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Letter Sample Political Fundraising Letter

by Jeffrey Dobkin

I don’t enjoy politics or politicians.  I do enjoy writing direct mail letters and following their response.

This political fundraising letter is unusual because it doesn’t matter whether you are a democrat or republican, the content and political slant  is dedicated to citizens and legislators who stand for a less intrusive government.

This was part of a huge mailing package consisting of a custom written newspaper, brochure, and business reply envelope – all of which I didn’t write or design.  I was called very late in the mailing program… to save it.  When a package fails, if the copy and graphics look OK, the first place I look for a cause of failure is the mailing list.  The targets in this list proved to be evasive at best, and random at worst.  I didn’t have a say in the selection of the mailing list, which I believe – along with the hugh cost of the package – lead to its demise.  Not every mailing package in direct response draws sufficient response to sustain mailing it.  Too bad because I believe in this cause.  Copy and graphics, design of letter, Jeffrey Dobkin.

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Sample Fundraising Letter, Page 1

Sample 4-page Fundraising Letter, Political. Page 1

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