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Product Description: Uncannily good. In-studio interview with Jeffrey Dobkin, interviewed by Markus Allen on exactly how to buy a great mailing list. Become a pro in buying mailing lists in about an hour – one of the most intense sessions on the website.

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Yes, I’d like to learn how to tightly specify mailing lists, where to purchase, what to look for, what to look out for in a lit purchase…!

Lists are the MOST CRUCIAL element in all of direct mail — I need your full audio interview! Thanks.

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This awesome audio contains the answers to the following:

Where do you find the best list sources?
How do you tightly specify a list?

Which are the best list segments from within each mailing list?

Order this audio right now… and in just one hour you’ll learn so much about mailing lists –
you’ll speak the language like a pro.  Learn the answers to:

What are the best questions do you ask a list vendor? Also learn:
How much does a mailing list cost?
What’s the best number of names to mail to test a list.
What questions do you ask a mailing list vendor that will make sure the list you select has the freshest, most recent names?
Which lists will give you the least mail piece returns?
What lists always rank the highest for deliverabilty.
What segments should you test FIRST?
What specific questions should you ask that will reveal if the list has
been tested and was successful to other mailers?
What questions will reveal if the list is a dud, and other mailers aren’t successful?
PLUS: order now and learn how to negotiate like a professional: Discover the specifics of how to negotiate with list vendors to get the best lists — at the best discounts and prices.

This is a one hour no bullshit practical course in mailing lists.
Learn more useful information about mailing lists in one hour than you can learn in a full year of direct marketing classes in any college. Markus Allen knows what questions to ask (he owned a mail house for years), and Dobkin has both the experience of a buyer and a seller of mailing lists – and has the in-depth working knowledge to provide the answers.