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Oh, wait… did I say spam free?  I meant free spam.  Yes, that’s right – get FREE SPAM.  And people told you there was nothing free in this world anymore.

With our free spam email mailing list we sell your name all over the place and get $20 from each of the major spammers for it.

They’ll delude you with offers for Viagra, Cialis; pain meds, dialysis equipment, farm implements, and both male, female and—not-quite-sure-what-you-are enlargement products but whatever you got they can make it bigger. You’ll get Russian women who want to marry you, offers from the King of Nigeria who wants to send you $4,000,000; and now – free something or other in languages you can’t decipher.  Plus you’ll get offers for all kinds of weird and kinky things, which mostly don’t work. 

Just kidding. Who would pay $20 for your name? Yea – I don’t know anyone who would either. We could only get ten. Besides, most of those products don’t work – especially the “enlargement” products.  At least that’s what a “friend of mine” told me.

Thanks. And I hope you enjoy the rest of the site. PS, we really don’t sell your name to anyone. No one wanted it.

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We’re continually working on our emails and our email list. Our goal is to send a NEW fun, yet hard-working and information-rich direct marketing article to our subscribers every 7 to 10 days.  Sometimes we do, and sometimes – ok mostly – we don’t.  Frankly, when there’s a lot of good stuff on TV, we at times miss the 7 to 10 day window.  And when it’s nice out, Jeffrey takes his motorcycle out and we’re not sure when he’ll be coming back, so sometimes all our emails are delayed.  But, our intentions are good!  Thanks for signing up!
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