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Product Title: 26 Awesome Insurance Sales Letters

Product Description: Now Get 26 Awesome Insurance Sales Letters – order now and receive our Full Set of Sales and Prospecting Letters… all written and designed specifically to make people call you!  You’ll receive over two dozen awesome insurance sales letters in Word, ready to mail immediately!

We believe every sale, every client starts out with one word: “Hello!”
Our sales letters make this introduction.

Our Sales Letters don’t sell insurance.
People don’t buy insurance from a letter.  They buy it from a person.
Our sales letters make people CALL YOU.  Then YOU sell insurance.

Our Awesome Insurance Sales Letters include a full range of prospecting letters:  free policy review, new specialized policies now available, FREE quotes, trigger events (marriage, children, new home, new employment, age, retirement) or most any changes that mean it’s time for policy reviews! Letters include folding-in another agency, broker vs. agent, agent vs. broker; letters for new person handling account, agent transition; prospecting for long term care insurance, life insurance, auto prospecting, FREE gift with quote — and plenty more…!

View Letter Titles
  • Trigger Points for Insurance
  • Financial Performance letter
  • Insurance Agent vs. Broker Letter
  • Insurance Broker vs. Agent Letter
  • Auto Insurance Prospecting Letter
  • Life Insurance Prospecting Letter 1
  • Long Term Care Ltr 1
  • 7 reasons To Call Letter
  • Asks for Referral, Insurance
  • Insurance Letter/EX Date
  • Review Policy Letter – Personalized
  • Merging Office 2, 5 reasons to call
  • Review Policy Letter
  • 5 Letter Openings Bonus, Insurance
  • Personal Insurance Letter Mailed to Home
  • Bonus – Free Booklet Titles
  • Brief Letter offering a Fast Quote
  • Insurance: 5 Reasons Readers Need a Free Review
  • Insurance Sales Letter Your Firm Specializes in Service
  • Small Business Niche Sales Letter
  • Restaurant Insurance Letter 2
  • Home Sellers Insurance Letter
  • Insurance Letter/EX Date 2
  • Insurance/Thank you Solicitation Letter Stresses Your Service
  • Agent Transition Letter (10 point)
  • Time Change (2 page)

Buy with confidence, our letters are professionally written by master direct mail writer Jeffrey Dobkin, and handsomely designed.  Letters are delivered to you in Microsoft Word so you can personalize or customize them, add your letterhead right in the file, or print right on your letterhead and mail immediately! 

 All our sales letter templates are completely ready for you post on your website, email, or to print on your letterhead and mail.  Or – take to any copy shop or commercial printer.  They work on any level: whether you’re mailing 25 a week, 250 a week, 2,500 or twenty five thousand!  These letters are our best, most effective letters written to make your phone ring!

Questions? Call us: we’re real people and always happy to help. Call 610-642-1000Email Jeffrey Here: Jeff at Dobkin dot com. 

GET INSTANT ACCESS:  Yes! Send me your awesome set of over Two Dozen Insurance Sales Letters!

Just $295/set.  Expensive?  At a little over ten bucks a letter, maybe.  They’re well worth it.  Top shelf.  Letters are only expensive if they don’t work.  You know the letters you can buy elsewhere on the web for $26 for 100 letters?  These aren’t them.  They’re expensive.

We’re a real company (not just a web entity) with real people and stand by our letter series with excellence in customer service.  Need help with the download, how they work, mailing list questions?  Just call – we are happy to help.  Our letters pay for themselves with the very first phone call, and the very first client.  


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