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Checkout: Jeffrey Dobkin’s Video Presentation for Inventors

Product: Jeffrey Dobkin Video

Product Description: Jeffrey Dobkin: 1 Hour Video for Inventors

This is a no-hold barred presentation that is jam-packed with high velocity information every inventor should know. Jeffrey takes you through the whole trip of invention: manufacturing, prototyping, sourcing materials and vendors, patenting, pricing, finding industries, marketing, licensing.

Dobkin shows you a multitude of tricks and tactics he’s learned from his 15 year tenure of being on the Board of Directors of the American Society of Inventors, and the President for 4 more years.

Jeffrey DobkinThis video is well worth the thirty bucks. If you have an invention I can’t really describe how tremendously valuable this video will be for you.  It’s a synopsis of what Dobkin has learned from his 15 years in the inventing community.  You’ll learn more about invention, marketing, patents, licensing and developing your product in one hour than you’ll learn in four years in college.

Price: $29.95

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