

It serves as an immediate ready reference of your great work and spirit.

And offers a level of trust you can’t buy anywhere.

The new person who received your recommendation hires you knowing you’re going to lean over backwards to look good and do an outstanding job to make the referring person look good.

You can’t make new customers feel this good with an advertisement, a brochure or a phone call…

With a personal letter of thanks it’s easy to convince someone who has referred you
that you really do appreciate the trust they’ve placed in you, your firm, your products and your services.

You can make them feel, well, like they should refer more people to you… all the time!

Because you absolutely appreciate it!  And you’ll absolutely do the best job you can.

If written well, “Thanks for your referral!” becomes the single most valuable letter you can write…

And therein lies the beauty, the value, and the monetary worth in the most valuable letter you can write: the “Thank you for your referral!” letter. The recipient will remember it, and when the opportunity comes up again, they’ll continue to refer more people to you.

Part II  ·  Writing Thank you Letters

The “Thank you for your referral letter!”  is the best advertising ever,  for under a dollar…

You’ve heard word-of-mouth advertising is the best (and the cheapest) form of advertising?

Not quite.  A  “Thank you for your referral” letter is better.

It’s a combination of both word of mouth advertising, plus it has built-in longevity.

Your letter can sit on a desk to be viewed, admired and re-read.

The longer it sits on a person’s desk, the better it works over time.

Word of mouth is fast… and forgetful.  A thank you letter is a permanent reminder of your gratitude.

So now this “Thank you for your referral” letter has become the least costly AND the most effective piece of marketing for getting additional referrals, bar none. Least costly? AND most effective? Hummm…

Writing the Letter

Since the “Thanks for your kind referral” letter has now become the most effective piece of advertising you can create, it’s no longer in the “I’ll just dash off this letter in 10 minutes” category.

It becomes an art form: a personal ad in the form and style of a letter. You now have the opportunity to make it a great, memorable letter.

Write a well written and nicely designed letter, or use the one we use around here. (See our free offer at the bottom of this page.) We feel it’s something that will sit on a recipients desk for a while – and make the reader smile every time he or she looks at it.

Take your time, and write a great letter.  No, take your time and write a G-R-E-A-T letter.

Once you have written and designed a great thank you for your referral letter, feel free to modify it, personalize it and use it again and again over time whenever you get a referral.

Might as well do it right the first time.

Spend the extra few hours fine tuning the writing AND the design (the often-forgotten other part of the letter).

That’s what I did.

My own letter is short and crisp.  It builds trust, and is a sincere letter of thanks.  All in about 100 words.

You can get a free copy of our own referral letter on request.  No strings, you don’t have a join a mailing list and we won’t spam you.  We won’t sell your name to anyone or send you offers for Viagra.  Promise.  It’s just our own nice FREE offer.  We know everyone on the web hocks you to sign up for this or that, and sends you spammy emails.  We don’t.  We had a mailing list but… turns out it’s a lot of work.  The creative writing always landed on my desk as the senior writer. It was too much for me, and I abandon it.  If you’d like to read more of my writing, this website is 250 pages.  If you get through all that, lemme know and I’ll send you one of my books.  No charge.

All requests for our “Thank you for your referral!” letter go directly to Jeffrey Dobkin’s email inbox, and he responds personally to each request.  He’s funny like that.  OK, he’s weird like that, geeky marketing guy that he is…

Sending a Hard-Working Gift

Insurance Sales Letters Photo

All kinds of Letters written by Jeffrey Dobkin

What does our own publishing firm do for people who refer direct marketing consulting or copywriting clients to us?

We send them a Cross Pen.

Nice gift!

And of course a wonderful letter with this gift that says thank you so much for your kind referral and your trust.

The gift is truly for their benefit.  It’s a great pen, I’ve used a camo-colored cross pen for years, and it’s still my favorite writing instrument — always somewhere on my desk.  Hey, what the heck, whereisit?  Oh wait… it’s camo and hard to find.

To make it extra special, we have THEIR name engraved on the Cross pen.

I figure the only person who wants a pen with my name on it is… me!

Even though the pen we send has their name engraved on it, I’m pretty sure they remember where they got it!

When was the last time you received a pen with your name engraved on it?  Yea, see what I mean.  If you received this as a gift, you’d remember I sent it.

While the pen is for their benefit, the letter sent with the pen is where we get the benefit.

It’s a beautiful letter that they also remember for years.

By the time we ship a new personalized Cross pen to them, and of course our own personal letter of thanks for the referral, it costs us about $35.  Everyone I’ve ever spoken with has remembered this gift – and who sent it – for years!  In business meetings years later people still come up to me and thank me for it.  They remember.

Is it worth it?  You tell me: the person who received the kind referral about our firm trusts us immediately because he or she received the personal recommendation of our firm from a friend.  You can’t really buy that level of trust, you have to earn it.

In our geeky marketing world, marketing doesn’t get any better than that: building trust with a small gift and a sincere letter.

If we do any work for the new client, our copywriting and market-consulting fees range from… well, we get our $35 back pretty quickly. Many clients stay with us for years.

We don’t convert all the prospects referred to us into actual rent-paying clients.  And that’s OK!

Some don’t need our level of marketing skills.  Some aren’t ready for our brand of tight direct marketing sales letters – or direct selling sales material. Some aren’t ready to launch products or expand their business  just yet; and some are just not ready to move on anything just yet.  That’s fine.  I’m good with all that.

We still send an engraved pen to the referral source with a nice letter of thanks all the same. They did their part, and I appreciate it.  Sincerely.

Funny, the more “thank you for your referral” letters we send, the more referrals we seem to get from our referral sources. Which we really do appreciate.

If you’d like to get more business, write an exceptional “Thank you for your referral!” letter, and keep it at-the-ready – to personalize and send to customers and friends (with or without a small gift) if and when someone gives you a referral. Hey, it could happen…

You can’t buy that kind of advertising – that goodwill or trust, or those kind referrals – at any price. Or can you?

Jeff Dobkin will now take your questions. Email Jeffrey Here: Jeff at Dobkin dot com.  No, seriously… call or write him with questions.


Jeffrey Dobkin on Motorcycle

Jeffrey Dobkin, still rides…

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OK – Finally —

Get a FREE COPY of our “Thank you for your referral letter!”
If you’d like to have a copy of the “Thank you for your referral” letter we use around here, please email us.  Jeff’s writing on this site is pretty loose, but the letter we mail is pretty formal to reflect the seriousness of our acceptance of the work we are to perform, and our sincere appreciation for the referral.
Since it was requested so frequently, we now additionally send a free copy of the letter we include with a Cross Pen to people who refer us.
No spam is involved and we don’t ever sell our mailing list.  In fact, we don’t even mail to our own mailing list ourselves – turns out it’s a lot of work.  Frankly, we feel you deserve our “Thank you for your referral!” letter just for reading down to here.  Thanks!

Hope you enjoyed this post, and really… thanks for reading down to here.  Email Jeffrey Here: Jeff at Dobkin dot com goes right to his desktop.  Your comments – both good and bad are most welcome.  Well, the good ones, anyhow…