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Jeffrey Dobkin helps inventors and entrepreneurs with their marketing.  He’s a writer who creates the most amazing low cost marketing plans.  Dobkin has written 5 books on marketing including the best friend an inventor or business owner ever had, the tremendous How To Market A Product for Under $500.  Best thirty bucks you’ll ever spend on marketing, promotional writing, and creating direct mail.  Buy his books on Amazon — or better yet find all his e-books and inventor videos for sale on this site!  Jeffrey Dobkin can be reached by phone most rainy days at 610-642-1000.  On sunny days he takes his bike out and rides, leave a message and he’ll call you back.

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Jeffrey has been on the board of directors of The American Society of Inventors for the past 14 years – a 501c3 non-profit organization that helps inventors free of charge. He was the President for 4 years, and is now the President Emeritus.  If you are an inventor you should consider joining ASOI, and here’s the membership application link:   American Society of Inventors, Membership Application

Below is an awesome list of helpful articles – written specifically for inventors by Jeffrey Dobkin. Enjoy the many articles he has written to assist inventors.  Email Jeffrey with questions. What Jeffrey Dobkin knows about invention could fill a book. And it all starts here…


89 Brief Questions About Invention

Invention: 15 More Tips for Inventors
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10 Detailed Questions for Inventors

Inventor Tips – 13 Tips for Inventors

Inventors – 2 Critical Questions

Inventors Beware – Here’s how it works

Invention – Anyone’s Marketing Plan

Invention Marketing Plan

An Invention Marketing Company… in their Underwear

How To Find a Patent Attorney

How To Get Your Product in Catalogs

17 Tough Questions to Ask a Patent Attorney before Hiring him

Questions and Answers about Licensing Your Invention

Tips for Inventors + the #1 Most Common Question

Evaluating Inventions

15 More Invention Tips

Questions from Inventors – and Answers from Jeffrey Dobkin

The Inventors Initial 10-Step Marketing Plan

Honest Invention Evaluations By Jeffrey Dobkin

Licensing Questions from Inventors – and Answers

Inventor Warning

Handy Links for Inventors

Invention Complaint Form

Inventors: Protect Yourself From Invention Marketing Companies

Membership Application for The American Society of Inventors

Learn 100’s of inside secrets of Inventing, Patenting, Prototyping, Licensing, Manufacturing and Marketing.  Get real help and action plans for your idea or invention.  Bring questions, take notes.  Whatever you do, be sure to attend this awesome event!

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A free presentation Brought to you by FREE Library of Philadelphia

This was awesome: an original live presentation by Jeffrey Dobkin

Location:  The Free Library of Philadelphia

If you’ve ever had a great idea – or invention – this was the one presentation you should have seen.  The speaker was Jeffrey Dobkin, President Emeritus of The American Society of Inventors, and a 14-year board member of this 55 year old Inventor Society.

Dobkin’s presentation was fun, funny — and intense – with tips and techniques on all phases of inventing.  An enlightening speech about the practical processes behind every successful invention.  Summoning the best 57 tips and techniques from his extensive career in direct marketing and his 14 years of assistance to and consulting with inventors in every phase of the inventing process.