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Marketing Plan with Quote

Are you marketing a new product?   Yea?  So… what’s a marketing plan of action?  And what does it cost?

Here’s your chance to find out in real-life terms.  When you ask Jeffrey Dobkin for a quote, he answers both of these questions.

Here’s an actual quote from Dobkin:

Thanks for the opportunity to quote your requirements. 

I’ve included a price schedule for my services at the bottom of this quote, so my billing is very transparent.  Not cheap, but my marketing plans, writing and design are the highest calibre… and generally very effective.

Your open billing rate is $200/hour, but most of my packaged services are priced way less – for example, a letter takes me about 8 hours to write, design and edit — over 3 days.  Letter costs start at $850, which translates to slightly over $100/hour for this kind of project. Tighter letters take more time and cost more.

Here are some action items necessary for your initial marketing plan — A comprehensive plan of PR and marketing letters.

Press releases and cover letters.

You need both trade and consumer press releases.

Trade press releases talk about ‘in-store high-turnover rate’ and your ‘attractive retail packaging.’

Consumer press releases talk about the product features and benefits and why consumers would buy one.

Since yours can be considered a High-Tech item (because your product goes into a computer), you’ll get a strong additional advantage from a separate press release published to the various High-Tech markets.  With a high-tech oriented press release you can get into some particularly upscale magazines… if we do it right.

You’ll also need cover letters to go with each press release.  Cover letters don’t say “Hey, here’s a press release!”  Editors can see that.  Cover letters are personalized to each editor.  They contain additional information that we couldn’t fit into the one-page press release.  Editors will often pick up additional copy points from a cover letter.  The cover letter also adds credibility to your package – we can say things like, “Thanks for speaking with me on the phone.  Nice talking to you.” even if it wasn’t.  Or “All order are shipped same-day as received.” And “Besides the red we offer in the press release, our product is available in blue, black, yellow and green.”  A cover letter should be included with every press release.


You’ll need a great photograph.  No, I mean a G-R-E-A-T photograph!

For the top magazines, we should send a sample along with the press release and cover letter.  A write-up in a top magazine can sell thousands – and thousands – of products.  If we get into just one top-tier magazine it will have paid for this entire campaign, plus plus, and for all the samples you’ve sent.  Plus…

For the press releases, we’d buy the magazine mailing lists from the Oxbridge Communications Media Finder ( – website.  The interface is extraordinarily clunky but they have all the magazines and editors names on tap.  I figure it will take me 3 to 6 hours for research depending on how deep (how many publications) you’d like to go to dig all the markets and magazines out.  Then: plus costs to buy and download the lists online.

Letters to Catalog Houses –

You’ll need a letter to go to catalog houses.  Additionally all the top catalogs should receive a sample with the cover letter.

The lesser catalogs can get a letter with an offer for us to send them a free sample.

No catalog will consider your product without seeing a sample, I’m pretty sure of that.

Finding all the catalogs that may include your product is easy with this directory:  Of course the hard part is sending the physical letters to all the catalogs that we think you can get in.  But the results of a little extra time spent here can pay off really well.  3 – 5 hours to find catalogs in the printed directory, the names and addresses then need to be typed into a database – a time consuming procedure at best. I have an older copy of this publication, but would purchase a new copy for this assignment.  I’ll inquire about online costs (none are given on their website).  If this part of the plan is accepted, and I’d have to see how hard it is to work with their online interface to give you an accurate quote.

You’ll need a cover letter that goes with a sample for premium and private label use.

Plus a letter that offers a sample for premium and private label.  This letter and catalog sheet asks who we should send a sample to.

The toughest part is figuring out who to send these letters and samples to.  This usually means phone calls – ugh.  I hope you have someone who can do this – while I’m very good at it, I hate making outbound soliciting phone calls and bill it at my highest corporate billing rate, $400/hr.  It’s still painful, but at least I get paid well for the task.

Price list.

Prices, quantity breaks, how many to a box, if a retail display is included, net weight. Also shows delivery times, packing, box dimensions, shipping weight.  Down and dirty – one page black and white, with photo.

Catalog sheet / retail brochure.

This sales sheet needs to be 4-color and highly visual.  Do you have a great, I mean a G-R-E-A-T photograph of your product?

A photo of your product in use?  And one of your product in its retail package?

So… some things to think about.  If you think this is a go-ahead plan of attack, please let me know.  I work off of a retainer, and we can discuss this along with an immediate plan of action.  You can select any part of this plan, or pick and chose where to start.

Thanks again for the opportunity to quote.




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