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Checkout: Jeffrey Dobkin Audio 60 Ideas in 60 Minutes

Jeffrey Dobkin · Audio Presentation at Mailcom, The Nation’s Largest Mailer’s Event~

60 Ideas in 60 Minutes

What makes Jeffrey Dobkin’s presentations so wonderful…?

Is it the huge amounts of practical ideas he brings to each presentation? Is it the stale jokes but who cares they’re still funny? Is it the sheer volume of new ideas on how to increase the response you receive from any of your mailings? Well, yes — it’s all of these. Plus, while fame and fortune go to some people’s head, Jeffrey is still a nice guy, humbled by the entrepreneurs skills of the people that read, listen-to and buy his informational products. OK, so he makes fun of a lot of stuff and a few people along the way, but underneath that gruff exterior there’s a heart of gold. Reflective, cold and hard.

But let’s not mince words here. Just buy this audio and give a listen. If you don’t like it, let us know. Jeff will moan and cry like a baby but reluctantly he’ll issue a refund, just like he did several years ago to the last person who complained, “OH, I downloaded this thing and there was nothing on it!” As Jeff put it to her, so to speak, “Hey, get a life! We have better things to do that clean up our sloppy HTML code. Just buy something else and we’re sure it’ll be good to go!”  Sure, it took us eight months, but we sent her a rebate check and Jeffrey personally included a photo of himself and a couple of coupons for a discount at Denny’s. You’d think some people would be appreciative, but apparently not some of our clientele. See what I mean, Jeff’s a good guy at heart – sending photos and discount coupons for a popular national chain restaurant. We’re sure you’ll enjoy this audio. Please order now. Thanks. Get Instant Access – Order Now before the price increase – Just $19.95!  The download is immediate!


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