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excellentProduct Title: The Intelligent Testing System

(Please note: This is now an instant download e-product – you will receive over 400 pages of the written program, plus a FULL SET of MP3 Audio files.)

Product Description:

  1. A 400-plus page download of the Intelligent Testing System — a full course including all complete instructions, charts, graphs and reference data showing exactly how to market products through classified ads and through direct mail.
  2. 19 Audio Files of approximately 20 minutes each.  This content is completely different from the written portions, and the audio is spoken by master marketer Jeffrey Dobkin.

Full Written Program with Complete Audio Files: Just $149

Yes! Send me your awesome course in direct marketing through classified ads and direct mail.  

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Order the pdf print files (only) here! JUST $99 for a pdf of over 400 pages, a complete instructional manual on classified ads and direct mail!

Order the AUDIO ONLY HERE! – A completely different part of the Intelligent Testing System. Taken from the original 10 audio tapes of 20 minutes each that were sent with the original system. Jeffrey Dobkin voices over 85 pages of script he wrote for this awesome program. Just $79!