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Speaking and Presentations Jeffrey Dobkin

If you’re looking for a an explosive speaker – one that captivates the attention of an audience, tells stale jokes but who cares—they’re still funny, yet provides enough information that attendees actually take notes and go back and use the stuff he says to increase their response and make the phone ring – this looks like a job for Superman. But, he’s probably busy. So give Dobkin a call at 610-642-1000 and talk to us. He does a swell job at supplying practical, useful direct marketing information in a fun way.
Dobkin’s presentations are fun and funny, but still information-rich. “I realize the subject is marketing, but first and foremost I believe a speaker needs to be entertaining. I make a dry subject come alive with humorous stories and good natured stale jokes throughout. All the while I place a heavy accent on practical, useful information.” says Dobkin in a more sober I mean somber moment.

Over 100 well-attended presentations include being a featured speaker for the Post Office, The USPTO (Patent Office) and the Yankee Exposition for Inventors to name but a few. Performances include presentations for AT&T, Allstate, and over 50 radio shows syndicated in over 30 markets.

Dobkin has written 5 books on marketing and direct marketing, one on humor, and his articles and regular columns on successful marketing and direct marketing methods have appeared in over 200 magazines and are read by over 5,000,000 readers.

Presentations include marketing and direct marketing tips, increasing response, direct mail – offers and graphics to increase response, marketing and sales force motivation, advertising, copywriting for results, lead and sales generation, invention, advertising, straight-up traditional and non-traditional marketing methods, marketing reference methods, market research, and how to work effectively with current marketing tools.

Custom topics and presentations –

Written specifically to client needs and to fulfill client objectives. Attendees appreciate a lively and fun-filled customized presentation. If you’d like to know more, please call and we’ll send tons of reference material. Thanks.

Presentations include panel discussions, performances, half-day and full-day seminars, classes, and on-site consulting.

(Hey, if you aren’t looking for lean, nuts and bolts “How-To” marketing information presented in an interesting and fun style to your association, group or business… you really did come to the wrong place. Please go back and find out what you’re doing that’s so right that you don’t need help in getting additional sales leads, increasing your response and you already have all the business you can handle – then please call us and let us know. We’d love to pass those tips on to others. PS – if you do this by working 18 hours a day, forget it. Anyone can do it like that. We all have wives and kids we can’t wait to get away from, but is working 18 hours a day the way to do it? We enjoy working only half a day – and we take the other 12 hours off. So… give us a call and let’s talk. Thanks.)

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